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We were able to visualize the topic because this particular experiment was
performed individually. Index of refraction of a medium do not change even if it is
inverted. the light ray when travelling in a medium is quite denser. A less dense medium
a total internal reflection occurs between the interfaces of media. Unlike the other
experiments, here we accomplished our task by performing the experiments individually.
We were able to achieve the objectives stated for this experiment despite having to do
each part individually. We were able to absorb the study of refraction of light and observe
the relationship of angle of incidence and angle of refraction in all parts of the
experiment. In the first and second part, we were able to study the refraction of light on
different media from air to glass and glass to air. Also, the angle produced by the
coordinates by the pushpin’s position was proved to be affecting the angle of refraction.
Lastly, with the diode, by directing the light to the edge of the glass plate. The
relationship of the angle and the medium was observed and it was called the critical

The phenomenon of how light rays travels was discussed in this experiment. This
individual experiment also helped us to be more hands on since we are doing it
individually, we cannot depend on our group mates. Basic application of our topic is
stated: A natural example of our topic is the rainbow. A rainbow is created when water
droplets refract the light from the sun. Another example is by prisms. Prisms are used as a
prop in photo-shoots but it is a wedge shape device that produces an artificial rainbow.
The different wavelengths of light refract and create this rainbow effect. Lastly, in our
eyewear that we use to see get a clearer vision.