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Elizabeth Symonds

17 Arrowwood Close, Blackfalds, AB, T4M 0H9, (403) 872-7535,


Career Objective
To build a long term career as a teacher with Wolf Creek Public Schools.


Bachelor of Education - Elementary 2016

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
K-6 generalist
• Assessment and programming for children with reading disabilities.
• Extensive knowledge on phonological awareness intervention programs.

Field Experience

Grade 6 Temporary Contract - 1.0 FTE

Terrace Ridge School, Lacombe, AB 2017-2018
• Differentiated instruction to 27 students.
• 4 IPPs, 3 APPs, 3 ESL, 2 BIPs, 2 SPs.
• Benchmarked all of my students using Fountas & Pinnell and STAR testing.
• Used the Collaborative Response Model (CRM) software to implement Response to
Intervention (RTI) in my classroom that tiered all of my students academically and
• Daily 5 structure was apart of my Language Arts block so I could give small group
instruction to students.
• Taught option courses along with the regular curriculum.
• Volleyball overseer & middle school basketball coach.
• Health & Wellness rep of Terrace Ridge School with Wolf Creek Public Schools.
• Classroom website: www.lsymonds.weebly.com.
• Technology programs used in my grade 6 class: FreshGrade, CRM, Gynzy, IXL, EPIC,
Google classroom, Hapara, Imagine Learning, and CAFE Conferring Pensieve
• Implemented a classroom project with Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Program. Our
classroom project was to help eliminate our carbon footprint by building outdoor composting
bins for the school and neighbourhood to use.
• Professional Development sessions attended at the Central Alberta Teachers Conference:
o Assessment Tiering
o Math through games
o DI in the classroom
Grade 2 Temporary Contract - 1.0 FTE
Glendale Sciences and Technology School, Red Deer, AB 2016
• 21st Century teaching.
• Authentic Assessment.
• Benchmarked all 20 of my students using Fountas & Pinnell.
• Introduced to Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) by Fountas & Pinnell.
• Assessed Students on math concepts using the Math Intervention/Programming Instrument
• Experience in creating an IPP.
• Instructed in a literacy program that focused on building phonological awareness skills
(Similar to RTI).
• Implemented an Hour of Code with the grade 2 students.
• FreshGrade is used as a communication platform with all the parents.
• Assisted with the 2016 Christmas concert.
• PD Sessions attended: Hour of Code, Google Forms of Assessment, FreshGrade.

“Elizabeth was incredibly competent and completed her duties with professionalism. She was
reliable, properly planned, engaged meaningfully with students, further our school goals and
developed her place among the school culture. Of the many strengths exuded by Elizabeth, at
their foundation is a genuinely kind & caring person. In this, I believe she is an ideal candidate
for future considerations.” (Turnbull, 2017).

Urban Field Experience 2016

Willow Park Elementary, Leduc, AB
• Special Ed. placement. Developed new strategies by working one on one with students who
have severe autism.

“Ms. Symonds tailored her programming to meet the needs of the students…she built a good
relationship and great rapport with the children and teaching staff” (Sayarath, 2016).

Research Experience 2016

Hardisty Elementary, Edmonton, AB
Project: Response to Intervention: Schools where all children learn to read
Principle Investigator: Dr. George Georgiou
My role: I tested 33 grade 1 students on: word identification, word attack and reading fluency
• WRAT Word Reading, WJ Work Attack, DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency.
Advanced Field Experience
Glendale Sciences and Technology School, Red Deer, AB 2015
Grade 2
• There were 5 students diagnosed on the autism spectrum, 5 students diagnosed with ADHD,
3 ESL students, 8 students needing speech support and 3 students with sensory issues.
• Assisted with the 2015 Winter concert.
• Subjects taught: Math & science.
• Specific Programs: Getting Ready to Read, Daily Five Café, Fountas & Pinnell
• Specific Tools: SMART Exchange, Gynzy, PowerPoint, Prezi, IXL

“Elizabeth’s interpersonal skills shined during our collaborative meetings. We feel confident that
Elizabeth demonstrates qualities that are essential to providing a classroom for students that
foster safe and successful learning. Elizabeth would be an excellent addition to any school
district” (Heck & Vockeroth, 2016).

Introductory Field Experience 2015

Normandeau School, Red Deer, AB
Grade 4 & 6
• There were 6 students on an IPP for autism, FAS, low cognitive and/or ADHD.
• Subjects Taught: Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Art, Physical Education.
• Specific Programs: Daily Five Café, Project Based Learning
• Specific Tools: SMART Exchange, Glogster, Prezi, PowerPoint, TeacherTube.
• I collaborated with the grade 7 and 8 leadership students to organize a week of giving to
people in need. The leadership team and myself collected money for different charities
around Red Deer. To celebrate, I presented at the April assembly in which I shared the results
and success of the week.

“Elizabeth immediately impressed me with her incredible work ethic, commitment, and her
overall passion for teaching…she demonstrates charisma in her teaching practice. Elizabeth
would be a tremendous asset to any institution of which she is a part of” (Parker, 2016).

Theatrical Production 2012-2013

Terrace Ridge Elementary, Lacombe, AB
• Stage management
• Make-up
• Set production.

Strengths & Skills

• Intrinsically motivated
• Organized
• Enthusiastic
• Ability to collaborate
• Innovative
• Ability to create a sense of community and belonging in the classroom
• Flexible
• Passion for learning


Darin Ratzlaff
Terrace Ridge School
6739 C & E Trail
Lacombe, AB
(403) 782-0050

Chris Turnbull
Glendale Science: Technology School
6375-77 Street
Red Deer, AB
(403) 340-3100

Samantha Vockeroth
Grade 2 teacher
Glendale Science: Technology School
6375-77 Street
Red Deer, AB
(403) 340-3100

Gina Heck
Grade 2 teacher
Glendale Science: Technology School
6375-77 Street
Red Deer, AB
(403) 340-3100
Souksavan Sayarath
Academic Assistant Program/ Skills Teacher
Willow Park School
5212 – 52 Street
Leduc, AB
(780) 986-8456

Nicole Parker
Grade 4 teacher
Normandeau School
61 Noble Avenue
Red Deer, AB
Work: (403) 342-0727
Cell: (403) 877-6133

Robert Burrows
University Facilitator
Home: (403) 885-4362
Cell: (403) 352-8334