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A speech is a formal
talk that a person

gives to an audience. A very good nl.
I am here rL' :., -

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out in full force
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Guidelines :llut drrtltt elc-.:

and 9 p.m. Car., .. .

1.A speech is a formal talk that you give to an audience. hor-ir?

2 You give speeches to:
ltere ,tre lr r:-'
. welcomepeople . say farewell to somebody elt'etrit iti lr) -t
thankpeople o congratulate someone itt tise. \\'r'c.r I. :.'
Address your audience in the correctmanner. For
example: t.rps. We can,. - -
'Good morning to the principar, teachers,
feflow students and friends ..., aarls. We cdn f .., '

4 State the objective of your speech in the introductory

paragraph. So friends, .'.
5 organise your ideas clearly. Provide examples
to give u picture of what you are Thank vou.
talking about. "leu.".
You normally use the present tense in a speech.

*s. 1Yt.!-F -a9,8 lr Lo" -!-m

Earth Day is on22April' Based on-the picture and
classmates what they can do to celebrate Earth
notes given, "' a speech informing your
o ' write
# rallies
Word Power

*gotebrn*s **

22 April
Celebrated around the world
Rallies and parades
Electricity is shut down for one hour
from 8 p.m. to 9 p.*.