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BSC Educity Multimedia learning program

for Bank
BSC has provided banking entrance prep guidance through publications and
coaching centres for close to two decades now, and we have millions of
satisfied users. In the modern digital era, however, it is imperative that we
use multimedia digital platforms to impart learning. Learning through
multimedia platforms goes a long way in easing the limitations of the
conventional methods of pedagogy involving board-paper-chalk-talk.

S.No Issues/limitations Solutions

1 If you get quality guidance and Learning videos containing quality
know the subject matter well, the content covering all subjects and
English, Money and Banking, and topics
Computer sections take less time to For example, our English learning
solve compared to the Maths and videos will show you how to
Reasoning sections. This makes approach the different question types
them easier to score in compared to even if you did not know the
the Maths and Reasoning sections. meanings of all the words/sentences
But most students still focus only on offer:
on Maths and Reasoning. Sections 1. Para jumble
like English, Money and Banking, 2. Reading comprehension
Marketing, Insurance, and 3. Sentence completion
4. Sentence correction
Computers, get ignored because
5. Cloze test
quality teaching/study material on 6. Vocabulary through audio clips
these subjects is often not containing lucidly explained
available. word meanings and other
relevant information. An effort
has been made to enable you
to remember the meanings of
the given words by only
listening to them.
7. Adequate and exam-oriented
coverage of grammar.

Similarly, the Money and Banking is

covered from scratch. The effort has
been to lay bare not just the
functions of money and banking in
the modern era but also the story of
their evolution over the ages.

In addition, all the relevant concepts

of Marketing have been dealt with.
We give you both the basics and the
explanatory details. The videos are
full of examples and anecdotes.

A similar approach characterizes our

coverage of the Insurance section.
Not only do we take a historical
approach to insurance concepts and
practices, but also we explain
relevant terminology and their use in
the right context.

The section on Computers is equally

detailed. It has visuals to aid your
understanding of the subject matter.

2 There are certain areas in the In Reasoning, the stress is commonly

Maths and Reasoning sections for on areas like alphabet sequence
which satisfactory study material and coding-decoding. So, while
and good teachers are not
we have done justice to these
available. There are also students
who are unable to understand some popular areas, our learning
or the other part/s of a particular videos also cover neglected
section. areas like syllogisms, input–
output, data sufficiency, courses
of action, inferences, causes and
effects, strengthening and
weakening arguments, etc. in a
concept-driven manner.

In Maths, all types of questions

based on graphs are tackled,
with all possible shortcut
solutions provided in addition to
the stock solution. Our effort is
also to enhance your
understanding of areas like
Time, speed and distance, Time
and work, etc. with the help of
real life examples and
appropriate visuals. To the
common complaint that grasping
the concepts of areas like
alligation and mixtures,
partnerships, etc. is difficult in a
classroom, our response is to
deal with these areas in a
graphical manner. Nothing is left
to the imagination, so that your
comprehension of the matter is
necessarily enhanced.

2 A missed class is a missed class; Learning videos can be replayed as

you will not get that class again! much as you want, anywhere, any
And this affects your level of time!
understanding in the classes that You can solve practice questions
follow… using Step by step solutions
provided both offline and online;
refer to our portal
You can also clear your doubts at our
online Doubt forum whenever you
3 If you know a topic well, why Use our Personalized practice sets
should you have to waste time for self-assessment on that topic. If
attending the assigned class!? you are satisfied, skip the topic
Looks like the curriculum has been video!
designed for everybody except you!

4 You have a problem grasping some Replay videos as many times as you
or the other topic/s, but the teacher want. Pose questions on the Doubt
will not revisit those topics just for forum. Walk down your customized
you. learning path using personalized
practice question sets.
5 You feel shy about raising questions Use Doubt forum! No problem!
time and again.
6 Peer discussion may end up Use our online Scheduled learning
sounding like gossip, which is a forum for discussions with qualified
waste of time! What you want is an teachers. There is also the 24x7
objective discussion. online peer group Discussion forum
where there will be students
discussing specific topic only!
8 On the spot doubt clearing is a big Use Doubt forum!
need, especially when you are into
self-study. But the need is not met!
9 Section-wise practice tests are not Personalized practice is the
easily available. What should I do? answer. You can choose a particular
chapter or topic to practice.
Customized question papers will be
generated by the system just for
10 How can one practise and learn Solve practice questions topic-
according to one`s own? wise and/or chapter-wise and/or
subject-wise. There are three (3)
progressive levels of three (3)
categories of questions: Knowledge
(K), Understanding (U) and
Application (A). In the Personalized
practice section, we will provide you
with a series of tests. These tests will
contain questions on the chapter/s
chosen by you. They will contain a
mixture of K, U and A type questions
selected from our database as per a
pre-decided algorithm.
The composition of the next test will
depend on the answers given by you
in the preceding test. The difficulty
level of the questions on topics for
which you have given answers will be
increased or decreased depending on
how you answered the preceding
questions: rightly or wrongly.
11 A well-informed analysis of one’s You will get to solve a sample paper
learning aptitude, level of for a reasoned assessment of your
understanding, deficiencies, etc. will learning aptitude and path, and
help one improve one’s strengths and weaknesses. We will
performance in a systematic help you register an improvement in
manner and with the least expense your weak areas on a priority basis
of time and effort. and with minimum effort.

When you take such a sample paper,

diagnostics identifies the following:
1. Areas for improvement in
answer speed.
2. Areas for improvement in
terms of accuracy of answers.
3. Areas for increase in where
knowledge and information.
4. The likelihood that you will
clear an exam.
5. Areas for performance
improvement with minimum
6. Links to relevant and standard
learning material available
12 You do not get detailed Our audio language module covers
explanations of word meanings and around five thousand (5000) words,
uses, idiom, phrases, synonyms including roots, prefixes and suffixes,
and antonyms, homonyms, root homonyms and other similar
words, multiple uses and meaning sounding words, phrasal verbs, other
overlaps, etc. in the audio format. phrases, idiom, etc.
It would be nice if such an option
were cheaply available! that can be Each word is explained in isolation
used even while you are travelling. and in relation to not only other
words and expressions but also real
life situations. It gets easier thus to
remember the meanings of the words
or to infer them when you don`t
them directly. The topicality of the
discourse increases general
awareness, and you can learn your
words even when you are travelling.

13 Most students take coaching If you complement classroom

classes. But the difference between learning and self-study with
success and failure is only a few multimedia study material, you
marks. How do I get that extra may well get that extra edge!
14 It is difficult to maintain discipline The Scheduled forum gives you a
when you rely on offline video time-bound schedule in advance.
modules. There is, after all, no This way the entire curriculum gets
penalty for bunking classes, and scheduled for completion in 3 months
nobody keeps an eye on you to from the time of its inception. The
track your learning progress. forum will follow schedule to the dot.

15 How do I get the best possible Our Question solving approach

solution to a question that has videos provide tell you about the
actually figured in the exams? best way of solving a question,
whether actual or practice. Needless
to say, the best way should get you
the accurate answer in the least
possible time. A majority of the
previous-year questions have been
tackled here.

16 Will there be updates on news and Items like news and current
current affairs? What about a daily affairs updates, word of the day,
vocabulary improvement program? etc. will be available online. There
will also be motivational articles and
a weekly quiz!

17 Can I also get timely updates on Updates on current

vacancies, results, etc.? vacancies/openings/Bank
schemes/news will be available

18 I don’t want the complete solution Step by step practice is our

to a problem all at once. I will be solution to your problem. A question
happy if somebody were to give me is sorted into the following areas of
hints only, so that I could apply my concern:
own mind to solve the major part of 1. Given
the question, 2. To find out
3. Formula involved
4. X-Ray eye (the focus of the
5. Step 1 to Step n, i.e. the
successive steps taken as part of the
solution process. You can go one step
at a time and at your own pace. You
click on the next step only in case
you are not able to solve it.

19 How I can get the entire material? You can get the entire content on
Pen drive/Memory card by booking
online or calling this number: 0120 -
20 How do I pay? You can pay Cash On Delivery. You
can also pay online at our portal
21 How do I make a booking? You can book online on our site.
22 Can I get a discount? Discount is available if:
1. …you are a student at a
banking entrance coaching
institute. You will get a 10%
discount on production of the
institute identity card.
2. …you refer other students to
our product and he/she/they
buy it. You get a 10% cash
back on each such a reference.

23 What is the process of delivery? We will courier you a consignment at

your address. You must give us your
full address with the correct PIN
24 Can I share the matter with others? Yes and No! Yes because anyone can
listen in to the whole thing! But no
because the content will run on only
one machine at any given point in
25 What is the validity period of access It is one (1) year. You can renew the
to the content provided? validity subsequently.
26 Can sample content be made Yes. We will mail it to you if you ask
available to prospective clients? us for it.