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Big Data Landscape 2016 (Version 2.

Infrastructure Analytics Applications
Hadoop Hadoop in Spark Cluster Services Analyst Analytics Data Science Visualization Sales & Marketing Customer Service Human Legal
On-Premise the Cloud Platforms Platforms Platforms Capital

NoSQL Databases NewSQL Databases BI Platforms Statistical Log Analytics Social

Computing Analytics Ad Optimization Security Vertical AI

Graph MPP Cloud EDW Data Data Real-Time Machine Learning Speech & NLP Horizontal AI
Databases Databases Transformation Integration
Publisher Govt / Regulation Finance

Management Security Storage App Dev Crowd- Search Data For Business Web / Mobile
/ Monitoring sourcing Services Analysts / Commerce
Education/ Life Sciences Industries


Open Source
Framework Query / Data Flow Data Access Coordination Real-Time Stat Tools Machine Learning Search Security

YARN Caffe CNTK Visualization


Data Sources & APIs Incubators & Schools

Health IOT Financial & Economic Data Air / Space / Sea Location / People / Entities Other

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Big Data Landscape 2016
(Version 2.0)

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