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Music Career Project

Name: Period:​ (​ example: 6A5)

Checklist to Complete Assignment Music Career Project Grading

Read​ the article
_____​Individual Participation During Project
❏ 3 on task, involved all the time
Complete ​From the Source​ ​Section #1 ❏ 2 on task, involved most of the time
❏ 1 off task, wasting time, teacher reminders to
Complete ​In Your Own Words​ Section #2 work needed/not on task, ignores teacher
Complete ​Your Final Job Description​ Section #3 reminders

Complete ​Best Fact to Share​ Section #4 _____​Completed Project

Complete ​Think About It​ ​Section #5 ❏ 3 all tasks complete, in detail, neat, and
Complete the ​Career Jump Activity ​Section #6 ❏ 2 all tasks complete, satisfactory answers,
and legible, most tasks complete, answers are
Is my work ​nea​t, in ​complete sentences​, and ​each brief and not detailed, work is sloppy
section is completed​. ❏ 1 few tasks complete, answers are incomplete,
and little effort is shown 

Fill out this information based on the information on the ​Music Careers Website​. Don’t use other sources!

#1 From the Source #2 In Your Own Words

Job Title: Singer Job Title: Singer

Career Overview:​ ​ A Singer performs the lead  Career Overview: A singer is the lead of the song.
vocals of a song. Although he or she may have  He/She might have a backup band or dancers
a backing band, the Singer is the star of the  but, the singer is always starring in the show.

About this Music Career ​(Career Description) About this Music Career ​(Career Description)

1. ​A Singer sings the main vocal line of a track.   1. A singer sings the main parts of the song

2. ​Singers
record albums of songs that they  2. Singers make albums of their songs be recording it
have written or that have been written for  in a studio. They either made their own songs or
written for them by a production team. Then they go
them by a production team, and then tour to  on tour using the album
promote the album. 

3. ​Their
days are spent in studio, on tour, and  3. The singers days are spent in the studio, on tour, or
practicing vocal, instrumental or dance skills.  practicing their vocals, instrumental, or dancing.

4. ​He
or she is the main focus of the  4. She/he is the main lead of the performance vs in a
performance, in contrast to a band, which has  band which has members who tour together, record
and play equal roles in a show together.
regular members who tour, record, and 
generally play equal roles in a performance 

5. ​A
Singer must be adaptable and able to  5.A singer must be able to adapt easily and be able to
handle some uncertainty.  handle uncertainty.

Salary Salary
Music Career Project
1. ​$17,680 – $40,000,000  1. $17,680-$40,000,000

2. ​a Singer is paid per event.   2. Per event that the singer does, that’s how much
they get paid.

Employment Employment

1. ​It
doesn’t matter if an aspiring Singer has a  1. It doesn’t make a difference if a singer has label
label backing her or if she’s just starting out;  backing her up or if she’s just starting her career. It’s
most important to have an audience to start your
the most important element of having a  singing career.
successful singing career is building an 

by playing open mics and talent  2. To start you play at open mics, talent contest, or
contests and contacting local Bookers to see if  contacting bookers who are local near you to see if
you can open up for another Band/Singer or be  you can open up for another band or singer.
added to a bill.  

Advancement Advancement

1.​Advancement in this career means making  1. Advancing in this career is earning more money
more money and performing in front of bigger  and doing bigger performances with bigger crowds.
So basically just progressing from your local area to
crowds—so basically progressing from having  becoming a star.
a small local following to becoming a star. 

2.​Even Grammy winners start small.  2.Grammy winners even start out small with their

Education and Training Education and Training

education isn’t a requirement for a  1. Getting further education about this career isn’t a
singing career, although it can lead to better  requirement for this career but it can lead to more
bigger and better opportunities

Singer can also benefit from learning a  2. Singers can benefit from learning musical
musical instrument and honing dance skills.  instruments and dance skills.

Experience, Skills, and Personality Experience, Skills, and Personality

1.​Experienceperforming and writing one’s own  1. Experience with writing your own songs and
songs is essential.  performing it is pretty useful and essential.

in addition to being able to write  2. Also to be able to write catchy and beautiful songs
catchy, beautiful songs and sing well, a singer  and sing them well, they also must be able to put
herself on the market.
must be able to market herself.  

Singer must be adaptable and able to  3. A singer must be able to adapt and handle
handle some uncertainty.   uncertainty at random times.

Unions and Associations Unions and Associations

​ ew York Singers Collective​ lists Singers 
N 1. ​ ​New York Singers Collective
online so that anyone looking for a Singer can 
Music Career Project
easily search for the right fit for their project. 

2.s​omeSingers are eligible to join the ​Screen  S

​ creen Actors’ Guild/American Federation of 
2. ​
Actors’ Guild/American Federation of  Television and Radio Artists 
Television and Radio Artists  

Suggestions for Getting Started Suggestions for Getting Started

1.​Takevoice lessons regularly, and consider  1. To start take lessons for your voice regularly and
learning an instrument.  even try to learn an instrument.

your own unique image so that you  2. Make an image for yourself that is unique so you
stand out from the pack.  can stand out from everyone.

#3 Your Final Job Description:​ ​Convince someone this is the best job in the music
industry! Write in complete thoughts and sentences IYOW. When you read this out loud, it
should be about 30 seconds.
This is the best job in the music career especially if you like to express yourself and your
voice. You get to be the lead and all spotlights on you! If you aren’t shy this would be good
for you. You could also start off small by going on a show, like the voice, or even just have a
channel of some sort to show off your love for singing and your BEAUTIFUL voice.

#4 Best Fact to Share: ​Write one sentence summarizing and highlighting the best part
about this job.
The best part of this job is the salary which you can get up to 40,000,000 dollars! Also like i
said before spotlight is on you and you have lots of caring fans!

#5 Think About It
-List 3 school subjects that would be useful to know to perform this job.
1. Reading so you can learn the lyrics
2. Music so you can learn to sing or your pitch
3. Band
-Would this job be a good fit for you? Why or why not? Support your opinion in complete
I think this job would be a good job for me because I like to express myself and be star of the
show and have wonderful fans, and an audience.


Music Career Project
#6 Career Jump Activity:​ ​Quickly write down the job title and one interesting thing
about each job as you rotate through the career jump.
1. Sophie- songwriter- i work with professional music publishers
2. Lexi- lyricist- gets to work with famous singers
3. Bryan- nightclub manager- he gets to meet the nightclub djs
4. Ethan- radio dj- shares trending things on social media to the community
5. Leah- background singer- gets to work with all different singers
6. Isabelle- sound designer- makes music for video games
7. Kylie- tour coordinator- they finalize going on tours
8. Ryan- rockstar- gets to meet famous people
9. Alex- record store clerk- works on holidays
10. Eli- tour manager- makes up to 220 grand
11. Aiden- night club dj- gets to dj whatever song

Best Job: lyricist Worst Job: record store clerk