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1.Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1.She (not travel) by train to London.

2. (she cut) the lettuce with a knife?

3.The film (not be) boring.

4.The president (speak) very slow during the conference.

5.Sarah (sing) perfectly in the concert. 6.Peter (decide) to paint the house blue.

7. (My mother have) her birthday party last night?

8.The lawyer (try) to convince the jury.

9.My dog (bite) Ann in her leg.

10.I (not meet) John at the old restaurant last week.

11.Charles (water) the garden the last weekend.

12.The children (watch) TV the whole day yesterday.

13.Susan (leave) the house early at night.

14.The burglars (break) the window with a hammer.

15.Clara (make) a beautiful dress for her sister.

16.The students (not know) all the answers of the exam.

17.W. Shakespeare (write) several novels.

18.We (stay) at home because the weather was bad.

19. (I invite) Thomas and his wife to my wedding?

20.My mother (suggest) going to the cinema.

2. Translate into English:

A) Él vio la TV ayer. B)¿Hiciste los deberes?

C)¿Leyeron el periódico? D)Mis amigos no jugaron al fútbol.

E)La mujer no cocinó. F)Tú bebiste agua.


1. Yesterday I basketball for three hours. (to play)

2. I in Chicago for three years.(to live)

3. My cousin to buy a new jacket. (to want)

4. I to learn Swedish, but it was too difficult for me. (to try)

5. Linda reading that book in two days. (to finish)

6. My brother a book from my father. (to borrow)

7. I meeting your parents. (to enjoy)

8. My sister her hand while she was cooking. (to burn)

9. The workers the door. (to close)

10. I my room last night. (to clean)

11. 1. Yesterday my father (go) to work by car.

12. This morning I (have) a shower.

13. My sister (not clean) her room on Saturday.

14. The birds (fly) over our heads.

15. Last week my family (not buy) a new table for the dining room.

16. The other day, I (lose) my math's book.

17. I (tell) my mother a lie.

18. We (hear) a terrible sound outside last night.

19. (you see) football match Tuesday night?

20. Pau (drink) a litre of Coke for lunch yesterday.

21. Last night I (go) to the cinema.

22. I (not decide) to go with my sister.

23. We (see) A Little Princess.

24. I (not know) it (be ) a sad story.

25. We (cry) a lot but my younger sister (not cry) because she
(think) it (be) a stupid story.

26. Marylin Monroe (have) a poor childhood and (spend) years in

children's homes because her mother (be) mentally ill.

27. Norma Jean (work) in a factory with her husband, an aircraft mechanic.

28. One day a photographer (take) a photograph of her and she (begin)
to appear in magazines.

29. A little later, she (change) her name and (become) a big star.
She (make) many famous films including one of the most famous films in history.

1.didn’t travel 11.watered

2.did she cut 12.watched

3.wasn’t 13.left

4.spoke 14.broke

5.sang 15.made

6.decided 16.didn’t know

7.did my mother 17.wrote

8.tried 18.stayed

9.bit 19.did I invite 10.didn’t meet 20.suggested

1.He watched TV yesterday.

2.Did you do your homework?

3.Did they read the newspaper?

4.My friends did not play football.

5.The woman didn’t cook.

6.You didn’t drink water.

1.played 6.borrowed 11.went 16.lost

2.lived 7.enjoyed 12.had 17.told

3.wanted 8.burned 13.didn’t clean 18.heard

4.tried 9.closed 14.flew 19.did you see

5.finished 10.cleaned 15.didn’t nuy 20.drank

21.went 22.didn’t decide 23.saw 24.didn’t know

25.cried/didn’t cry 26.had/spent/was 27.worked 28.took/began