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Sandy White

Social Worker

Family information:
Mother and grandmother of 2 grandchildren

Community work:
Neighbourhood Resource Association of Westminster Park-Healthy Eating; Healthy
Physical Activity Getting initiative; Summerside Optimist Club; Glen Cairn 55 & Better
Program; Guest Lecture at King's UWO; Coach individuals & groups, program
development; Executive Producer of Sandbox, political comedy/drama; Championed the
Splash Pad in South East Optimist Splash; Championed the London Cares Program

Would you support a four-year tax freeze (yes or no)?


Why or why not?

I have been out and about meeting as many people in Ward 14 as possible. I
can tell you with certainty that Londoners are concerned about the rising
cost of property taxes and utility charges that have been escalating at
rates far beyond inflation. They tell me their concerns have been caused
by a council that has not kept in touch with the needs and realities
Londoners face. Entering the campaign, I knew that tax increases needed to
be more modest, but now I believe that putting a hold on tax increases is
an action that will force council to make the policy,
administrative and program changes required to get our city’s spending
under control and ease the load Londoners have been forced to carry.

Why do you want to represent Londoners at city hall?

I am a Londoner who believes in the future of our city, I trust Londoners
and I listen to Londoners. Londoners and their needs are what drive me to
seek political office. If I am fortunate enough to be elected, then I will
bring their voice to the floor of Council during every debate.

What do you consider a) the most important issue for London?

In view of the global recession, clearly the way the economy is affecting
individuals in London, is what I hear from many I talk to. I hear from
Londoners that they had expected Council to set an example and keep
spending below inflation while other Londoners have felt that job
opportunities are very critical.

And b) the most important issue for the ward in which you’re running?
The ward I have chosen is representative of the city as a whole: it is
multicultural; it spans many ethnic and religious origins; it has all
income levels present and it is loaded with wonderful people who care about
the future. Based on all the input I have gathered, the most important
issue for the ward is “the future of our city.”

Michelle Smith

Registered Practical Nurse, specializing in foot care in the communityEmployee at
McCormick Home - 23 years in Nursing, 2 years in Environmental Services.

Family information:
I have been married to my husband Damian for 20 years. We have 3 teenage children:
Kayla, Alex and Chelsea.

Community Work:
Heart and Stroke Foundation;Canadian Cancer SocietyDiabetes AssociationArthur
Stringer Public School PTALondon Devilettes Girls Hockey AssociationSouth Southeast
Minor Hockey AssociationWildwood Campers Recreation Committee

Would you support a tax freeze?

Yes, I would like to support this idea but, I can not confidently answer this question until
I learn more about the City's operating budget and how this proposed tax freeze would be
implemented over 4 years.

Why do you want to represent Londoners?

My family and I have lived in Ward 14 for the last 20 years and I have called London
home for 42 years. I have recently been more interested in how our municipal
government operates and decided to join the political field and represent the citizens of
London. I am frustrated and concerned with the operation of our City both at the city staff
and councillor level. We need better transparency and accountability at City Hall. I feel
we need a change in our municipal government. I want to represent London in a positive
way and provide a new voice at City Hall...a voice for the people.

What’s the most important issue for London?

Economic growth in my opinion is the most important issue at the moment. We have to
attract new businesses to our wonderful City. Everywhere you look there is vacant
property and buildings and so many people out of work. I think infilling has a big
potential. When you infill the cost to the City is very low. We have water, sewer,
electricity.....everything we need is there and public transit is more accessible, therefore
less emissions and better air qualilty but, if the growth doesn't work in these vacant
properties than make it work. We have to be aggressive. More growth means more jobs,
more money and a more harmonious city.
What’s the most important issue for Ward 14?
Safety is a sufficient concern. People need to be able to walk down the street and not feel
threatened. I feel we need more police patrolling and I wonder if more police doing foot
or bike patrols would be more effective than police idling in their cruisers. We need to
increase awareness and involvement in the Neighbourhood Watch program. People need
to feel safe in their own homes and on our city streets.
Jared Zaifman

Director of Sales and Marketing at Z Group

Family information:

Community work:
On Board of Directors of the London Military Family Resource Centre; London City
Hall, Member of Committee of Adjustment; Member, United Way’s youth in Action

Would you support a four-year tax freeze (yes or no)?

Unfortunately at this point in time I just don’t think it’s realistic. We do need to keep
taxes down, but coming off a recession, we also have to be able to provide the essential
services that London needs to get us on track and maximize prosperity. Tax dollars can
help us reinvest in our communities and get people back to work.

Why do you want to represent Londoners at city hall?

It has been personally difficult to watch our city fail to reach its potential. There has been
stagnation within the city, and fresh approaches and new ideas are needed to move us

What do you consider a) the most important issue for London? And b) the most
important issue for the ward in which you’re running?
No doubt, it has to be economic recovery. We need to encourage sustainable sectors of
industry and employment to come to London so that we can get hardworking people back
on their feet.
Ward 14 is one of the largest geographically in the city, and as such has a vast array of
issues throughout. These range from maintaining environmental amenities like
Meadowlilly woods and Westminster ponds, to an English Speaking public school in
Summerside, as well as how the Ward can be at the forefront of London’s economic
recovery, through locations such as innovation park.

Jim Wood


Family information:
Married, wife and three boys

Community work:
8 plus years as a Board member of the Neighbourhood Association of
Westminster Park: initiatives included Expansion of the Westminster
Optimist Centre, expanded programming and services for youth and
residents in our ward, Founding Organizer of Westminster Fun Day and
The Forest City Youth Talent Search, Past 6 term board member of the
South London Community Centre during which time SLCC expanded
cost effective initiatives in programs for new immigrants, youth and
community groups, Save Wilton Grove School initiative, Pond Mills
Splash Pad supporter, 9 years ago assisted in a Summerside Public
School drive, supporter in the bid to bring Shiners' Hospital to London,
vocal opponent of the Orgaworld waste processing plants problems
with emitting noxious odours, just to list a few areas of involvement.

Would you support a four-year tax freeze (yes or no)?


Why or why not?

It is a great goal but it is not realistic, council for the past 7 plus
years has set a pattern of expectation and have committed to funding
a variety of ongoing initiatives. It will take the cooperation of all
parties to rein in spending to a sustainable level and that is not going
to happen overnight. Residents, Businesses, and Institutions all want
to pay less, but they also expect quality services. With planning,
partnerships and a focus on spending more wisely, I believe we can
learn to live within our means.

Why do you want to represent Londoners at city hall?

I truly believe I can be a balanced voice on council and make a
positive contribution to the operation and growth of this City. I have
lived and been voluntarily involved in the community for many years. I
know the commitment and persistence it takes to achieve progress
and have shown the ongoing dedication to supporting the
communities' needs. Being runner up in the past two elections against
very well financed contenders, did not stop my involvement in the
community or in London, I continued to work towards making London
a better place for all. Being Councillor for Ward 14 would allow me to
dedicate more time, effort and expertise to accomplish this.

What do you consider a) the most important issue for London?

And b) the most important issue for the ward in which you're

London is an internationally recognized centre of excellence in a wide

range of fields: Academics, Research, Business and Health Care. Its
growth and development is unique and has required partnership and
support not just from Londoners but the region, the province and the
country. Maintaining a balance of taxation and quality of life is key to
enhance and grow these vital relationships. Ward 14 is comprised of
several unique areas, Westminster, Pondmills, Summerside, Glanworth
Rural South, a mix of business and development lands and
environmentally sensitive areas like Westminster Ponds and
Meadowlilly Woods that are constantly threatened with encroaching
developers. Increasing taxes and fees with no equilibrium of services
offered is a common concern.