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ATS A25 Cold Crocodiles – ATS Conversion 11/21/2005

ST. JOOST, HOLLAND, 20 January 1945: This scenario is a conversion to the

Advanced Tobruk System (ATS) from Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). Ownership of
Darkest December, Scottish Corridor and/or Arnhem are necessary for play as are
ASL boards 23 & 24. Please refer to scenario A25 for the historical background to
this scenario as well as its aftermath.

ATS on The Table - http://www3.telus.net/public/larsent/

Remnants of Regiment “Huebner” Fallshirmjaeger Division 8 setup first west of the canal,
on/north of hex row V.


7|5|8 1|1|8 1|1|7 Pak 43/41
MG42 MG34 MG34 Pf

9 1 2 1 1 3 3 2

Enter on Turn 4 on any

east edge road hex,
having already expended
Jg Pz IV
½ of their movement L70

Elements of I Co., 1st Rifle Brig., and C Squadron, 8th Hussars enter on Turn 1 along the south edge west of the Canal

MMG LMG LAT Cromwell

6|5|8 5|5|7 1|1|8 1|1|7 LMtr Challenger
Vickers Bren Piat IV

4 4 1 2 1 3 2 2 2 2
Elements of I Company and the 141 Armoured Regiment
enter on Turn 4 along the West edge.

LMG Crocodile
5|5|7 1|1|7

4 1 1 2
The British win if at scenario end they have amassed more VP than the Germans.
Casualty VPs are amassed normally: in addition, each stone building is worth 4 VP
German reinforcements enter on Turn 3.
for the controlling side.
British reinforcements enter on Turn 3.
1. Spotting conditions are average. No units may cross the canal unless on a bridge,
the only bridge is at 23P7.
2. All buildings have ground level locations only and are +10 LOS obstacles. The
valley on board 24 does not exist, treat all level –10 hexes as level +0, with other
terrain therein existing normally.
3. The British have an offboard FO that can access an 80mm battery of OBA. The FO
is at a +30 level hex along the players south edge west of the canal. The exact edge
hex is secretly chosen and recorded by the British player prior to setup.
4. The German may use hidden setup for 1 squad and any leader, L or M weapon
that setup with the squad.
5. In addition to normal restrictions weapon pits may not be setup on paved road
6. The British have one Elite Tank Commander with the 8th Hussar units.
7. The required AFV markers and Data Cards are available at the ATS on The Table


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8