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8th Humanities
Comparative Analysis Rubric

Area 4 - Mastery 3 - Approaching 2 - Developing 1 - Beginning Checklist:

Intro and Intro grabs attention, Intro clearly states the claim Intro clearly states the Intro or conclusion ___ Hook
Conclusion provides meaningful and provides some context claim but does not does not flow with
context, and clearly and interest. provide enough the rest of the essay. ___ Both titles and authors
introduces the claim context or evidence.
and argument Conclusion restates the ___ Claim statement
argument and shows Conclusion restates the Intro or conclusion
___ Preview of argument
Conclusion effectively understanding of the big argument but may not contains vague or
restates the argument picture use fresh language or non-descriptive ___ Conclusion sentence
with fresh language provide a sense of the statements.
and meaningful insight bigger picture.

Evidence Evidence is highly Evidence is mostly Evidence does not Evidence is almost ___ Quotes from both texts
persuasive and directly convincing and mostly relates directly relate to the non-existent
related to supporting to the argument argument
the argument

Reasoning Creative/original ideas Analysis is believable and Analysis is believable Illogical argument, ___ 2:1 reasoning/evidence ratio
and insights; extensive convincing; some assertions and convincing but or analysis not
commentary; goes may lack specific examples, does not go beyond connected to the ___ Explains how quote relates to
beyond the obvious or but assertions still clearly basic or surface level prompt claim
surface level analysis connect to the argument. analysis. Some
evidence may lack Analysis is simply a ___ Explains why quote is
analysis. summary important

Grammar, Few to no errors Some mistakes, but does not Mistakes with Grammar, spelling, ___ All paragraphs indented
spelling, and detract from the reader’s grammar, spelling, and and punctuation
punctuation ability to understand punctuation make it mistakes make it ___ “Proper citations” (12).
difficult for reader to near impossible to
follow the argument understand ___ Appropriate use of commas
and periods

Style, Sophisticated All quotes use TIE strategies, Not all quotes use TIE No use of TIE ___ All quotes integrated with TIE
vocabulary, vocabulary; a wide but sentence structure may strategies; some vague strategies, most strategies
sentence variety of sentence lack some variety. sentences, little use of sentences are vague
structure structures; quotations class or academic or unclear, and ___ Mostly compound and complex
are integrated using Some attempts to incorporate vocabulary almost no use of sentences, some simple sentences
TIE strategies more advanced vocabulary. academic vocabulary
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8th Humanities
Comparative Analysis Rubric