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Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Words by C. Wesley MENDELSSOHN, T. WHITEFIELD, M. MADAN adapted by W.H. Cummings and others Soprano ete : — ea | Ato FS 4 yoo t * SSS ? =F Hark! the jhe - rlid an = gols sing Glo -y tothe new bom Ki (Organ)| Christ, ‘by high - ‘est heavn °a°- dored, Christ the ev - er Tasting. Lor Hail the heavn- born Prince of Peacel— © Hail the Sun of Right-eous-nessl # #: 4 aad ade et Ladd Tom [EER z Bass = > ’ ; at — ms + \ - oe voor Er... rT tte Peace on earth ahd mor - cy mild. God and sin - ners © - con-ciled: Ese? of Gime! Bet. fons Hh cane OF - spring of a vit > gins womb: Ught and ‘We = to all ‘he’ Brings ish’ with’ heal - ing in ‘His. wings; fetta gt 8 al, ¥ Gating tse— polo the, tH umph gt the fiesh the — God-head Hall thin - car ~ nal Be." . lays fis gio - ry Bom thal man’ ‘no’ more “may a 2d Wan, Wan - go, i host pro-claim, Christ is bom in Pleased “as” ran wih man to’ dwell Je- sis— our Em ~ oe ae Bom fo-— give them ot tte LJ a Hark! the he - rad. an - gels sing Glo - ry to the new-born King, 2 ‘1g. ped.