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Office of the Attorney General Please return completed consumer contact form to: Office of Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General

Please return completed consumer contact form to:

Office of Attorney General Bill McCollum

State of Florida

PL-01, The Capitol

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1050

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Ms. Sandy Schmierer


U.S. Department of State


Mr. Herrera, Mario

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Hjortevej 2, 8700 Horsens, Denmark - DK


2201 C Street NW

875 SE 12sTH. Hialeah.Fl. 33010


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Hialeah, Miami Dade



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Florida, 33010

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official duty shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s.775.083, or

s.837.06 Florida Statutes.

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Official requets to Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum

I request that Ms. Sandy Schmierer is put in front of a judge in an American court.

I am accusing Ms. Sandy Schmierer for:

Violation of the sixth amendment of the USA Constitution: Ms. Sandy Schmierer is a staff member at the Office of

American Citizens Services and Crisis Management belonging to the U.S. Department of State. On January 28, 2009

I received a letter of January 13, 2009 from Mr. Andrew T. Miller, European Division Chief in the Office of American

Citizens Services and Crisis Management, who wrote to me an answer to my letter to the president (from November 7,

2008). At the end of his Mr. Miller writes: "Should you need further assistance, please contact Sandy Schmierer in the

Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management at: (202) 647-6568."

While I did indeed need further assistance to confront the authorities and politicians and other people in the USA who

had abandoned me and by that being responsible for the continuous violation of my legal and human rights, I called

Ms. Sandy Schmierer, on January 28, 2009, as recommended by her boss. I asked Sandy Schmierer how she could assist

me, and she said that her number had been put there if I should have any further questions. When I then asked her a

question about the job of the American Embassy in Denmark, she just said that I should be able to read everything in the

letter. When I asked again, she hung up! What kind of assistance, service or crisis management is that?!

Sandy Schmierer is a witness in my case. She was well informed about:

  • - that I was tortured and kidnapped by the Danish police

  • - that my rights according to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963, Article 36 (a, b and c) had been


  • - that none of the above violations against me had been protested by the American Embassy in Copenhagen

  • - that I am now handicapped for life in my left shoulder

  • - that I had been requesting help from the President, Secretary of State, Senators, Congressman and the Governor

from Florida and so on, and that all of those had ignored my requests and kept in silence.

Sandy Schmierer knew all this and also her boss had, according to the letter he sent to me, given her the responsibility

to assist me, and the only thing she did was to hang up the phone on me. By choosing to cut me off and let me down

on this background, Ms. Sandy Schmierer has made herself a violator of my rights according to the sixth amendment

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My signature authorizes the Attorney General's Office to take any action deemed necessary for

purposes of investigation or enforcement. I understand that the Attorney General does not

represent private citizens seeking the return of their money or other personal remedies. I am filing

this complaint to notify your office of the activities of this company so that it may be determined if

law enforcement or legal action is warranted.



of the USA constitution.

Consumer Contact Form

Ms. Sandy Schmierer

Violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963, Article 36 (a, b and c). Because she knew my protection rights under this International agreement, she knew that this agreement is protected under the USA Constitution and she new that the American

authorities until there had failed there duty and responsibility to protest the violations of my

rights according to the convention, when I was illegally and brutally arrested by the Danish

police, and denied contact to the embassy, a lawyer, a doctor and my family. Sandy

Schmierer knew all this and she decided not to assist me, and thereby she is accomplished in

violating my rights under the same convention.

Conspiracy against Rights (The Federal Civil Rights Statutes, Title 18, U.S.C., Section

241). Because, she is representing an authority that is obliged to help in getting my rights

according to the law, and she chose to not assist me even though her bossed had assigned her

to me – and she chose even to just hang up the phone on me.

Discrimination: The State Department’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis

Management (ACS) says on their webpage ( that: “ACS supports the

work of our overseas embassies and consulates in providing emergency services to

Americans traveling or living abroad. We also assist in non-emergency matters of birth,

identity, passport, citizenship, registration, judicial assistance, and estates. ACS can

facilitate the transfer of funds overseas to assist U.S. citizens in need, repatriate the remains

of loved ones who have died overseas, assist victims of crime, and help U.S. citizens who

are detained in foreign prisons. In other words, ACS is here to assist you and your family

whenever and wherever we can.” And they also say: “The office also issues Travel

Warnings, Travel Alerts and Country Specific Information and provides guidance on

nationality and citizenship determination, document issuance, judicial and notarial services,

estates and property claims, third-country representation, and disaster assistance.” Finally

the ACS also says on the webpage the following: “a U.S. consul will insist on prompt

access to an arrested American, provide a list of attorneys, and provide information

on the host country’s legal system, offer to contact the arrested American’s family

or friends, visit on a regular basis, protest mistreatment, monitor jail conditions,

provide dietary supplements, if needed, and keep the State Department informed.”

Sandy Schmierer chose NOT to assist me in any way at all, neither directly or indirectly.

This is discrimination, unless the same thing happens to all persons who contacts ACS; which

I doubt.

Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law (The Federal Civil Rights Statutes, Title 18,

U.S.C., Section 242). Sandy Schmierer by her actions (or more correctly by her non-

actions) accomplished in depriving me my rights Under the Color of Law, because she knows

my protection rights under the American Constitution and under the VCCR, which is

protected under the supreme law of the land (The USA Constitution) - and even that, she

never ever kept her obligation to assist me in finding legal help or in any other way to legally

pursue the American authorities who initially deprived me my rights.

What do I want?

To bring Sandy Schmierer in front of a USA judicial court to answer for my straight accusations

for the crimes mentioned above.

Sandy Schmierer knew about my case since January 2009, and event though her boss, Andrew

T. Miller, had officially assigned her to my case, and even though I contacted her according to

Consumer Contact Form

Ms. Sandy Schmierer

this, she never assisted me in any way, and in that way she is accomplished in negating me my most fundamental constitutional protection rights. I want to prosecute Sandy Schmierer for the act of discrimination.

All documentation supporting these accusations is in the hands of the FBI director Robert S.

Mueller III. Who has also hidden this case from the USA American opinion and judicial system.

Complete accusations and documentation in file annexes. You got my permission to request


I want to have a speedy trial, counsel, and Public trial. All benefits as the sixth amendment of

USA Constitution dictate, including public trial. I want the right to confront my accusers.

As in the past and for years now, I have been contacting you Florida Attorney General Bill

McCollum, by different ways (Your webpage form, FAX, email, regular mail), as well as USA

Attorney General Eric Holder, and former USA Attorney General Michael Mukasey and all

of you have been ignoring me and letting me unprotected from my constitutional rights. I do not

trust in none of you, and I will make public this request in my website

under USA first and sixth amendment and sending copy to Arizona Senator Mr. John McCain, a

person that know what TORTURE means, and to whom I deposit my full trust for his honesty

and impeccable curriculum. However I only trust in the USA judicial system and the USA


I make direct and total responsible to: Sandy Schmierer for all the physical damage

against my person (handicap for life) and psychological damage (Post-Traumatic Stress

Disorder (PTSD)) declared by the Doctor. Both the damage to my belief on the USA

legal system and the damage inflicted to my family in this process.

It is up to all of you now, I am attaching letter from Florida State governor Charlie Crist

encouraging me to work with federal authorities and no excuses, if you want to keep violating

USA Constitution to support violations of hate, racism, discrimination, torture, violations of

VCCR, illegal arrest, from the foreign government of Denmark over an USA citizen.

Waiting news from you ahead.

Mario Herrera

SSN: 595-93-0602

Pass: 047884147