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ieee ee ee NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA “ ‘roject Implementation Unit — Surat (Expressw: MHAIPIU-Sura(@xpesowayyri20r7| SE oA Date:04.02.2017 1 MATTER To, To, To, Shri Suraj Bhardwaj Shri N JZala Shri N.J. Zala, General Manager Project Manager Chief General Manager, Fae Surat Hazira NH-6 MIs. IDAA Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. IRB, Surat Dahisar Tollway Private Tollway Pvt. Ltd. Base Camp (8S-80T} Limited,495/1, Survey No. 18/1 Agam Shopping World, Village: Choryasi, NI4-8, Bangali Falia, NH-8, Nr. Mohangam C-201 to 204 & 206 10 208, Tal: Kamrej, Surat. Railway Crossing, Valwada, Near Vapi, Vesu, Surat-395007. ‘Tal. Umbergaon, Dist. Valsad, Gujarat: 396105 Sub. Application under Right to Information Act, 2005 received from Sh. Durga Prasad, Rohtas, Bihar Ret: "RO. NHAl, Gandhinagar email dated 04.02.2017 enclosing copy of NHAI, H@ letter no. 167 dated 02.02.2017 enclosing copy of NHAl, HQ Office Order dated 06.01.2017 along with RT! application dated 14.12.2016 from Sh. Durga Prasad, Rohtas, Bihar Dear Sirs, Bea eitnd enclosed herewith RO, NHAI, Gandhinagar email dated 04.02.2017 enclosing copy of NEAL HQ letter no, 1670 dated 02.02.2017 enclosing copy of NHAI, H@ Office Order dated 06.01 2017 along with RTI application dated 14.12.2016 from Sh. Durga Prasad, Rohtas, Bihar (copy enclosed) on the subject mentioned above. You are requested to submit your comments within 5 days for ta! 1g further necessary action. Thanking you, Yours qo A Sriram be > . [Shi DGM (T) & Project PIU- Surat (Express Encl: As above. Copy to: (i)Shri RK. Bansal, CGM () & RO-Gujarat, NHAI, Gandhinagar for information Please (Henri Dinesh Agarwal 1 Shri A. K. Swami , Manager (7), PIU-Surat(Expressway), NHAI ~ for information an suitable necessary action (Encl: As above). fayream Leader, Shri D. K. Mishra, M/s. Frischmann Prabhu India Pvt Ltd, 3/242, Raj Abhishek City Home fiisana Sachin Road, Surat for information and suitable necessary action (Encl: As above). {ayTeam Leader, Mis. Consulting Engineers Group Ltd. Flat no, 202,203, 2nd Floor, Vijay Complex. Nr. Vija lace Hotel, NH-8, At: Choryasi, Tal-Kamrej, Dist~ Surat-394180- for information and sulable necessary actic (Encl.: As above). (S]Team Leader, Mis. Consulting Engineers Group Ltd., Jalaram Krupa, H. No: 2446/0, Near Jalaram Temp! Behind Vapi Court, Shanti Nagar, Vapi ~ "39619 for information and suitable necessary action (Enel.: As above). Ga wae A Corporate Office: A 5 aee—10, BITTE Fe — 110 076 qRaTA O11.25075100, 25074200 , Seetor-10, Dwarks, New Dethi ~110 075, ‘Tel: 011-25074100, 25074200 PIU Surat From: RO Gujarat Sent: 04 February 2017 11:24 To: Bhati RK, PD; Jain PK, PD; singhsumanps@gmail.com; pksinghnhai.2011 @gmail.com; shashibits@rediffmail.com; shashimorth@gmail.com; PIU Ahmedabad: PIU Gandhidham; PIU Somnath, NHAI; PIU Surat; PIU Rajkat; PIU Palnour; PIU Bharuch Subject: FW: Application under Right to Information Act, 2005 received from Sh. Durga Prasad, Rohtas, Bihar-reg. Attachments: 1670,POF Sir, Please refer trailing e-mail on the subject mentioned above for further suitable necessary action as per RTI Act, 2005, Thanking you, NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA Regional office (Gujarat) 235-239, 2nd Floor, Supermall-o2 Above-HDFC Finance, Infocity Gandhinagar-382007 (Gujarat) Ph..: 079-40306838/40306839 Email:rogujarat@nhai.org Frorn: Kumar Purshottam , GM (RS) Sent: Friday, February 3, 2017 1:48 PM To: RO Kerala; RO Bangalore; RO Bhopal; RO Chandigarh; RO Chennai; RO Delhi; RO Gujarat; RO Guwahati; RO Hyderabad; RO Jaipur; RO Jammy; RO Kolkatta; RO Lucknow; RO Mumbai; RO Odisha; RO Patna; Ro Raipur; RO Ranchi; RO Uttarakhand; RO Vijayawada; RO West UP; RO-Nagpur Cc: Goswami HK , Receptionist Subject: Application under Right to Information Act, 2005 received from Sh. Durga Prasad, Rohtas, Bihar-reg Pleo se find the attachments. ards Purshiottam Kumar OMET-RSC cesar wftaea site corant ster) \ National Highways Authority of India (ministry of Road Transport and Highways) AS CH 6, NaT-10, THT, FE RRweft-110075 6.5.86, Sector-10, Owarka, New Delhi-110075 2 Ph NHALI00URTURSC!2017] 16% To, AIROs ub: Application under Right (6 Information Act, 2005 received from Sh. Darks Prasad, Rohtas, Bihar — Reg. Sir Application dated 14.12.2016 received fiom the above mentioned applicant reganling seeking information under RTI Act, 2008 ae transferred herewith vide Section 6(3) fof the said Act for necessary action with the request that the requisite information to the applicant ‘iy be provided in reer withthe relevant provisions and ime frame as stipulated under the RTT Act, 2005 >, teis equested that al epies. whether interim or final, may be sent to the applicant by SPEED TOST with » copy to the undersigned to ensure defivery of the requisite information within the time Frame prescribed in the Act. “The said application is hereby transfered to vou as the information sought pertains «9 your jurisdiction. nel: As above. ‘Yours faithtilly. Purshottam Kumar GM (TP RSC Copy to = 1. Sh. Durga Prasad, R/O Bikramganj, Rolias, Bihar ~ 802 212 FRc EEK, Goswami, APIO wit OM no, 11081/131/2017-Admn/RT19684 dated 06.01.2017 Harty Fax 91-11 208807 J 28OHNN A SATA WT TST UTTAR eons si ntarmovzsrane (rea ates ote worant atareRe) PIT Fx otst 25093507 1 2eop3644 National Highways Authority of India (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) As wd 6, Maee-t0, area, af Reaf-s10075, 6-5 & 6, Soctor-10, Dwarka, New Dalhi-110075, i 11041/131/2017 —wan amedtamrg/a6n4 0G me, 2017 refer eH ec arn ar afore afPram, 2005 a ont of ore wee, ear (FARR) ar arte | A oR WaT Bars wre Revi 14.12.2016 B arden ah aA vtaret & sh Rata 20.12 2016 BY ure {BE ote RA Yorr a sitar afte, 2005 3 elie qa wie mf BL argh & far sme gee AMT rat Sah af BMT, wat aT AAR aM, 2005 B owed dt argan Mid A Ge ou wag Te | uy Sarde eat ot = or Phot Fran rar & at cite wD eran gh ae A GUT aA A Go aS ae A ae aie a oreo aT Gy ste GAN a ile Poe A. ert are a AL reas Prat ony Feb ae ome; ae Sieh org ee am area wl Pr ora & arcana vA A ms 2 | 2 _ ae wider are carl err wr itrore aPem, 2005 a eI 5 SLUT sa ake sanftr four aren @ fort we veda Pear pn 2 fH ee Reef A sftrert for sae afer a arene 4 & oh: Toman wi wg et at sam afaPra a ures g foe seater Bua SEH arr ae SATE 3 seta Fortes oH whe or ome & ey ALAA. SAT | ata at 4 ead of afk tear grew Rf aA Gre are at Fare after tte arta eb at erent af feera gen fern one ste ene GA aha A aa a Rear TE atk GAB apa Rar omy ae Ge ah a are Sefer roan stereo Ye aera rer oh er FemTs gimeyiarah teyefEwra cee sade oka crt wr | 5. apa or atere sim, 2005 a wnt A speed ah ae ovee: oak wMa/sifa ore Ho ‘ora anita sna amy attr oie, seem a ae sea, 2M sre aft pr wen AA & Ren ae | 8 ecg tee a A mg ap an, Fora aon cure site sion re AP ees & at a abate etter erat oer8 aah rene a a ently arn ab read sere A eed Rear aot serra aT oT aT | 7 ae A orgies & Fs srdees a afl gee a ava A ROL Eh eg A ARE ae ats oN A fue so Ae a ee I PRE ME | 8 RR are err wet mf apse rrr afr, Sar AH, ae tere sea aa ts ape arfrerewfifres, 2005 % Pres 6 (9) seria safer ae pee eae earatafen or # enn emt ape are st atom a we (HK. Goswamiy APIO To. Sh. Purushottam Kumar, GM (RSC) & PIO, NHAL, HQ, New Dethi Copy to:- ‘Sh. Durga Prasad, Bihar Viklany Neta, Vikramganj, Robtash, Bihar - 802212 SRST Greet Saee a fere sakes cose “gum ‘a! (fret 3.(1) 3af) argo Go Ho (arate wit & fare) 3. wie ap qaqa ah (aide a REET" ery eer SEAS RASSRSE SS SS oe ag 3 = ere. BONS ase § erase SSS au a ar fer aR Pe hh rem # aha FG, qatar axfaPrere, 2008 wh amet 8 wel 9 a Skea mame “Et tne oN ferucn raters A wena s. (1) cor Baa (great A) ” fafa at tego B fur arate Horas Pace (2) 4 fears grey qrariay We . fea at waiter @ wef am pr arit ahont whe we H era ar Z spot ar TH patra waren gu ones Harm em (aeiag we fees) & eee cae Seeker areiaes rare am Yer va eo vere Neca ale aR jena ar RCS Fe grag ten FIAQE Yo fefer : ARAN 4 GOVERNMENT OF INDIA . e MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWays ; 5 Pativahan Bhavar : ae 4, Sansad Mar - _ New Dethi-i jo0 a " ENo. RWINH-33044/282015/S@R (R) Date: the 17° June, 2015 To |" The Chief Secretaries of all the Stare Governments/ UTs 2. The Principal Secretaries’ Secretaries of all States! UTS Public Works dealing with National Highways 3. All Engineers-in-Chief and Cy UTs dealing with National Higi 4. The Director General (Border Roads), Seema Sadak Bhawan, Nooo. an 5. The Chairman, National Hi New Delhi-110 075, 6 The Managing Director, NHIDCL, Subject: Guidelines for Pedest Disabilities with special reference Pedestrian Facilities" Contd. on page 2 2 Kerb ramps should be i200mm wide and be located away from cotners ot on batt sides of ‘the ‘intersections. Usually, persons with vision impaitment need guidance in using the Pedestrian areas especially at places ivhere the footpath crosses large open Spaces OF where le idance is provided by Mixing tactile pavers on the sufie of the footpath, in the line of travel avoiding obstructions. A distance of 600mm is to be maintained fiom the edge of the Footpath 1 5 amutbt® erassings, on highways in urban areas, should be provi ick and white stripes. The width divided carriageways, he crossing °hould, as far as possible, Senate Whinterrupted through the median, Rete. Fig. 2. In addition to above, audible site ne Signals at intersections are essential fr, visually impaired ons: Pedestrian traffic lights should be Provided with audible signals to facilitate sare neg independent crossing of the road for such Persons, 3. __ The contents of this Circular ay be brought to the notice of all concerned in your organization, ® This issues with the approval of Competent Authority, ue erypttieps (Amiyanshu) Asst. Executive Engineer (S, R&T) (Roads) For Director General (Road Development) & $$ Copy to |. All Technical Officers in the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways 2 2 The Secretary General, Indian Regds Congress 4 5 Technical circular file of SR (Ry Section 6. NIC-for uploading on Ministey's website under “What's new” Copy for kind information to: !. PS to Hon'ble Minister (RTH&S) PS to Hon’ble MOS (RTH&S) St. PPS to Secretary (RT&H) PPS to.DG (RD) & SS PPS to SS&FA PS to ADG-I/ ADG-IT PS to JS (Ty IS (HY Js (LA&OY IS (EI) aaa muro Foothpath min ‘wicth 1809 mm %00 mm wide (two rows) XN ‘stip of warning block > <—e SEE. Shane Flared Kerb ramp mex. gradient 1:40 Max Kerb height 150 mm ae = ps Flared Kerb ramp max. gradient 1:40 Fig. 1, Kerb Ramp with Flared Si ides and Tactile Pavers Qe Ramp (max. gradient 4 in ve Fig. 2.\ Dropped Kerb with Zebra [Crossings "Bart ard 10220282 freon wee 9 gareeTe a F___ vita dP wae $4 sear are fa at ah ——_______