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Manage premises, ensuring that accommodation and facilities services are provided
that are fit for purpose, well maintained and deliver value for money.
Manage all contracts in relation to ICT, renegotiation or re-let of these contracts
in a timely way
Act as Budget Manager for company�s expenditure on IT and Premises assets and
associated resource expenditure on accommodation and facilities
Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of the Information
Technology Infrastructure division
Responsible for the delivery and security of a modern, flexible and extensible IT
Benchmark the current IT service standards and IT policies and take steps to
improve the same to ensure industry best practices
Ready to undertake major IT projects to ensure the best services to customers at
optimum cost by delivering core banking system, e-commerce, cards infra-structure
and internet platform
Lead a team that is responsible for Data Center and System Administrations &
Network Services relevant activities
Deploy systems with respect to application requirements, ensuring security, backup
and redundancy provisions as needed
Installation, configuration & administration of Linux Servers, Maintain & Manage
various services running in Linux system which include mail server
Manage, monitor and maintain networking, routing and switching with possible
Managing and handling network service requests within SLA/OLA and also coordinate
with vendor and partner services
Lead in enterprise network solution design, implementation and administration.
Provide and manage modem, Wi-Fi related solutions
Ensure the consistency and maintainability of existing applications by creating,
maintaining and enforcing standards/procedures for implementing technical solutions
across the organization.
Work closely with other function's managers to identify, recommend, develop,
implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of the
Manage major incident/ disaster with a quick response and develop Business
Continuity Plan
Identify Technology related problematic areas and implement strategic solutions in
time in consultation with the Management of the company
Understand the capability of team under commands, motivate and nurture work spirit
and provide yearly career development plan.