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ABOUT THE COURSE resonant cavity, optical amplification, ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

Semiconductor lasers: homojunction and

The objective of this Faculty Development
heterojunction. Fiber optics: principle, numerical CHIEF PATRON: Dr.M.K.Surappa
Programme is to give a better exposure to the aperture and acceptance angle, types of optical Vice-Chancellor,
faculty members on the subject fibres, losses in optical fibers, fibre optic sensors. Anna University,
“ENGINEERING PHYSICS”. Engineering Chennai.
Physics is the most fundamental course in the THERMAL PHYSICS: Transfer of heat, thermal
extensive area of Physics which combines expansion, expansion joints, bimetallic strips,
PATRON : Dr.S.Ganesan
disciplines of physics, mathematics and thermal conduction, convection and radiation, heat
conductions in solids, thermal conductivity, Forbe’s Registrar,
Engineering. Engineering physics is devoted to Anna University,
& Lee’s disc method, thermal insulation and its
creating and optimizing engineering solutions applications. Chennai.
through enhanced understanding and integrated
application of mathematical, scientific, statistical QUANTUM PHYSICS: Black body radiation, CHAIR : Dr.K.Shanthi
and engineering principles. This course is meant Planck’s theory, Compton effect, wave particle Director, CFD
for cross-functionality and bridges the gap duality, electron diffraction, concept of wave
between theoretical science and practical function and its physical significance, Schrödinger’s Dr.D.Sridharan
wave equations, particle in a one-dimensional box, Addl. Director, CFD,
engineering with emphasis in research and
tunneling, scanning tunnelling microscope.
development, design and analysis. The objective Anna University,Chennai.
of this course is to introduce the fundamentals of CRYSTAL PHYSICS: Single crystalline, CO-CHAIR : Dr. S. Chitraselvi
Engineering Physics with special emphasis on polycrystalline & amorphous materials, unit cell,
problem solving. Since problem solving is the crystal systems, Bravais lattices, directions and
planes in a crystal, Miller indices, inter-planar University College of Engg.,
backbone of Engineering Physics, there will be Dindigul
distances, coordination number and packing factor
supervised tutorial sessions where the participants for SC, BCC, FCC, HCP and diamond structures,
will apply the concepts discussed in the lectures crystal imperfections, growth of single crystals: CO-ORDINATORS:
and solve a variety of problems. solution and melt growth techniques. Dr.R.KANNAN
PROPERTIES OF MATTER: Elasticity, Stress- ABOUT THE INSTITUTION Associate Professor / Physics
strain diagram and its uses, factors affecting elastic
University College of Engineering Dindigul campus
modulus and tensile strength, torsional stress and
deformations, twisting couple, torsion pendulum was established in the year 2009 and currently Dr.M.KRISHNAKUMAR
theory and experiment, bending of beams, bending merged with Anna University, Chennai as per the Assistant Professor / Physics
moment, cantilever beam, uniform and non- Act of Tamilnadu Government to strengthen and University College of Engg., Dindigul
uniform bending, I-shaped girders, stress due to improve the quality of higher education in the state
bending in beams. of Tamilnadu. The college runs five Under Graduate VENUE: Seminar Hall, UCE-Dindigul
WAVES AND FIBER OPTICS: Oscillatory Engineering programmes namely Civil, ECE, IMPORTANT DATES:
motion , forced and damped oscillations with EEE,CSE & Mechanical and three Part Time Degree Submission of Application : 05-06-2018
differential equations&plane progressive waves, programmes namely Civil, EEE & Mechanical Intimation of selection : 08-06-2018
wave equation. Lasers : population of energy Engineering. (by E-mail)
levels, Einstein’s A and B coefficients derivation, Confirmation by Participants : 10-06-2018
FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Faculty from Physics Department, of colleges
on affiliated to Anna University, Chennai may be ON
20th - 26nd June 2018 REGISTRATION
1. Name : • Registration for the program can be done using the
attached form or photo copy of the form. The 20 - 26 June 2018
2. Designation: completed form should be sent by post to the
3. Qualification: REGISTRATION FORM
• Total number of participants is limited to Twenty
4. Age and Date of Birth: Five only however, organizer’s decision is final in
the selection of the candidates. CO-ORDINATORS
5. Experience:
• Participants will be selected on first comes first
6. Email ID &Mobile No.: serve basis. Dr.R.KANNAN
7. Institution Address: • Priority will be given to young faculty. Dr.M.KRISHNAKUMAR
8. Institute Affiliated to Anna University: Yes/No • Selected candidates will be intimated by
e-mail. Confirmation of participation is to be
9. Address for Communication: made by email.

10. Accommodation Required: Yes/No • No TA/DA will be paid.

• No course fee for the program.
The information provided by me is true to the best of my
knowledge. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations PROGRAM CERTIFICATES
governing the Faculty Development Training Program. If Participation certificates will be issued to the
selected, I shall attend the program for the entire duration. candidates who attend the program in full, by the
Center for Faculty Development, Anna University,
Date : Chennai - 25
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Place : Signature of the Applicant MAILING ADDRESS
Center for Faculty Development
SPONSORSHIP For any queries and to send completed Anna University, Chennai -25
Mr./Ms./Dr. ________________________ is an registration form
employee of our Institute /Organization and is hereby Dr.R.KANNAN & Dr.M.KRISHNAKUMAR
permitted for the above Faculty Development Training Coordinators, FDP on Physics, Organized by
Program, if selected. Department of Physics DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS
University College of Engineering, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
Mangarai Pirivu, Dindigul – 624 622
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Place : Head of the Institution DINDIGUL – 624 622
Email ID: ucedphysicsfdp18@gmail.com TAMILNADU