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PART ONE: Reading and Interpreting (15 points)
Read the text carefully then do the activities
Climate, tradition, and history affect the way people dress themselves. For example, in
Northern European countries, the climate is very cold with snow in most of the time.
Consequently, people wear warm clothes like coats and put on gloves and hats. By
contrast in Northern Africa, the climate is a bit cold with rainy winters and hot summers.
As a result, Northern Africans wear light clothes such as jackets.
Differences in tradition also influences the types of clothes people wear. For instance,
in Muslim countries, people wear traditional clothes when going to parties. Men wear
“âbaya”, “djelaba” and put “chachiya” or “âmama” on their heads. Women wear
“elhidjab”, “elhayek” or “elm’laya”. In contrast to America , people put on suits and ties
during ceremonial occasions. Men wear tight trousers or large ones and put hats or sport
caps on their heads. Whereas women wear tight trousers too and short clothes.
Contrary to what some people think, history is not less important when it comes to
clothes. In olden days, young people in Algeria used to wear “djelaba” and "shashia" for
men; “hayek” and "â'djar" for women.Whereas today they wear trousers for both, men
and women, and short clothes. In olden days,they used to wear clothes that reflect their
Arabic and Islamic identity,but nowadays, they imitate the Europeans and the West in
their clothes which caused the loss of their identity.
The most important factor that determines dressing style today is fashion. So in most
of the world people dress themselves like the West. However, there are still some
countries which keep to their traditions and identity in spite of globalization.
1. How many paragraphs are there in the text?
2. Say whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).
a. Climate, tradition and history affect the way people eat.
b. In Muslim countries, women wear El-hidjab and el-hayek.
c. Fashion is the least important factor that determines dressing style today.
3. Answer the following questions according to the text.
a. What influence the type of clothes people wear?

b. What did people’s clothes use to reflect in olden days in Algeria?

c. Are there any countries which still keep to their traditions?

4. Find in the text the words and phrases that match the definitions below:
a. The general weather conditions usually found in a particular place (§1)

b. A belief, principle or way of acting which people in a particular society or group have
continued to follow for a long time (§2)

c. A style that is popular at a particular time, especially in clothes, hair, make-up, etc

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5. Supply punctuation and capitals where necessary:
people’s appearance tells others who they are and what they do he claimed
6. Combine each group of sentences using “if”:
a. They love you / you respect others.

b. I sacrifice for you / you trust me.

7. Read these sentences carefully then choose the correct form of the verbs.
a. They will marry / are going to marry next summer.
b. I think they will understand / are understanding the situation.
c. She is feeling / will feel sad.
8. Write correct sentences using the clues below. Pay attention to the tense of
the verb.
a. France / highest / (to be) / tower / Eiffel Tower/the/in.

b. Should / you / permission / have / for / (ask).

9. Each sentence contains one mistake. Correct it.

a. I used to go with my father to the seeside.
b. Are you looking four something ?
10. Classify these words according to the pronunciation of their final "s".
Works – finishes – cans – litters – boxes – Arabs
/z/ / s/ /iz/


Choose one of the following topics:
Topic1. Write a paragraph where you talk about the possible changes that are likely to
happen in our life styles.
Start like this following the points given below.
The next decades are likely to bring about radical changes in our life styles …
· Eating habits.
· clothes.
· Entertainment and leisure.
Topic 2. Algeria has changed a lot during the last decade, particularly in the way people
dress. We all know about our traditions and ethnic identity i.e. our origins and that we are
Muslims. We all know how our parents and grandparents used to dress.
According to the text you have read and according to what you know, write a
paragraph where you talk about these changes in clothes, the causes and the
impact on our traditions.

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