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Mission San Jose High School - AP Exam Registration

Thank you for registering for AP exams at Mission San Jose High School. Please print the "Confirmation
pdf" for your records.

Student Information Parent/Guardian Information

Email plainlyoblivious@gmail.com First Name Stanley
First Name Elizabeth Last Name Wong
Middle Name stanchina@hotmail.c
Last Name Wong
(408) 667-3939
Student ID 10005727 Cell Phone
Carrier: AT&T
Date of Birth 2000-07-08
Work Phone (510) 376-3048
Grade Level 12
What is the education level of the first High school diploma
Sex Female parent/guardian (Parent A)? or equivalent
Are you of Hispanic, Latino or No, not of Hispanic, Latino, What is the relationship the first
Father or male
Spanish origin? or Spanish origin parent/guardian (Parent A) to the
Asian (Including Indian
What is your race? subcontinent and What is the education level of the
Some high school
Philippines origin ) second parent/guardian Parent B)?
Which language do you know best English What is the relationship the second
Mother or female
parent/guardian (Parent B) to the
Are you qualified for the Federal guardian
No student?
Free or Reduced Lunch Program?
Street Address 2132 Jackson St
Are you eligible for testing
accommodations? City Fremont
If approved for accommodations by State California
the College Board, what is your SSD 0
Zip Code 94539
Home Phone (510) 320-4728
AP Exam Information
(510) 320-4728
Cell Phone English Literature Wed - May 9, 2018,
Carrier: Ms. Cherylle Lindsey
7:45 AM
Street Address 2132 Jackson St
City Fremont Fees/Payments
State California Payment Method Credit or Debit Card
Zip 94539 Ref# 325343144
1st Period Classroom (capital letter AP English Literature and English Literature Fees $105.00
and number with no spaces) Composition
Total Fee $105.00
Paymentcc - 2712 $105.00
Balance Due
Auth Code 220223

Registration Date: Tue, Feb 20, 2018 08:32 PM

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