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SY 2017-2018
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility – ABM 12
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I. True or False .Write T if statement is true. If false, write F.

1) ______ It is okay to cheat on taxes because the gov’t will not lose much money.
2) ______ Being moral is a must in business.
3) ______ Moral values should dictate business ethics.
4) ______ What is moral depends upon the culture
5) ______ Culture does not affect business practices.
6) ______ Whistle blowers promote business ethics in practice.
7) ______ The first level of business ethics is on the individual level.
8) ______ White lies are helpful in promoting harmony.
9) ______ Technology is neutral and amoral.
10) ______ If a business is profitable, it is practicing good ethics.
11) ______ Using business phone for personal calls is OK.
12) ______ Ethics is very personal.
13) ______ Learning business ethics makes people conscious of right and wrong.
14) ______If something is legalized, it becomes right.
15) ______ Ethical reasoning in business because there are many “gray” areas.
Direction: Choose the best answer. Write the CAPITAL letter of your choice beside the
_______1.What is ethical behavior?
a) It is acting in way that corporate rules dictate
b) It is consistent with how your family and friends act
c) it is acting in ways how business views moral values
d) it is acting the way your boss acts
________2. What is considered most dangerous?
a) Extrajudicial killings.
b) Death penalty
c) Imprisonment
d) Vigilante groups
________3. What contemporary business practice is most similar to utilitarian reasoning?
a.) Truth in lending b.) Cost-benefit analysis
c.)Truth in advertising d.)The customer is always right
_______4. The Greek word “ethos” means
a) principles b) morals c) character d) integrity
_______5. When something is practical, it also moral:
a) True b) False c) Maybe d) none of the above
_______ 6. Integrity is nice but we can’t easily afford it because:
a) Nobody cares b) Hard to follow c)Against society d) Why bother?
________7. Which is NOT an effect of good business ethics?
a) declining productivity b) increased morale c) better service d) motivated
_______8. A Filipino value that encourages children to respect their parents is
a) Bahala na b) Utang na Loob c) Filial piety d) Amor Propio
______9. This Filipino value has encouraged nepotism and corruption
a) Bahala na b) Utang na Loob c) Filial piety d) Amor Propio
______10. This Filipno Value is often beneficial to people in selling business :
A)Amor Propio b) Utang na Loob c) Bahala Na d) Suki
________11. A Filipino value that highlights belief in God
a) Bahala na b) Utang na Loob c) Filial piety d) Amor Propio
________12. Not quoting sources in your research is outright:
a) Hacking b) Bullying c) Piracy d) Plagiarism
________13. Threatening your classmate and hitting them physically is:
a) Hacking b) Bullying c) Piracy d) Plagiarism
________14. Sexual harassment in the workplace is
a) unethical b) immoral c) immoral and unethical d) none of the choices
________15. When a person considers only his happiness despite the hurt it has caused others,
it is considered as :
a) unethical b) immoral c) selfishness d) insensitive
________16. When we find a lost item we should
a) keep it b) look for the owner c) surrender to Lost and Found d) leave it alone
________17. This brings ruin to a family when children keep on doing it :
a) procrastination b) Disobedience c) Stealing d) Lying
________18. Copying your classmates answers is a form of:
a) cheating b) coping c) intellectual dishonesty d) cheating and dishonesty
________19) White lies or partially telling the truth is still a form of :
a) immorality b) dishonesty c) amoral d) deception
________20) _______is knowing the difference between right and almost right.
a) wisdom b) discernment c) sensitivity d) integrity
________21) Doing the right thing while others are not is :
a) wisdom b) discernment c) sensitivity d) integrity
________22) One of the reasons why business should practice ethics:
a) builds trust b) gains more customers c) more profits d) good PR
________23) Lying ___are abomination to the Lord
a) eyes b) lips c) actions d) feet
________24. ______ is one of the actions that God hates most.
a) Lying b) Cheating c) witchcraft d) fortune-telling
________25. The best demonstration of business ethics happens at:
a) the classroom b) church c) business d) self

III. Matching Type

Match the items in Column 1 to items in Column 2. Write the letters.
Column 1 Column 2
1._____”Good” lies that promotes harmony a. Subjectivism
2._____correct actions produce net benefits b. Propaganda
3._____usual basis of man’s actions for himself c. Abuse of authority
4._____actions are based on motives d. Moral Absolutism
5._____Ads with false promises in marketing e. The Ten Commandments
6._____News that promote a certain agenda like fake news f. Utilitarianism
7._____right and wrong are universal truths g. Narcissism
8._____When you only care for yourself
h. White lies
9._____Student – Teacher relationship i. Misleading ads
10._____laws of the Scriptures j. Kantian ethics
k. Happiness
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