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Product: MacLine SDH HDPE Geomembrane

Thermal Powertech Corporation India Ltd. (TPCIL), a

wholly-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Industries Ltd, to
build, own and operate a 1,320-megawatt (2x660MW
units) coal-fired coastal power plant in India. TPCIL was
planning to build the power plant which is expected to be
implemented in two phases, with the units of 660 and
660 megawatts.

Thermal Power stations using pulverized coal as fuel

generate large quantities of ash as a by-product and is
transported as slurry through pipe and disposed off in
impoundment called ash pond.

In this project, three numbers of 2km long and 4.5m Photo 1 : Dressing of slopes of the pond
height ash ponds were constructed named as Lagoon A ,
Over flow lagoon and Lagoon B . Thermal Powertech
Corporation India Ltd. decided to protect the slopes and
bottom of ash ponds by providing a liner packing to pre-
vent the infiltration of the slurry and approached Maccaf-
erri for supply and installation of base and side liners.
Solution :
Considering the importance of the project and protection
of the environment, maccaferri suggested the use of Ge-
omembrane MacLine SDH HDPE 1.0mm thick at the
slopes as well as the bed of ash ponds, which will act as
hard core impermeable liner.

Before laying the membrane, the side slopes of the pond

was dressed in a stable inclination of 1V : 2H. To ensure
the stability of liner, safe anchoring was done at the top
by providing anchor trenches. And above the Geomem- Photo 2 : Unrolling Geomembrane
brane liner, 200mm thick brick liner is also provided at
the slopes.

The joining of adjacent membranes is done by wedge

welding and we are using two nos. of Leister Comet
wedge welding machines at site.
Client: Thermal Powertech Corporation India Limited

Contractor: Gayatri Projects Limited

Product used: HDPE Geomembrane 1.0mm thick

Start of construction: 2014

End of construction: Ongoing

Quantity Supplied (Till September 2014) : 1,008,000 Sq.m

Photo 3 : During Construction
Quantity Installed (Till September 2014) : 580,000 Sq.m
The Geomembrane used contains 97% of Polyethylene
& 3% of Carbon Black content. This membrane has
good environmental crack resistance. Its excellent UV
resistance, made it possible to lay it on exposed condi-
tions also.

The physical and mechanical properties of the mem-

brane used are as follows :

∗ Density - 0.94 gm/cm3

∗ Strength at break - 28 N/mm
∗ Elongation at break - 700%
∗ Tear Resistance - 124 N
∗ Puncture Resistance - 352 N
Photo 4 : Joining of membranes by wedge welding machine
∗ Roll size - 7.5m x 210m

We have installed average 2000sqm geomembrane per

day with the help of 2 nos. of skilled and 25 nos. of un-
skilled workers.

During construction, we were getting more seepage at

pond area, so we have provided more de-watering
pumps for pumping continuously to reduce the water
table / seepage. Also, we have placed cut piece of Ge-
omembrane below the welding portion during welding
time to avoid direct contact of seepage or moisture ac-
cordingly to get proper welding of Geomembrane.

Photo 5 : Overlapping of membranes

Photo 6 : pumping water from pond area Photo 7 : pumping water from pond area
Photo 8 : Laying Geomembrane at the base Photo 9 : Laying Geomembrane at the slope

Photo 10 : Brick lining over Geomembrane

Present Status of the Project :

The project is ongoing.

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