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Unit 34 – Web Authoring and Design: Task 4 – Be

Able To Test a New Multipage Website – Liam Carter

Adequate text-to-background contrast? – The text is very clear in front of the
selected coloured backgrounds. The text itself is all black and it’s up against
white and red backgrounds, so it is definitely readable and clear for the
average viewer.

Font size/Spacing is easy to read? – The font sizes are all at a moderate size
which should make it easy enough for the viewer to read. The font spacing is
also at a good standard as you can easily see and read what the content is.
Although, the spacing of the text on some of the pages like the Target
Audience and Publishing Company might seem a little condensed for some

Page Loading Times – The loading times between my pages are usually
about a second on all pages, apart from the Iconic Front Covers & Artists
page, as there’s quite a lot of content on there which takes longer to load
up. Loading the home page also takes longer than other pages as the page
has to load up a video that plays in the background of the webpage.


Homepage is digestible in 5 seconds? – The homepage isn’t digestible in 5

seconds as there’s a lot on there to read and look at. It’s also quite eye-
catching as well so I’d expect the viewer to stay on the page for more than 5
minutes to see what it’s all about.

Site name is prominently placed? – The site name on my website is almost like
a catchphrase as it reads ‘NME is UNCOVERED’, but it’s placed on the
homepage and it’s the first thing that’ll the viewer will see. So I’d say that the
site name is prominently placed as it’s the first thing that’ll be viewed.
The Webpage House Style – The house style that’s used on my website is
consistent throughout, as the same text, colours, font, and vector art is used
on all the webpages.

Clear path to information? – The way to find information on my website is easy

and quick as there’s a navigation menu that’ll take the viewer to any page
they want.


Main navigation is easily identifiable? – The way to navigate the website is by

a navigation menu that is placed at the top of the page at all times. This
method I’ve chosen works efficiently as it helps navigate through the
selection of pages.

Navigation labels are clear and concise? – The labels shown are clear and
understandable to the average viewer, although they might seem a little
small in comparison to the other text/items shown on the website.

Number of buttons/links is reasonable? – The only buttons available are the

navigation buttons, and they’re located at the top so personally I’d say
they’re quite reasonable as it’s quite minimal.

Internal and External Hyperlinks – The hyperlinks that I’ve included in my

webpages link to the NME website, and they’re located at the bottom of the
page away from everything.

Major headings are clear and descriptive? – The headings shown on all
pages are in big bold text so it’ll be easy for the average viewer to see and
know what the page is that they’re reading.

Styles and colours are consistent? – The style used on the website is consistent
through all pages, that being from the colour scheme, the font, and even the
vector art that’s located around the website.

Emphasis (bold, e.c.t) is used sparingly? – Bold font on the website is used
throughout as it’s part of the style that I picked for the text.