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Secure Voting


Collecting an opinion and selecting a representative from a group becomes necessary in a

community living. Voting systems are widely used to collect the opinion confidentially and the results
are manipulated to find out the person having the highest acceptance. This is the case of normal voting
The conventional voting as well as televoting systems do not supports any kind of protection
for the votes that are already cast. It happens in two ways-

1) The voting machine fails

2) The voting machine is captured and taken away by anti-social elements.

In both the cases there is no security for the votes that are already cast. This new era of voting
machines uses the most unique feature of a body for identification system.Here we can ensure that
malpractise are kept at bay.Here we are also providing an effective data base too.With the help of a
very efficient FINGER PRINT IDENTIFICATION module.The main parts which has to be interfaced
in this project are:

1) Voting Interface: A key pad is used and it is interfaced to micro controller

2) Alarm for fraud votings
3) Finger print module
4) Election members and voting information manipulation system
5) Web cam interface which capture and store voters photo.
6) Image Comparison
7) Serial port communication
8) Vote Counting and result announcement module
The whole project mainly divided into two sections: Hardware part and
software part. Hardware part contains Finger print module, voting interface, alarm module for
fraud voting, and an LCD interface.
Software side mainly contains five modules:
 Information management System
 Web cam interface module
 Image Comparison module
 Serial port communication
 Vote Counting and Result announcement module
Information management module includes insertion, updation and deletion of
different voters and also Election candidates. It also includes election vote storage, voter fingerprint
storage, etc.
Web cam interface module is mainly used to identify fraud voters. When the voter
came for voting, first he have to vote using finger print, at that instant itself a photo taken and stored
against the voters ID. So that the administrator can later check out fraud users which are unidentified
during voting time.
Image Comparison module used to compare finger print taken from the voter and
those already stored of previous voters. Main aim of this is to identify fraud voting. If the same voter
came for voting twice then the image comparison module checks the finger print image against already
voted voters finger print. So we can identify fraud voting.
Serial Port Communicaion module mainly performs the functions of communication
with the hardware. When the user press the button for Voting, corresponding signal is send by the
hardware which is taken via serial port. Also after processing, status about the voter is send via serial
port to the hardware which then informs by alarm.
Vote Counting and Result announcement module
includes counting of stored vote from database. All the valid votes are counted against each voter and
election winner declared by finding maximum votes among these.



• Ajax

• Java Script




• Fusion Charts

• SMTP mail server

• WYSIWYG editor

• MySQL Server

• Apache Sever

• Zend Studio