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Lakk Patla badan di bhari.... Looks good..

Making tukkal : Pay Much attention on the point where we start slicing the tele.
When making peta.... It should take bend from corners to give shape. But
when flying ,,, it should work as two wings , right and left one. And air should
pass through lower part of peta..

Divide Gazz into 4 equal parts. Very important.

Noke and pendi have weight in middle as that part have thick teela.

Patang should be 2-3 inch or more wider than taller.

Teela of Gazz do not need to take bend but top should be thicker , only pendi part
is thin to take the wight out .

Teela of peta are Nar(top) and Maada(bottom) weaker and may be less wide.

1) Top teela should take bend from 10-11 inches from the middle points.

2) Bottom teela is 2-3 times softer than upper teela. it might be 1-2 inch less
wider too.

Bottom tela should take bend from 4-5 inches from middle point.
Bottom teela can be wider but thinner so it can bend and does not break.

When you bend the peta of tukkal, lower tela should bend more flexibily and
easily than upper tela. as air will pass through lower part of peta.

Pendi tela should be burnt from middle to make it hard and a little turn
so it does not bend while flying...
Pendi tela must be a little thicker than peta teela.. according to wak's
Pendi teela should be 2 inch wider than width of peta

Most Imp. Noke attachment point and pendi attachment point should have 1-2 inches
difference only.. as close as possible.


Main: Try upper teela of peta be 1-2 inch smaller than lower teela..

1st ) Peta upper teela gaz ke upar and bottom teela gaz ke neechey.. pendi teela
gaz ke upar.

2nd ) Peta bottom teela might be 1 Inch smaller than upper teela and less curvy
from ends.

3rd ) Try to bind peta a little loose, so it can move and increase air flow..

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