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What is it?

It is a shower tray that saves up to 40% energy, has a built-in static heat
recovery, no moving elements and needs, no maintenance.

The exchanger is located in a side channel, outside the tractable area, its
design allows the manufacture of shower plates of little thickness and reduced

It can be used in newly built homes and in the renovation of bathrooms.

It is also called WWHRS, which is the abbreviation of Waste Water Heat

Recovery System. It is a system or technology that uses the residual heat of
the shower wastewater to increase the water temperature of the cold network
that enters the system. Less energy is then used to heat the water in the
network to the required temperature.

How does it work?

The shower tray channels the hot water used and before it goes down the drain it
takes the water through the exterior surface of a heat exchanger. The new cold
water circulates through the interior of the exchanger, which is pre-heated before
mixing with the hot water.

So a significant portion of the heat of the water that leaves the house is recovered
and transferred to the cold water. This is used to heat the shower.

Where can it be
It can be installed in new homes and during bathroom renovations.

It is a single lightweight piece, which can be simply installed by a single


Due to its flat design, it can be installed without making gaps in the floor or
elevations of the shower tray on the floor surface. This feature is highly
appreciated by people with reduced mobility.
How much
can you save?
Under normal conditions, a family of 3 people can save $152.05 per year.

The difference between installing a traditional shower tray and one with a
recovery system is no more than $200. There are several economic advantages
to take into account:

The first one comes when undertaking the project. If we consider an energy
renovation, we will discover that the work can be subsidized. In this way the
investment is recovered when the renovation is finished

The second and perhaps the most important advantage is that from the first
year the house will consume $152 less energy than a similar house with a
traditional shower tray without the efficient shower tray and each year we will
earn the equivalent of the money invested in the initial project.

With other products, the normal return period is from 4 to 10 years. In this
case it is immediate and also the profit extends throughout the life of the