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Ratings and Performance

Medium Voltage
Metal-Clad Switchgear

* Higher insulation capability for site installation above 1000m is available upon request.

(1) Vacuum Circuit Breaker

(2) Current Transformer
(3) Voltage Transformer
(4) Isolable Voltage
(5) Main Busbar
(6) Reserve Busbar
(7) Earth Busbar
(8) Earth Switch | Modular Design |
| Customised Solutions |
| Safe & Reliable Operation |
| Minimal Maintenance|
Design Flexibility
& Manufactured
Designed based on Customer’s Requirements General CT/Cable/Earth Switch/PT Compartment
Main Spouts and connections from the circuit breaker to the cable terminations are cast in epoxy
The housing is made of epoxy powder coated mild sheet steel, which is cut and folded on
Design Concept numerically controlled machines. The housing parts are riveted/bolted together to form a rigid
resin, which forms the primary for the ring type current transformers. An earthed screen is included
36kV HV36 single/double busbar air insulated metal-clad vacuum switchgear is designed and on the CT fitting area to protect the CT. For lower current loadings, wound primary type current
enclosure with fully segregated :
manufactured to provide : transformers can be accommodated.
• Low Voltage Compartment
• Circuit Breaker Compartment Cabling facilities are included in this compartment, which are suitable for either top or bottom entry
• Maximum safety and reliability
• Main Busbar Compartment dry type cable termination. A fully rated cable earthing switch is located towards the rear of this
• A minimum of maintenance, with all parts easily accessible
• Reserved Busbar Compartment compartment. The earth switch is interlocked with circuit breaker.
• Easy installation
• A simple but flexible design • CT / Cable / Earth Switch / PT Compartment
The earth switch is operated from the front of the unit by means of a removable handle. Busbar
The degree of protection provided for enclosure is IP 4X higher
earthing is generally available in bus section unit. PTs are mounted on the rear of the cubicle,
rating up to IP 43 is available upon request. To prove its suitability
usually in the upper part of the circuit compartment. The PTs are fuse protected on both primary and
HV36 has passed all the mandatory tests for service in severe climatic conditions, the switchgear has been
secondary side. A simplified design incorporating primary fuse isolation is available for operator’s
stated in IEC standard. In addition, it subjected to climatic aging tests according to IEC 60932 and proven
has also passed the stringent tests like to Class2.
electrical endurance class E2 (list1) in Circuit Breaker - Carriage
accordance to the latest IEC 62271-100 The carriage is of sturdy welded / bolted steel construction and mounted in and out of the circuit
(previously known as IEC 60056) and Low Voltage Compartment breaker compartment. The switch carriage houses the vacuum interrupters mounted on independent
internal arc fault test for the operator’s Control switches are mounted in low voltage compartment at the front of the cubicle. However, epoxy housing. The epoxy link connects the operating mechanism and interrupters. The main
safety. low voltage compartment with additional height can be supplied to accommodate more complex isolating contact connects the circuit breaker arms and busbars spouts / circuit spouts. Vacuum
VCB TruckCompartment
protection and control schemes. Interrupter selection is specially done to provide maximum electrical life.

Safety Interlocks for Switchgear

Applicable Standards Circuit Breaker Compartment For the safety of the operator, the following interlocks are provided :
HV36 switchgear complies with the following international standards : The main and reserve busbar and circuit spouts are fitted with automatic safety shutters. The • Circuit Breaker Truck can be racked in only when VCB is in “Open” condition.
• IEC 60298, 60694, 62271-100 shutters are pad lockable in the closed position and both sets of shutters can be latched open for
• Circuit Breaker Truck can be racked in only when movable VCB assembly is selected in “Main”
• IEC 60932, 60529, 60044 testing or maintenance purposes. The manual latch is automatically cancelled when the circuit
or “Reserve” position, not in between.
breaker is inserted into the compartment.
TopRank operates an ISO 9001:2000 series Quality System registered with the Standards • Circuit Breaker Truck can be racked out only when VCB is in “Open” condition.
and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), under certification of UKAS Quality • Circuit Breaker can be in “Close” condition only when it is in “Isolated/Test” or “Service”
position, not in between.
Management. Busbar Compartment
Busbar are of unit length and made of high conductivity hard drawn, tubular copper bar. The • Control secondary plug can be removed only when Circuit Breaker truck is in “Isolated/Test”
Key Features busbars are supported on epoxy spouts, which extend the supply to circuit breaker terminal through position, not in or in between “Service” position.
• Metal Clad construction
isolating contacts. • Circuit Breaker Truck can be racked in from “Isolated / Test” to “Service” condition only when
• Horizontal Isolation, Horizontal Draw Out
earth switch is at “Open” position.
• Interlocked for safety Although classified as air-insulated, the busbars are covered by means of heat shrunk sleeves • Circuit Breaker can be operated only when the movable VCB is in “Main” or in “Reserve”
• Integral fault-make earth switch throughout their length and the busbar joint are covered with epoxy insulating covers incorporated position.
• Simple Installation with a layer of removable / flexible epoxy compound.
• The movable VCB can be raised up & lower down only when the Circuit Breaker Truck is in
• Extensible
“Withdrawn” position.
• Minimal Maintenance