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Pilot devices-Modular range


Exploded view
Contact block
Single pole with making or
Available either for three or
breaking contact
five blocks in one single row.
Additional blocks can be Legend plates
stacked on holders for three Of aluminium with slots
blocks. that guide the legend plate
and the operator into the
correct position.
Please, see the chapter
Nut ’legend plates’ for more

Lamp block Operator

Illuminated pushbuttons, Buttons, lenses and
illuminated selector switches handles in several colors.
and pilot lights have a lamp Illuminated or non-illumi-
block in the center position nated.
of the holder.

Same actuator can be

used in notched holes
as well as in round holes.

Legend plate holder Bezels

Of black plastic. Insert of Pushbuttons, selector
brushed aluminium. switches and toggle
Please, see the chapter switches with bezel in
’legend plates’ for more black plastic, chrome
information. plastic or chrome metal
are available.

Easy to install

The operator is to be inserted ...and secured at the back with The contact blocks/lamp block ...and the holder snaps on to the
from the front..... the nut. are then snapped on to the operator.
...and to remove

Press down the spring on

the holder and pull the
holder from the actuator.


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