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Solution Brief

SAP Globalization Services

SAP ERP in Hindi (एसएपी ईआरपी हहन्दी में)
Manvendra Gupta, Translation Expert, SAP Globalization Services

Topics Speakers

SAP in Hindi – Overview Manvendra Gupta

Success story – Hindi@Customer’s
Manvendra Gupta
Abhay Singh Chauhan/ Saumyadipta Das/ T
How to enable Devanagri Keyboard? Manvendra Gupta

Dual Language support - HCM Saumyadipta Das / T Kirubakaran

Address Version Abhay Singh Chauhan

Installation of Language files Saumyadipta Das / T Kirubakaran

Language supplement Saumyadipta Das / T Kirubakaran

ADS set up for Hindi Fonts Saumyadipta Das / T Kirubakaran

Master Data Translation Manvendra Gupta/ Kirubakaran T


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यह हहन्दी-हहन्दी क्या है?

Why SAP ERP in Hindi?

 To encourage the use of Hindi as an

additional language for business and
Employee centric transactions.

 As per “The Official Languages (Use for

official Purposes of the Union) Rules,
1976(As amended, 987):Communication
between different Central Govt. office shall be
in Hindi in addition to English.

What is all about SAP ERP in Hindi? How it works?

 Business user will be able Transact in Hindi  Option provided to user to select the language
as they do now in English. (complying with during login to System.
the Rajbhasha Committee guidelines)
 Based on language selected text, on the screen
 Screens text/Forms and Reports shall will appear e.g. in case user selects Hindi
appear in Hindi. language, screens will appear with Hindi Text or in
case user selects English language, screens will
 Business users can generate relevant appear with English Text.
reports in Hindi.
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SAP ERP – स्थानीय भाषा का साथ

Key Features Business Benefits

 SAP Log-On in Hindi – “HI” introduced as a log-on  Terminology Guidelines to ensure

language in SAP applications consistency in terms across SAP application.
Terminology reference is available within SAP
 Hindi Interface - Display of Text and Labels in SAP system at a module level
screens in Hindi with the facility to enter data in
Hindi.  Contextual Translation providing for selection
of terms appropriate to the business context
 Reporting in Hindi - Availability of Reports such and use of commonly used words.
as Payslip and Form 16 amongst others
 Quality Assurance - Quality standards assured
 Scope – Covering over 4.5 million lines, the by involvement of customers and language
translation scope is the SAP ERP application experts through the translation process.
including Logistics, Financials, HCM and ESS.
 Easily Extendable to customer specific
 Valued Contributors – CDAC, the market leader developments and reporting
in Translation in India is a partner in the translation
program along with Braahmam, Fidel Tech and

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े , हिशेषताएं ि उपलब्धता

Scope Forms & Reports

 SAP ERP Solution which includes  Standard Forms & Reports (including Legal
ESS/HCM/FIN/LOGISTICS etc. Reports) under each domain shall be available in
Hindi. (e.g. Payslip, Purchase Order, Sales Invoice
 FLM: File Life Cycle Management etc.)


 SAP delivers all the screens in the scope in Hindi, thereby covering the various data labels and pre-
delivered configuration content.

 Your organization can capture its specific configuration content in Hindi to facilitate the relevant
default/ drop down values in the transaction.

 Employees shall be able to enter and access their Personal Information on ESS in Hindi and perform
transactions such as Leave Request, Reimbursement Claims or Tax Declarations in either Hindi or


 SAP ERP in Hindi is released for Customers on 1st October 2012 (EhP6 Release)
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गुणित्ता आश्वासन - हहन्दी अनुिाद

Quality Measures

 Following guidelines of Rajbhasha Committee

 Terminology Review by Customers

 Internal Language Testing (त्रुटि खोज)

 Language Validation by Customers (Air India and RCF)

 Customer Workshop for feedback on Hindi Translation Quality, Terminology referred and
Abbreviations used.
 Entire process monitored by Language Experts closely.

SAP’s Experience in translating 37 languages has led to a comprehensive process across various
entities within SAP and its partners to ensure high language quality.

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SAP सहयोगी – हहन्दी अनुिाद

Translation Partners

C-DAC is started initiative for Language computing 16 years back for providing a platform enabling all kinds
of functions, applications, tools, solutions and services in Indian Languages in today's IT driven era.

Web Dunia has 12 years of experience in Language industry. They are one of the most agile and trusted
translation partner for the leading MNC’s like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and many more.

Braahmam have strong network of native linguistic professionals provides accurate translation and advice.
They have ten years of experience in executing full life cycle projects in translation.

FidelTech are the leading provider of language, development and testing services with ten years of
remarkable experience in this industry.

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भाषा जानकारी
भाषा जानकारी

1. Go To Globalization services Page: http://service.sap.com/globalization

2. Select Language Information from the left side of navigation pane

3. Select Language Hindi from the list of language supported by SAP.

4. Hindi language information is available now.

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हहन्दी भाषा पैक डाउनलोड?

1. Go to Service Market place: http://service.sap.com/swdc

2. Under Home tab go to Software Download Center

3. Use Search option “Language Hindi”

4. Two files will appear. Click on any file.

5. Customers can add these files to download basket.

General Information:
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देिनागरी कीबोडय सक्षम कै से करें ?
Windows OS में हहन्दी कीबोडय सक्षम कै से करें ?
चरण - 1

1. Go to Start-> Control Panel > Regional & Language Options >Click on Languages Tab

Tick the Check box to Install files for complex scripts... and click OK.

2. Click OK

3. You will be required to place the Windows XP CD in the CD drive or give I386 folder
path to enable Indic languages including Hindi

4. Reboot the System

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Windows OS में हहन्दी कीबोडय सक्षम कै से करें ?
चरण - 2
Windows XP

 Go to Start-> Control Panel > Regional & Language Options >Click on Languages Tab
> Click on Details > Click on Advanced

 Tick the Check box “Extend support of advanced text services to all programs”
Devnagari – INSCRIPT
Enabling Devnagari INSCRIPT Keyboard Layout
 Go to Start-> Control Panel > Regional & Language Options >Click on Languages Tab
> Click on Details and Add Devnagari – INSCRIPT keyboard layout

Windows 7/Vista

 Go to Start-> Control Panel > Regional & Language Options >Click on Keyboard and
Languages Tab > Click on Change Keyboards > Add Devnagari – INSCRIPT keyboard

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हहन्दी कीबोडय का उपयोग कै से करें ?

Start any application.

From the System tray Click on EN or Press Keyboard’s left side ALT+Shift to toggle
between EN (English) and HI (Hindi).

The PC is now ready to start typing in Hindi, Select Keyboard of your Choice.

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मास्िर डेिा अनुिाद
मैन्युअल अनुिाद

Transaction SE63 can be used to translate all types of objects

 Same display of all objects
 Transport must be handled manually

Customizing can be translated using IMG activity

 Additional information can be activated for
language dependencies
 SPRO -> Menu -> Additional Information
-> Technical Data -> Language-dependance

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मैन्युअल अनुिाद: अनुकूलन िेक्स्ि

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अनुिाद िकय िेंच के घिक (TA SE63)

Proposal Update of proposal pool

proposals for
translation SLLS
List of objects Editor
that need to be
translated SE63
list Delete the translated objects
As of 4.6C, creation
of transport requests

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Note Number Short text

1762351 NetWeaver 7.31 - Language Hindi (HI)

1753671 Restrictions and recommendations for Hindi

1753214 New Address Version for Hindi

1751052 ECC 600 / EHP6 - Language HI (Hindi)

1723028 Changes related to Hindi Translation

1705429 Translation of text to Hindi

1521920 How to display hindi font in web report

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धन्यिाद !

संपकय जानकारी:
मानिेंद्र गुप्ता (Manvendra Gupta)
Globalization Services,
SAP Labs India
Article 343. Official language of the Union

(1) The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devnagari script. The form
of numerals to be used for the official purposes of the Union shall be the
international form of Indian numerals.

(2) Notwithstanding anything in clause (1), for a period of fifteen years from the
commencement of this Constitution, the English language shall continue to be
used for all the official purposes of the Union for which it was being used
immediately before such commencement:
Provided that the President may, during the said period, by order authorise the use
of the Hindi language in addition to the English language and of the Devnagari
form of numerals in addition to the internationl form of Indian numerals for any of
the official purposes of the Union.

(3) Notwithstanding anything in this article, Parliament may be law provide for the
use, after the said period of fifteen years, of-
(a) the English language, or
(b) the Devnagari form of numerals,
for such purposes as may be specified in the law.
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