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Welcome to your funding challenge! The application form

you are about to read is based on the Arts Council England
funding process. Fill it out in your company as best as you
can, be concise, thorough and intelligent with your answers.
If you don’t know how to answer, use your resources wisely
and research, don’t assume you can ‘blag’ your way
through. Market yourself and make sure to sound like an
organised, professional theatre organisation with the perfect
plan to create a project worth investing money in.
Good luck and impress!

Sensitivity: Internal
Grants for the arts

Grants for the arts is our Lottery-funded grant programme for individuals, arts organisations and other people who use
the arts in their work. Grants are available for activities carried out over a set period and which engage people in England
in arts activities and help artists and arts organisations in England carry out their work.

The application form asks you a series of questions about different parts of your project including artistic quality, public
engagement, management and finance. This gives us information about you, the project you are applying for and your
budget. We will use the information you give us in your application form to decide whether we will offer you a grant.

Good luck with your application, we look forward to hearing from you.

Sensitivity: Internal
Applicant details
Applicant name: : Finn McGee, Sian Slue-Williams, Emilia Vine, Emily Hall, Morgan Chambers, Gaby Sabatino.

Applicant type: Theatre

What is your organization’s legal name? Impulse Theatre

Address Information
Address name or number: : : North Kent College, Miskin Theatre, Oak Field Lane DA1 2JT
Street: : Oak Field Lane
Town / city: Dartford
Postcode: DA1 2JT
Main contact number: 07736114982

Sensitivity: Internal
Your contact information
Main Primary contact
Contact type First name Last name Email
contact number

administrator/ / Emily Hall 07960159304
Finance admin

Director / Sian Slue-Williams 07852166669

Writer / Finn McGee 07736114982

Costume / Gabbie Sabatino 07400781044

Props / Morgan Chambers 07894829098

Lighting / Emilia Vine 07940570909

Sensitivity: Internal
Sensitivity: Internal
Basic details
Project information
Please give a concise description of the activity you are asking us to support.
Our project is a 15-minute piece of theatre that explores the initial 15 minutes after a child goes missing. We will be exploring the reactions of
the people closest to the child and look at the way different people respond to tragedy. We aim to challenge our audience and make them
think about/ question what they would do if they found themselves in that situation as we are aiming to make people aware of child
negligence and how easy it can be for a child to slip under the radar. The story was inspired by events personal to a member of the company,
because of this we are pushing ourselves to produce the most honest and real piece of work we can. The piece is based in real time so we, as
actors, need to convey the exact and ever-changing emotions of the characters as they search for the child. Hopefully, by setting it in real time,
the audience will feel more connected to the characters and understand them more easily. It will hopefully make things feel more intense as
the audience will be acutely aware of how little time the characters have to find the child. Our project involves working with/ performing to
low income and/or less educated families within a theatre environment to raise awareness of child negligence. We will be performing in two
theatres and want to offer a Q&A session after the piece to answer any questions people might have on the topic or the performance, as well
as this we will provide links to the relative charities and support lines for those who feel the need to take this issue further.

Sensitivity: Internal
Amount requested
Here we want you to tell us the amount you will be requesting from us, including any access costs. If you are deaf or disabled or experience learning
difficulties there may be extra costs relating to your own access needs that you will need to pay to help you manage your activity. For example, payment for a
sign language interpreter to help you manage your activity. To find out more about personal access costs please read the Expenditure section of the How to
apply guidance.

Please tell us the total amount you are requesting from us:

Activity dates
Please enter the start and end dates for your activity.
 You must allow enough time to plan
your activity and for us to process your application.
Activity start date: 12th March
Activity end date:

Sensitivity: Internal
Artistic quality
What is your proposed artistic activity, and what do you want to achieve by doing it?
No more than 1500 words.
We propose to perform a 15-minute piece of theatre about the first 15 minutes after a child goes missing. We want to explore the reactions of the family
and look at how each character responds in that situation (basing these responses as close to real life responses as possible, drawing from first hand
experiences to looking at news stories). We hope to raise awareness of child negligence. The piece follows a family on a picnic trip and will begin as the
child is lost and will follow the family right up to the arrival of the police. This is an important topic, as child negligence is reoccurring in today’s society, so
we want to make people aware of this issue, so they can avoid it and prevent it themselves.
We want to tackle this topic because we want people to see the risks of neglect, and the importance of constant care of young children; this is a topic rarely
covered and parent responsibility is often brushed over in media. We want to improve child safety by making people aware of the risks of neglect, we feel
that it is an every day issue that is rarely touched upon in the news unless it is an extreme case. It is also important to make parents to appreciate the
importance of their children and their care. We want to show this through presenting a realistic and honest story that can engage an audience with it’s
believable and relatable characters that end up in a situation that would distress anyone who finds themselves in it. At the most intense points we want the
audience to be so engaged that they are feeling the panic of the characters and at its most quiet we want them to feel the mounting dread, even once the
police are informed we want the audience to feel terrified and useless as they – like the characters – aren’t in control.

Sensitivity: Internal
On this screen we ask you to give us some more details about the audience(s) your activity is aimed at.

By 'audience' we mean people who are going to experience your activity as viewers, listeners or readers but are not actively involved in the activity.

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at any age group of audience.

Tick the age group(s) that you expect to be significantly represented among audience.

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at any identified ethnic groups as audiences.

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at disabled people as audience.

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at individuals or groups with a particular sexual orientation

Sensitivity: Internal
identity as audience.

Tick the categories of sexual orientation identity that you expect to be significantly represented among
audiences .

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at either male, female or ‘trans* Audiences.

Target Audience: (Age range)


Any aim at different sexual orientation: (please circle)

Not aimed at a specific sexual orientation /


Gay or Bisexual


Sensitivity: Internal
The Finance section will ask you to complete a budget for your activity, and to answer some questions about how you will
manage your budget.

Key things to remember about budgets:

- Your budget has to balance (your income needs to be the same as your expenditure)

- We expect you to find at least 10% of the total cost of your activity from other sources.

- We need to be able to see how you have worked your figures out, so please break them down clearly.

- Your budget should be for the total cost of the activity you are applying to do.
 It is important to remember that the
spending (expenditure) and income for your activity should match.

Sensitivity: Internal
Please use full pounds only and no pence (for example, '£1,167').
 Please check your figures carefully. If you do not fill in
this section correctly, we cannot process your application.

On this page you should enter all the cash and ‘in kind’ income for your activity.

The details about each item of income that you add will be shown in the list at the bottom of the page. You should make
sure that you show how your figures have been calculated in the 'Description' field, for example:

Ticket sales (7 dates @ 60% of 100 capacity x £8 ticket price) £3,360

You should enter all your cash income on this page, as well as any Support in kind you will receive.

Sensitivity: Internal
Expected or
Income heading Description Amount

From Crayford to the Cockpit : £4 Total : £38.70

From Greenhithe to the Cockpit : £5 ( Supplied by
the whole
Travel Fees From Erith to the Cockpit : £4 Confirmed
From Orpington to the Cockpit : £5 company)
From Dartford to the Cockpit : £5
Longfield to the Cockpit : £15.70
Arts Council Funding £19 as funding Expected £19

Sensitivity: Internal
The details about each item of expenditure that you add will be shown in the list at the bottom of the page. You should
make sure that you show how your figures have been calculated in the 'Description' field. For example, you should show
the number of days and the daily rate for any fees shown.

Sensitivity: Internal
Expenditure heading Description Amount

The Cockpit Theatre hire: £15

Venue Hire £715
Miskin Theatre hire: £700

- From Crayford to the Cockpit: £4

- From Greenhithe to the Cockpit: £5
Travel - From Erith to the Cockpit: £4
- From Orpington to the Cockpit: £5 £38.70
- From Dartford to the Cockpit: £5
- Longfield to the Cockpit: £15.70.
- White shirt x2: £36 (£18 each) from Burton Vu
- Scarf x1: £3.67 from Ebay £45.82
Costume - Jacket x1: £15 from Georges
- Gloves x1 pair: £0.45 from Ebay
- Girls beanie x1: £0.70 from Ebay
- Handbag x1: £8 from George

Set - Chairs x: £5.94 from Ebay

- Table x1: £16.99 from Ebay £22.93

- Speakers x2: £7.98 from Ebay

Rehearsal equipment
The black room (Miskin Theatre): £20 p/h: £1980 (for 11 days, 9hrs everyday) £1987.98

- Basic Phone: £10 from eBay

Props - Pens: £0.35 (for a pack of 30) from Wilkos
- Stopwatch: £1.99 from Ebay £16.95
- Picnic blanket: £3.79 from eBay
Marketing - Word of mouth : FREE £6
- Posters x2 ( A2 size) : £6 from Essex sign & print

Sensitivity: Internal
- Social media : Free

Support in kind
Please use this page to explain your support in kind in more detail, if necessary:
No more than 600 words.

The support in kind is from the Miskin theatre as we are studying there and there’s a lot of costume and props that the
actors can supply for free as well.

Venue hire
- Miskin Theatre hire : £700 ( via Miskin Theatre )

Rehearsal Equipment
- Speakers x2 :£7.98 ( via Miskin Theatre )
- The black room ( Miskin Theatre ) : £20 p/h : £1980 ( for 11 days, 9hrs everyday) ( via Miskin Theatre)
- Word of mouth : FREE
- Posters x4 ( A4 size) ( via North Kent College)
- Social media : Free

- Chairs x6 : £5.94 ( via Miskin Theatre)

Sensitivity: Internal
- Table x1 : £16.99 ( via Miskin Theatre)

- White shirt x2 : Supplied by Morgan Chambers
- Scarf x1 : Supplied by Emilia Vine
- Jacket x1 : Supplied by Finn McGee
- Gloves x1 pair : Supplied by Sian Slue-Williams
- Girls beanie x1 : Supplied by Emilia Vine
- Handbag x1 : Supplied by Emily Hall
- Basic Phone : Supplied by all of the company
- Picnic blanket : Supplied by Emilia Vine
Total saved : £2,,776.52

Sensitivity: Internal

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