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1. Is the test today? I was certain it would be next Monday. ( ) adorable

2. Are you into science fiction movies? ( ) almost not
3. I took many pictures or monuments and old buildings while I was ( ) am not interested in
sightseeing in Rome.
( ) decided
4. This traffic jam is driving me crazy.
5. I know you have a lot of work to do, but look on the bright side: the end ( ) don’t hurry
of the semester is just around the corner. ( ) expensive
6. Mom and Dad are going on a very fancy cruise. ( ) extremely annoying
7. I admire Tom because he’s very clever: he always has something ( ) in another country
brilliant to say. ( ) intelligent
8. Frank is always smiling and laughing, but today he’s looks so serious. ( ) interested in
Isn’t it strange?
( ) remove
9. My friend Josh always patiently listens to me complaining about my
problems. He’s so kind. ( ) sure
10. You still have a lot of time before the class, so take your time and do ( ) visiting interesting places
your homework. ( ) want
11. Why didn’t Richard take off his clothes before diving in the pool? ( ) weird
12. Tina said she wouldn’t like to live abroad. ( ) will come soon
13. I feel like going to the movie theater tonight.
14. My throat is so sore that I can hardly speak.
15. Have you already made up your mind about what college you’re going
16. I couldn’t care less for Jenny’s opinion.


a) I’m too fat. I think I will go ____________________ a diet.

b) I got all A’s on my exams. I think I deserve a prize for _____________________ a good student.
c) The tourists were impressed ____________________ the magnificent monument.
d) I like that restaurant because they’ve got delicious food and they ____________________ have good prices.


Interview – Challenge – To wonder – Proud – Schedule – Prize – Careful –

To faint – To enroll – Pastime – Sunburned – To remind

1. The Browns are so _______________ of their son because he got such an excellent job.
2. They _______________ their children in a private school.
3. This painting _______________ me of a picture I saw at the Metropolitan Museum.
4. I have a job _______________ tomorrow morning.
5. Her skin is badly_______________.
6. Baseball has been a national _______________ for years.
7. Have you ever _______________ why the sky is blue?
8. I have a busy _______________ this week.
9. He always _______________ at the sight of blood.
10. $500 was the _______________ for first place.
11. Teaching adolescents can be quite a _______________.
12. He is a _______________ driver.

1. You can go __________ to the

USA ___________ to Europe on 3. Sam always goes to school by 5. Terry _________ be able to go
your next vacation. It’s your bike and __________ does Pete. to college if he gets good grades
choice. a) Either at school this year.
a) Neither … nor b) Neither a) Must
b) Either … or c) Also b) Does
c) Both … and d) So c) Could
d) Only … not d) Might
4. Would you buy a new car if you
2. I can have __________ pizza __________ the money?
___________ hamburger a) Had had
because I’m on a diet. b) Will have
a) Neither … nor c) Have
b) Either … or d) Had
c) Both … and
d) Only … not


1. _____________________ a math test yesterday? (you – to take)

2. Brenda and Michelle ______________________________ Algebra since 9 a.m. (to study)
3. If I had known this movie was so boring, I ___________________________ it. (to watch)
4. Jason _______________ at Houston High School for one year, but now he studies at Boston High School. (to
5. Luke never _____________ early on the weekends. (to get up)
6. Mary _____________________________ on the new project all week. (to work)
7. We usually ________________ at the mall on Saturdays. (to hang around)


1. Sarah can’t go to the party tonight and neither can’t her sister.
2. It usually take Erik ten minutes to take a shower.
3. The students must not be able to take the exam if they don’t do all their homework.
4. It was Julie’s birthday last week. Her boyfriend gave she a gorgeous necklace.
5. Paul got a ticket for driving more than the speeding limit.
6. He was driving so fast because he was on a hurry.
7. Tess is going to Italy at her next vacation.
8. It will take we twenty minutes to finish our chores.
9. I’ll be grounded in a month because my parents found out I lied about my grades.
10. Did you see that top model? She was a very beautiful.
11. The room was so noisy that I couldn’t hear he tell the story.
12. Do you know what our grandparents bought me to my birthday?
13. Danny has already traveled to the USA, and either have her cousins.
14. Do you remember Frank, who studied with us in high school? Do you have any news about he?
15. That’s the cook what makes the best seafood dishes in town.
16. I like to hang out with Jerry because he always find anything fun to do.
17. Yan told to me that Sandra broke up with Robert.
18. If you want to learn a lot of Physics, you should study with a expert.
19. It’s raining a lot. You better take an umbrella with you.