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Unit 0: welcome to our class.

I. Write the Correct Simple present form of the verb.

Examples: Jacques walks (walk) to school.

Maria and Sandra __buy (buy) food at Son’s Supermarket.

1. Keith __eats_ (eat) Noodles at Pedro’s Restaurant.

2. We __take_ (take) the bus.
3. She __walks_ (walk) to work.
4. They _ride__ (ride) bicycles.
5. I _eat_ (eat) at Burger Man.
6. You _like_ (like) the class.

II. Read about Sara´s family and then complete the exercises below.
Sara's family
Sara is a doctor. She is thirty seven years old. She lives in a small village near
Agadir. Her father is Moroccan. Her mother is Egyptian. She has two brothers and
one sister. Sara is married. Her husband’s name is Khalid. He is a teacher. He
works at a high school. Sara and Khalid have one son called Hamid. He is three
years old. And two daughters, their names are Houda and Khadija. Khadija is
eleven and Houda is fourteen. They are students in a preparatory school. At the
weekend, Khalid goes to the sport club and plays tennis with his friend Hassan,
where Sara visits her parents or reads newspapers.

Write True or False

1-Sara’s husband is a doctor. _False_
2-Houda is a student at a high school. _True_
3-Hassan plays tennis on Sunday. _True_

Answer these questions.

1-What nationality is Sara’s mother? ___Egyptian.__
2-Where does Khalid work? __He works at a high school.__
3-What does Sara do on Sunday? __She visits her parents or reads

III. Complete the conversations. Use the words given below.

He’s, his, I’m, her, my name’s, she’s, is.

A: What`s _his_ name?

B: His name __is_ Tom.
A: Mon, this is Sam. _He’s_ my instructor.
B: Nice to meet you, Sam.
A: What`s __her_ name?
B: Her name is Debbie. __She’s_ my friend.
A: Welcome to English class. _My name’s_ Pamela Wilson.
B: Hello, Ms. Wilson. _I’m_ Eddie Anderson.

IV. Complete the sentences. Use is, are, or am.

Robert _is_ an engineer.

Jason, Pamela and I _are_ in class.
I _am_ a student of medicine.
Steve and John _are_ at the library.
She _is_ very sad.

V. Complete the sentences. Use isn’t, aren’t.

Julia _isn’t_ at home.
Michael and Randy _aren’t_ baseball players.
Gloria _isn’t_ ten years old.
They _aren’t_ in the same classroom.

VI. Read. Write the time in letters.

1. 1:50. It’s _one fifty_.

2. 2:30. It’s _half past two_.
3. 1:15. It’s _a quarter after one _.
4. 10:00. It's _ten o’clock_.
5. 8:25. It’s _eight twenty-five_.
VII. Listen and complete the missing information. (Unit 1 track 11-12-13).
1 2 3
Name: Eva Malinska Name: Gabriela _Ramírez_ Name: _Felipe_

Marital status: _divorced_ Marital status: _single_ Marital status:


She lives in: __United She is from: _Buenos Aires, He is from:

States__ Argentina_ _Cuba_

Age: _60 years old_ Age: _26 years old_ Age: _33 years