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Kenia Brown 3200 NW 62% Avenue #23 Margate, Florida 33063 June 3, 2018 URGENT CITIZEN LETTER TO PLEA FOR LENIENCY IN SENTENCING ‘The Honorable Marianne Aho 4" Judicial Cireuit Court 1200 Riverplace Boulevard, Suite 800 501 West Adams Street Jacksonville, Florida 32207 Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Re: Defendant: Gloria Williams Case No. 16-2017-CF-000539-AXXX-MA. Dear Judge Aho: “This corresponds serves as a citizen plea for leniency in the sentencing of Gloria Williams in the case of Kamiyah Mobley’s 1998 kidnapping, Tam aware Mrs. Williams has allocated and pled guilty to the charge of kidnapping, I do however, have concerns about the criminal justice system sentencing disparities for black women. I have a significant concern about the sentencing of Mrs. Williams when in the past six months I have read news reports of a 90 year old white male receiving house arrest for sexually assaulting a 5 year old, and a multitude of young white female teachers receiving ridiculously minimal sentencing for raping 12 year old to 17 teen year old students they were responsible for teaching. And I am outraged, I have a black female friend serving three years in federal prison for three (3) phone calls to a drug dealer. To say I and many other black Americans are getting really sick, tired and frustrated with the American criminal justice system is an understatement, Specific to this_case, of significant imy is the fact Mrs. Williams allocuted, provided testimony and apologized. How often do defendants in criminal matters actually have the courage to take the stand in front of people they have hurt and confess and ask for forgiveness? Rarely. Talong with others find the facts of the case to be a perplexing: According to the police notes the parents were not cooperative in agreeing to age progression photos? Why? 1 2. How likely is it parents of an abducted child would want progression photos distributed of their missing child? 3. Why did the police say the parents were uncooperative? Isn’t the goal to find the kidnapped baby? 4. Why were the police sent a picture of Gloria Williams with a family of Mobleys but later were not able to find connection? 5. Why was a letter found amongst Gloria Williams papers, an envelope with the name Mobley? 6. Why did Kamiyah Mobley state she called her biological mother's cell phone number and someone sent back message, “Happy Birthday.” Is this true? If yes, the mutual communication is concerning and indicates someone in Kamiyah’s biological family knew exactly where Kamiyah Mobley was located or at the very least her cell phone number. 7. Did the tips surrounding Kamiyah Mobley begin around the time she would have been able to receive an annuity if found (June 2016)? 8. Kamiyah knew for two years about her kidnapping did some research, contacted her biological mother and thereafter avoided the police requesting a DNA sample. Why didn’t she call the police? FILEDOG CY Additionally, specific to family dynamics: {o worrying about Kamiyah’s relationship with Mrs. Williams. According to Iyanla Vanzant; Ms. Mobley contacted her desperate for an intervention to help her relationship with Kamiyah, However, Ms, Mobley decided ret te atend he taping of the show, In other words, while the tears, screams and demands for death on the courtroom stand woe extraordinarily emotional for daytime news television, viewership and headlines, the reality below the surface: all is net a reves If the relationship is so valuable, then why does Ms. Mobley hang up the phone, block Kamiyah’s telephone calls and block her from social media? Why has Kamiyah’s initial public face of a well «rounded, seemingly loved child now disintegrated into a stereotypical angry, hostile, screaming profanity spewing black fermale. {encourage you to watch the following You Tube video from beginning to end and draw conclusions: https://youtu.be/VE4nK 57260 "also encourage you to read and scroll down to the following article and watch the Facebook Live of Mr. Aiken: hitps://www.firsteoastnews.com/article/news/kamiyah-mobleys-father-call show-fake-afier-daughters-explosiv outburst/77-525¢ le. And then there is reasonability a child they brought into this world. Much time has been spent discussing the socio-economic and demographics of the biological parents and “Kamiyah had a better life" theory. Though itis not diplomatic nor compassionate to consider ‘ot in life’ isthe fact relevant? Sentencing Considerations completely destroyed, burned, inoperable? Well, clearly, the American justice system does consider ‘damage: the higher the damage the higher the punishment. Does this judgement variability prevent crime or motivate eriminals? Ng, 3205 NW GO" Siler yo ie ee Avenue #23 Flor Hs 5013 The Honorable Marianne Pho uth Sidcial Circa (Covina (our a : AB] Weck Adams Street -°'% 0 acksonvi le Florida 3999? Sen0eRe0s con