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June 8, 2018

Dylan Wirawan
Santa Clara University Finance Major

This ePortfolio highlights both aspects of my academic work and personality. Through the
elements I present here, I showcase through the blend of art and writing a synthesis of critical
thinking and writing through my own analysis.
The Works page demonstrates my most recent analytical papers. I cover a variety of topics:
 MGMT 6 Final Paper: On race and gender inequality in the entertainment industry
 A Sense of Belonging: On the many invisible, intangible factors that affect a space and
how comfortable individuals operate within this space
 ITAL 185 Final Paper: On the impact of the fashion industry on Italian-Americans and its
 Music Paper: On viewing music as storytelling and looking at the deeper meanings that
songs can convey
 Common App Essay: On developing my sense of empathy through my interactions with
 Autobiography: On how manga has made me a minority and how I view the world as a
The Piano page discusses my long history with classical piano study and play for eleven years
and how I’ve changed to enjoy the musical liberties and creativity that is involved in improvising
jazz. I provide some of my own jazz improvisation after my credentials for viewers to see how I
utilize my world of classical music in the new world of jazz that I have entered for the past year:
 Truth – Kamasi Washington: A melody that plays on two chords. Once the melody ends,
the rest of the seven-and-a-half-minutes is my improvisation.
 Fushigi Purupuru Pururin Rin!: My own arrangement of this insert pop song from an
anime. The original song is an upbeat one-and-a-half-minute jingle that becomes my own
four-minute arrangement of jazz - improvised soloing over improvised bassline recorded
 Evangelion|Karakuri Pierrot|Fire Flower: My jazz arrangement of a mashup of songs
from anime and vocaloid. I take the main melody before entering a song then improvise
solos until I get to a transition into the next song.
Finally, in my About Me page, I discuss how I first got interested in finance and what incited me
to decide to study finance in university. Business is my stabilizer for my idealistic side, but it is
also a recipe for great success for my idealistic positions in finance. I take a little time to discuss
some of my other hobbies that have also been a part of my personal interests and why I have
taken a liking to them. Both academic focus and extracurriculars are integral to the full picture of
the person and why I have decided to share both aspects of my life.