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Application Software GRAV2DC in Medan Gravity Anomaly Data Interpretation


Department of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Haluoleo

Has made interpretation of the data anomaly gravity field. This study aims to perform the separation between local anomalies of Bouguer
anomalies with upward continuation method. interpretation is done
to determine the polygon model in accordance with local anomaly profile-based matching with the smallest error. This study uses
secondary data predetermined Bouguernya anomaly. Based on the interpretation of the results using the software with the density contrast
0.315 g / cm 3 39.423 km at a depth of polygon models obtained ribbon (ribbon) fits with the profile of a local anomaly with the smallest error
rate is 3.56%.

Keywords: Bouguer anomaly, upward continuation method, Grav2DC

Interpretation of the gravity anomaly has been studied. The purpose of this study are Determine the separation of local gravity anomaly
from Bouguer anomaly by upward continuation method. The
interpretation are processed by Determine polygon model of the which are fixed to the local anomaly profile based minimum fitting error.
The secondary of data of Bouguer anomaly determined was used in this study. Based the fitting result by Grav2DC software with contras
density of 0.315 g / cm 3 and 39.423 km underground ribbon shows polygon models most fit to local anomaly profile with smallest error is
that of 3.56%.

Key word: Bouguer anomaly, Upward continuation method, Grav2DC

1. Introduction explained that the gravitational effects of some simple

geometry model is very useful in the quantitative
Gravity method is one method interpretation of gravity method.
geophysics with
use Potential Theory of Gravitation. Method In interpretation geophysics
this basically measures in particular the gravity method, a problem that needs
differences in density of rocks. Inhomogenitas attention is the problem of the separation of local and
rocks forming the lithosphere will provide the density regional anomalies anomaly because it is the first step
differences of rocks from one place to another, in the interpretation of an area that is prospective. In
causing uneven gravitational field, and this is a this study, the method used to perform the separation
measurable difference in the surface of the earth ( Ibnu, of local and regional anomalies anomaly is upward
2002). continuation method ( upward continuation). This
method is used because it can transform potential field
According to Grant and West (1965) in measured on a surface so that the potential field
Suyanto, et al (2002) form a representative model of the elsewhere on the surface measurements and tends to
geological structure can be approximated by the model in accentuate anomaly caused by the source is in
the form of a ball, a cylinder, or prism / ribbon. The simple
model form usually associated with the phenomena of
geological structure in the form of the magma chamber,
salt domes, igneous intrusions, or other forms of other (effect regional) with
geological structures that can be approximated by eliminate / ignore the anomaly caused by the source is
elements of simple geometry model shallow (local effects), and the result of this method is
an anomaly in the form of regional tendencies.
The. Nettleton (1976)

Application Software GRAV2DC in Medan Gravity Anomaly Data Interpretation .... .... ( Hasria) 23

Local anomalies obtained by calculating the difference models in the process of interpretation. Interpretation
between the anomalous regional Bouguer anomaly. methods using Grav2DC is 2½ dimensional modeling
any object causes anomalies in the form of a polygon.
In this case, the model of any object selected 2½
The local anomaly data interpretation using
dimensional form model of ball, ribbons and thin stems.
the s oftware Grav2DC.
Profile modeling then matched against a reference
Software This is a program designed to create a
profile with system
polygon model having an error rate control

trial and error until it reaches the minimum error.

(error) when do changes in the density, depth,
wide anomalies and
long strike ( trajectory).
3. Results and Discussion
Interpretation of secondary data that is
inputted Surfer program to be obtained
2. Research Procedure
Bouguer anomaly contour presented in Figure 1.
In this study, the data used is secondary data
which has been corrected, namely in the form of
Bouguer anomaly data with the coordinates of the
center 110 o 13.1 'E. 7 36.0 '

East and 7 o 36.4 'South latitude. 7 o 35.5

Furthermore, the separation of local and regional

' 35.50

anomalies with the continuation method to 7 35.0 '


on with variation height

7 34.5 '

appointment of 100 m, 300 m, 500 m and 700 m.

7 o 34.0 '
However, the data to be interpreted is data with a 34.00

height which has a tendency appointment regional 7 33.5 '


anomalies that remain. Results upward continuation 7 o 33.0 '

process Data in the form of regional anomalies. 33.00

7 o 32.5 '

Furthermore, calculates the difference 13:50

110 o 13.5 '
110 o 14.0 '
110 o 14.5 '
110 o 15.0 ' B T

between the anomalous regional Bouguer anomaly thus

obtained anomaly local. For Figure 1. Bouguer anomaly contour
facilitate further processing, the data anomaly that has
obtained both Bouguer anomaly, anomalous result separation anomaly Local-regional
local and anomalies conducted using upward continuation in the
regional made in a contour map. Contour map-making appointment of some height of 100 m, 300 m, 500 m
process is done using the package program Surfer and 700 m. Of the upward continuation of the trend
6:04 version made by Golden Software Inc. (Colorado, anomaly obtained
USA). regional likely to stay on
a height of 300 m above sferoida reference to the
modeling anomaly local prefixed value range of 35.17 to 80.27 mgal mgal. Meanwhile,
by making incisions / slices on a contour anomaly local anomalous values ​ranging from 0.99 to 6.23
to be interpreted locally. Cutting the local mgal mgal. Besides, also, the contours of regional
anomaly done with a line in the program editor surfer. anomalies indicate the lowest frequency that in this
An incision is made obtruncate anomaly to be study were selected contour data to be interpreted is a
interpreted. The results of the incision form and local anomaly removal of 300 results
position data anomalies then inputted into Grav2DC
program to produce a profile which is used in the
manufacture of m.Peta contour anomaly local for
removal of 300 m are presented in Figure 2.
24 JAF, Vol. 7 No. 1 (2011), 22-26

Local anomaly centered at 7 ° 35.2 'South latitude and matching see value error The smallest of the gravity
110 ° 13.1' East Longitude. Contour data using the polygon method and performed by
regional anomalies (Figure 3) with a smaller price utilizing
leads to the northeast and the greater the price leads software Grav2DC for windows designed by GGT.
to the southwest in the research area Cooper (1995).
The modeling begins by making an incision
, in the local Bouguer anomaly contour, which is carried
LS out at Surfer program by looking at the grid point.
Anomaly center cut incision is made in the transverse
7 36.0 '
o direction (Y fixed) along the coordinates of 7 °


35.2 'South latitude on the contour anomaly

7 35.5

7 35.0 '
Local results of the appointment of 300 m.

The results of the incision in the form of

7 34.5 '

positional data and anomalous values ​of 25 data from the

7 34.0 '
o incision in the inputted local anomaly Grav2DC program.
7 33.5 '
o In addition to this program is inputted also other

parameters such as contrast

7 33.0 '
density, long strike, and
depth. Once inputted, then made
7 32.5 '

o 13.5 ' 110
14:00o 14.0 ' 110 o 14.5 '
14:50 110 15.0 ' B T
15:00 o
polygon models with modeled on the ball,
ribbon, and a thin rod. For all three models the density
Figure 2 Local anomaly contour with contrast value of 0.315 g / cm 3 and taken the same
removal of 300 m depth is 39.423 km. Each model is obtained as shown
in Table 1.

7 o 36.0 '
Table 1. modeling Anomalies local
grav 2dc
7 o 35.5
' Depth Error
No. Model Density ( gr
o 35.0 '
(Km) (%)
/ cm 3)
o 34.5 ' 1. Ball 0.315 39.423 3.95
2. Ribbon 0.315 39.423 3.56
7 o 34.0 '

3. Thin Trunk 0.315 39.423 3.67

7 o 33.5 '

o 33.0 '

From Table 1 it appears that error

o 32.5 '
The smallest is obtained on the model ribbon / ribbon
110 o13:50
13.5 ' 110 o 14.0 '
14:00 110 14.5 '
14:50 o 110
15:00 o 15.0 ' B T
so that this polygon model that best matches the local
anomaly profile. Results polygon model by using
Figure 3 Contour regional anomalies with
Grav2DC shown in Figure 4, 5 and 6
removal of 300 m

Quantitative interpretation by way of creation

of models that generate a response
Application Software GRAV2DC in Medan Gravity Anomaly Data Interpretation .... .... ( Hasria) 25

Information ......... Local anomaly profile

Profile models
Figure 4 ( a). Profile cross-section model of ball

Information ......... Local anomaly profile

Profile models
Figure 4 ( b). Sectional profile ribbon models

Information ......... Local anomaly profile

Profile models
Figure 4 ( c). Profile cross-section of a thin rod models
26 JAF, Vol. 7 No. 1 (2011), 22-26

3. Conclusion
Based on the research results can be [1]. Blakely and Ricard, J., 1995. potential Theory
summarized as follows: in Gravity and Magnetic Application,
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. [2]. Firdaus, 1996. Curvature
1. Separation of the gravity anomaly data with
Effect Topography
upward continuation method produces regional
on Gravity Data Reduction: A Case Study of Mount Merapi, Thesis
anomalies amounted to 35.17 mgal up
S-2, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. [3]. Hasria 2002. Separation
with 80.27 mgal that Simulation Anomalies
tend to be trending northeast - southwest and
local anomaly of 0.99 to 6.23 mgal mgal centered Local and Regional in Medan Gravity Anomaly Data with
at 7 ° Polynomial Approach Method and upward continuation, Thesis
35.2 'South latitude and 110 ° 13.1' S-2, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. [4]. Http //:
East Longitude in the research area. www.rockware.com/catalog/pages/grav
2. From the interpretation of contrast
2dc.html. [5]. Ibnu, DA, Subandriyo,
density of 0.315 g / cm 3 in depth
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39.423 km seems that the polygon model that
Subsurface Interpretation of Mount Bromo Tengger, Proceedings
best suits the local anomaly is a model ribbon ( tape)
HAGI, Jakarta. [6]. Telford, WM, dkk.1976. Applied
with error Geophysics,
The smallest is equal to 3.56%. 2 nd, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge