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Mr.Sanajay Apartment

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Mr. Vivek Apartment
Client: Mr. Vivek Mahansaria
Site Location: Bindu Apartments,Magadi
Road, Bengaluru.
Total Area: 2130 sq. ft

The interior spaces for this

3.5Bhk apartment for Mr. Vivek are
designed with a simplistic &
contemporary theme. Most furniture
and units are simple yet aesthetically
designed with white and wooden finish
combinations. Use of wood Veneer
paneling and wallpapers act as
highlights in the rooms as well as in
the false ceiling design. Puja Room View of Living Area

The Living Room

The Living area is again a
longitudinal space with the TV unit at one The Living Tv unit
end. The space is highlighted with a L-
shaped sofa and pouffe seating finished in The Living area TV unit
blue upholstery. The center table is has an interesting MDF texture
finished in white PU paint. The False board cladding finished in white PU
ceiling in the living area has a central paint and a Wood veneer back panel
wooden veneer drop with accent lighting. The behind the TV with cove lighting.
opposite end of the living area has a Side storage units and open shelves
informal seating against a backdrop of blue compliment each other in form and
wallpaper. finish.
Mr. Vivek Apartment
Kids Bedroom/Study
The kids bedroom is a
compact space designed in a
black and white color scheme.
The kids bed has a headboard
that follows a concept of a
piano keyboard and continues
onto the ceiling. The kids study
unit has a desk and wall shelves
again in black and white duco
paint. Curtains and bright
color upholstery fabrics add
accent in the overall space.

The Master Bedroom

For the Master Bedroom the bed is
designed with the headboard using a combination
of wallpaper and Wood texture. The paneling
continues onto the false ceiling to create an
accent. The walk-in Closet area is created using
plywood partition which is clad in 3d MDF
texture board and forms a backdrop for the
daybed/chaise lounge. The bedroom has two
wallpapers- one grey texture on the ceiling and
another subtle grey pattern on the walls and bed

The Master Bedroom TV unit has a unique

curved back panel finished in a patterned wood

Master Bedroom TV unit

Mr. Vivek Apartment

Bedroom-2 Tv unit
The Bedroom TV unit is
designed with bottom and top storage
Dining Area units using the same dark wood veneer
as the bed headboard paneling; and
white duco painted surfaces. The TV
The dining area has a crockery unit unit along with the wallpaper
with bottom shelves finished in high gloss compliments the overall bed area.
laminate and top units with glass shutters. The
dining table is a contemporary minimal design
with SS legs and black glass table top. with
chairs of black leather upholstery.
View of Dining + Crockery
The Vanity unit in the Dining Area has
a back wall clad with tiles in metallic texture
with a decorative mirror. The under storage
finished in black PU paint.

The second Bedroom has a bed
finished in wood veneer. The wall
behind has paneling in dark wood veneer
finished in PU polish which also
slightly continues onto the false
ceiling. A leather upholstered
headboard compliments the back
The left side wall is a highlighted
with a abstract graphic wallpaper in
black & white. The TV unit for the
bedroom also has the same dark wood
Mr. Nitesh Apartment
Client: Mr. Nitesh Mahansaria
Site Location: Bindu Apartments,Magadi
Road, Bengaluru.
Total Area: 2130 sq. ft

The Living Tv unit

The Tv unit is finished in
This 3.5Bhk apartment for Mr.Nitesh is polished Wood Veneer and white duco
similar to that of his brother Mr. Vivek paint. It has a drawer unit below
Mahansaria and is located within the same with semi-open side storage unit
cluster. Similar in brief these interiors were for decor. The back panel for the
also designed on a contemporary theme yet having unit is clad with acrylic laminate
a unique set of colors & materials pallette. As using cove lighting as a highlight.
with the previous apartment use of wood Veneer
paneling and wallpapers act as highlights in the
rooms as well as in the false ceiling design.

Puja Room View of Living Area

The Living Room

The Living area is a longitudinal
space with the TV unit at one end. The space
is defined with a L-shaped sofa and pouffe
seating. False ceiling is minimal white
with accent cove lights highlighted by a
wooden veneer ceiling drop. Fabrics are
neutral beige tones. Wallpaper at the
opposite end creates a focal point.
The Puja room is designed using
Teak wood vertical slats that form a
partition. With polished teak wood doors.
Mr. Nitesh Apartment

View of Master Bed + Headboard

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom has three

components: i)the Master bed with the
headboard paneling ii) the daybed
seating and iii) the study-sum-TV unit.
The walk-in Closet area behind the daybed
is created using plywood partitions. The
highlight of the bedroom is the two-tone
wood veneer paneling with a leather
MBR Study Unit headboard. The daybed/chaise lounge
using bright fabrics is a pop-out
The Master Bedroom is element. A pastel colored wallpaper
provided with a Study-cum- treatment flows behind the daybed onto
entertainment unit. The design the wall of the study unit.
follows simple lines with a
combination of white and wood
veneer surfaces. Drawer units at
the bottom and storage cabinets
at the top are framed between
Mr. Nitesh Apartment

The Vanity unit is located

close to the powder room in the
Living/Dining Area. The back wall is
clad with tiles in metallic texture that
blends along with the mirror. The basin
has storage finished in white PU paint.

The Kitchen The second Bedroom has a Bed with headboard, a TV unit and a L-
The Kitchen is designed as per client specification shaped wardrobe at the other end. The bed headboard continues onto the side
with a pattern of White and black acrylic High gloss laminate. and is clad with plywood finished in white duco paint with a Wood veneer
The underside of the storage loft is finished in black PU paint niche. The Wood niche has spotlights that break the monotony of the space.
to integrate with the color scheme. The TV unit has a sleek design with drawer and storage units against a
backdrop of wallpaper.

The wardrobe for Bedroom-2 is designed as per the space
in a L-shape with loft storage above. The false ceiling in the bedroom has a
wood panel highlight in the center area finished in the same polished
Veneer as the Wardrobe.
Mr. Sanjay Apartment Foyer Area False ceiling

Client: Mr. Sanjay Jajodia
Site Location: Phoenix One Bangalore
west, Bengaluru.
Total Area: 2060 sq. ft

This Apartment project

designed for Mr. Sanjay is a 3Bhk Living Area Paneling
flat with open living dining and
kitchen spaces. The brief was to
have a contemporary design with
clean lines and minimalist
furniture. Use of wood veneer wall
paneling, duco paint surfaces and
various wallpapers creates an
interplay of textures and colors
to give a unique character to each
of the spaces in the apartment.

The Entrance Foyer

Site w.i.p Images
The Living Room The Entrance foyer is an
angular, slightly narrow space leading
onto a passage and the living room. The
design was to create a warm welcoming
ambience using a Wood Veneer ceiling
with strip LED lights.
The open Living/Dining A storage unit/console is
space is the central zone of the provided on one side of the foyer with a
apartment. The color pallette used folding Corian surface top running along
here is white and grey with the unit. A wall mirror along with decor
accents in the form of seating & and indoor plants complete the look of
upholstery; and wood veneer for the space.
the TV unit back-panel.
The L-shaped wall along
with the powder room door is
treated with a geometric pattern
in MDF finished in white duco.
The false ceiling is
designed in two levels and
finished in stucco texture paint
to create a juxtaposition.

Living Area TV Unit

Mr. Sanjay Apartment

The Dining Space View of Kitchen with breakfast counter

The Dining area is a

transition between the Kitchen and
the Living areas. The breakfast
counter adjoining the kitchen is a
part of the dining area. The dining
table is minimalist styled with
quartz table top and upholstered
dining chairs. A Crockery console The Kitchen Area
unit is placed along the opposite
wall. The false ceiling has a CNC The Kitchen for Mr. Sanjay’s apartment
cut pattern with back lighting in is a spacious G-shaped design with clean lines,
the center with a contemporary ample storage space and an attached breakfast
hanging light. counter. The modular units with pullouts and
storage are finished in a dark and beige
combination of High gloss pre-lam from Lamigloss
with marble like quartz counter-top. The kitchen
is complete with top units, built-in oven and
tall unit ergonomically placed together with the
refrigerator. The breakfast counter which opens
into the dining space has accent hanging lights.

Site w.i.p Images

Crockery Console
The highlight of the
dining area is an elegant crockery
unit. The console unit with drawers
and shelves is designed with white
corian surface top and wood veneer
shutters. The shutters have a CNC
pyramidal wood pattern that adds to
the character of this standalone
Mr. Sanjay Apartment
Master Bedroom
The Master Bedroom for the
couple is conceptualized with a mix of
classic and contemporary design
elements. The color scheme is intended to
be blues with hints of beige and velvet
sienna along with the existing wood
flooring to impart a luxe effect.
The wall behind the bed area is
composed in wall panels over white
lacquered glass. The right side of the bed
has a casual lounge seating with the
wallpaper treatment flowing onto the
false ceiling. The bed design has
finishes in white duco along with a
classic teak Veneer and is provided with a
tiled leather headboard.

Site w.i.p Images

Master Bedroom TV unit

Sons’ Bedroom
The bedroom is shared by the
two sons of the client. The design
idea is to create a quirky yet modern
look with abstract angular elements
in wall panels and ceiling to reflect
the teenager boys’ space. The angular
wall panels blend together with the
attached toilet door and bed
The color scheme was a
vibrant yellow with hints of blue,
browns and white to go with the wooden
flooring. The wallpaper behind the
bed looks like a distressed wall
paneling in blue & grey to compliment
the color scheme. The false ceiling
has the angular peel like drops and
led cove lighting to add to the
overall theme. The surface are
finished in duco paint
Mr. Sanjay Apartment

Guest Bedroom
The Guest bedroom is designed
in a sober neutral pallette with walnut
and venge type wood veneers, grey &
white surface treatments and accents
of red. The bed has a linear headboard
paneling with veneer slats going up to
the false ceiling; creating a focal
point in the room. The bed design has
lift up storage with sleek ledges as
side tables and is finished in dark
wenge veneer. Accessories such as the
geometric grey rug and the pouffe add
to the theme of the space. Bedroom TV Unit
The Bedroom TV unit also
combines a study table with an
array of alternative open and
closed storage units above. The
unit is finished in the same wood
veneer as the bed and white glossy

Guest Bedroom Bed+Headboard Site w.i.p Images

The wardrobe for the guest

bedroom is styled similar to the
headboard paneling. The shutters are
finished in a combination of glossy
white laminate and wood slat design-
same as the bed headboard. Veneer Headboard Paneling
Mr. Nitin’s Residence
Client: Mr. Nitin Deshmukh
Site Location:Indira Nagar,Bengaluru.
Site : 22’x60’ Total Built Up : 3740 sq. ft.

This Project is a 4 bedroom single family dwelling, which has been

designed beginning with the architectural stage and later the interior detail
of spaces. The house sits on a narrow site 22 ft wide and has four levels. The
architecture is designed to be less energy intensive with use of skylights and
cross ventilation. Living, dining, kitchen and guest bedroom spaces are arranged
around a sky-lit court on the upper ground floor level. The exclusively designed
wooden and steel staircase beside the court adds character to the space and
connects to the two first floor bedrooms.
The second floor(last level) has the master bedroom and a hobby space
along with the open terrace in front.

View of Living Area

The Living Room

The Living area for the house is
defined by the sky-lit court and a free flowing View of staircase from Dining Area
space. Entry from the foyer which is at a lower
level is visually connected with wall openings.
The dining space is compact yet part of the
living area and further leads into the kitchen.
The staircase at the opposite end creates a
focal point. The triple-height court forms an
informal seating area and visually connects the
upper bedroom levels.
Living room furniture has neutral
colors for the fabrics with bright accents, such
as the window seat. This compliments the dark
marble flooring.
Mr. Nitin’s Residence
The Kitchen
The parallel Kitchen is
partially separated from the dining and
living areas by a wooden partition. The
color for the kitchen cabinets is off
white and grey high gloss. Overhead
cabinets have glass shutters.

The Staircase
The Staircase for the entire house is placed alongside the
sky-lit court thereby enhancing the light and porosity of the space.
From the upper ground floor level to the first floor the staircase is
designed in wood with a steel frame stringer beam. And further upper
levels the staircase is r.c.c. structure.
The wood stairs follow an angular design and the steel
treads are clad in plywood+veneer finished in PU polish. The sleek
railing is made in s.s. with teakwood handrail

The Sky-lit Court

The triple-height
Court forms the central focal
point of the house and flows from
ground floor living areas up to
the second floor bedroom level.
Covered with a glass skylight it
acts as a light source and a
visual connector as well.
The exposed brick work
along the bedroom wall creates
an interesting composition of
textures with the interplay of
The white walls, brickwork,
wooden flooring and handrails
all combine to give a indian
contemporary outlook.
Shyam Mica Office-1
Client: M/s RadheShyam Laminates
Site Location: Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru.
Total Area: 1880 sq. ft

This project for Radhe
Shyam Laminates, is a corporate office for board meetings,
directors offices and staff areas. The spaces include reception &
staff section, directors lounge, directors office and conference
for 20 members .
The design concept uses a fluid curvilinear forms for the walls
and ceiling designs. Curved glass and wall partitions enclose all
the spaces inducing fluidity which is also translated onto the
false ceiling. PU finished white and Wood veneer surfaces forms
the material pallette.
3D Schematic Views

Partition Wall Elevation

Views of Reception & Conference Area

Site W.i.p Images

Shyam Mica Office-2
Client: M/s RadheShyam Laminates
Site Location: Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru.
Total Area: 980 sq. ft

This project for M/s
Radhe Shyam Laminates, provides for a sales & Admin staff
office attached to the company warehouse building. The
narrow office interior is designed to have workstations
for accounts & sales staff and a Manager cabin. The entire
office has a visual link through clear glass windows to the
warehouse section.
3D Schematic Views

The layout for the office is quite simple with

partitions on all sides screening the warehouse spaces
outside. The design of the partitions which act as visual
and noise barriers was conceptualized on a fluid language
and hence giving a unique character.
The partitions are framed in plywood finished
with Laminate and clear glass with duco painted beading.
The internal spaces have three zones with sales and
marketing staff workstations and a Manager cabin.

Site W.i.p Images

Mango Tree Restaurant Majestic Developers Office
Client: Mr. Manu (Mango Tree Ventures) Client: Majestic developers & Builders
Site Location: Bellandur,Bengaluru. Site Location: K.R. Road,Bengaluru.
Total Built Up : 5600 sq. ft. Total Built Up : 4000 sq. ft.

This ongoing project at Bellandur, Bengaluru is a

multi cuisine restaurant with the interiors designed in
contemporary and industrial chic themes. The steel frame
structure of the building is used within the interior
concept to frame the spaces and enhance the theme. The
spaces include a double height seating area, a bar,
mezzanine level semi-open seating and kitchen & service
areas. The material pallette is exposed steel, wood,
exposed brickwork as accents along with industrial cement
flooring together with the contemporary styled furniture.

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