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Universal farming

Of course, the ATTIS HR 16 can be ATTIS HR 16

used not only in the rear linkage of the
tractor. Front and telehoist loader Bale wrapper
operation also work well.

Film width 500 or 750 mm? Even overlapping of film

No problem! The pre-stretching unit is easily adjusted to to ensure exclusion of air!
the required foil width without the need for an adapter. Very easy to set, using a single valve.

Technical Specifications ATTIS HR 16

Weight approx. 760 kg
Length 1,960 mm
Width 2,150 mm
Height 3,000 mm
Foil width 500 or 750 mm
Prestretching 33, 55 or 70 per cent
Wrapping arm speed 27 rpm
Bale diameter 1.10 - 1.65 m
Bale width 1.15 - 1.25 m
Bale weight max. 1,500 kg
Oil quantity from 20 litres/min
Oil pressure 160 - 210 bar
Hydraulic connections 1 single acting + 1 free
Power supply 12 V DC

Subject to alterations. The details and diagrams provided in this pamphlet are approximate and,
apart from the standard scope of supply, may also include special accessories.
BP014-0905-0946.53.10.06 Printed in Germany

Welger Maschinenfabrik GmbH

P.O.Box 1965
38289 Wolfenbüttel
Phone +49 (0) 5331- 404 -0
Fax +49 (0) 5331- 404 -209 www.welger.com
Best feed quality – healthy animals

The principal prerequisite for crea- 1. Fully automatic operation

ting high quality silage is the fastest A single press of a button is all that
possible production of anaerobic is needed, and both loading and
conditions, i.e. the immediate, sure wrapping process run fully automati-
exclusion of air. cally, completely by themselves.

The Welger engineers followed these 2. Semi-automatic For safety reasons, automatic unloa-
principles consistently in the develop- In this mode, the loading process is ding is always activated by pressing
ment of the round bale wrapping ma- first started. The loading arms grip a button. The loading arms clamp
chine ATTIS HR 16. the bales, the table pivots to the wrap- and hold the bale until the table has
ping position, and the loading arms pivoted to the vertical position and the
As a result, Welger makes available move to their idle position. bale is in contact with the ground. On- Further advantages,
a machine which distinguishes itself ly now do the arms open and release at a glance:
with its high power, optimally simple When the Start key is pressed again, the bale. The advantage of this pro-
operation and its unique operational the wrapping program is activated. cess is that the bales do not fall to the Safe bale take-up!
reliability. Soft runup and wrapping of the start ground, but are gently set down. This Because of the refined clamping ele-
positions, release of the start from the helps to avoid damage to the foil and ments, even awkwardly formed bales
The wrapping control of the ATTIS HR foil holder, complete wrapping of the inhibits rolling away in hilly terrain. are gripped tight and safely loaded.
16 allows pre-selection of these diffe- bale, and finally cutting and clam-
rent operating modes: ping the foil all take place under elec- Universal operation!
tronic control. Due to the robust construction, bales Simple operation!
with a diameter of up to 1.65 m and Wrapping control with E-LINK, the
a weight of up to 1,500 kg can be operating device with fully graphic
handled. Secure baling! display, makes working with this
machine child’s play. All functions
The bales are securely positioned an and parameters are clear and easy
the wrapping table by large, special- to recognise, even in the dark.
3. Manual operation ly formed rollers. This makes wrap-
In this setting, all functions can be ping possible even when driving
pre-selected and carried out at the an a slope.
push of a button. This provides the
opportunity to react quickly to un-
usual operating conditions.

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