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World Textiles

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"Core" coverage refers to sources which are indexed and abstracted in their entirety (i.e. cover to cover), while "Priority" coverage refers to sources which include only those articles which are relevant to the field.

This title list does not represent the Selective content found in this database. The Selective content is chosen from thousands of titles containing articles that are relevant to this subject.

*Titles with 'Coming Soon' in the Availability column indicate that this publication was recently added to the database and therefore few or no articles are currently available.

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Publications included on this database are subject to change without notice due to contractual agreements with publishers. Coverage dates shown are the intended dates only and may not yet match those on the product. All coverage is cumulative.

Coverage Policy Source Type ISSN Publication Name Publisher Indexing and Indexing and Peer- Availability* MID
Abstracting Start Abstracting Stop Reviewed

Core Academic Journal 1532-8813 AATCC Review American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists 01/01/1974 Y Available Now QJG
Core Trade Publication 0951-953X Advanced Composites Bulletin International Newsletters 01/01/1987 08/31/2017 Available Now 6CQ8
Core Trade Publication 1472-0256 Advances in Textiles Technology International Newsletters 09/15/2001 Available Now QJI
Core Trade Publication 1744-6767 Africa & Middle East Textiles Alain Charles Publishing Ltd. 12/01/2004 Available Now QML
Core Magazine 1328-8318 Alpacas Australia Australian Alpaca Association Ltd. 05/24/2001 Available Now 6CQ7
Core Magazine 1543-2009 Apparel Magazine Edgell Communications Inc. 12/01/2002 10/08/2013 Available Now Q05
Core Trade Publication 1085-6781 Apparel Strategist Apparel Information Resources 08/22/1997 05/31/2011 Available Now 83XO
Core Trade Publication 0169-7331 Archaeological Textiles Newsletter Archaeological Textiles Newsletter 12/01/1998 03/31/2015 Available Now 83XP
Core Academic Journal 0300-4953 Artes de Mexico Artes de Mexico y del Mundo S.A. 12/01/2003 Y Available Now HE8
Core Academic Journal 0972-9488 Asian Dyer GPS Kwatra 02/01/2006 Y Available Now AZBN
Core Trade Publication 0971-3425 Asian Textile Journal Asian Textile Journal 01/01/1992 Available Now QLG
Core Trade Publication 1015-8138 ATA Journal Adsale Publishing Ltd 01/01/1992 Available Now 83XR
Core Trade Publication 1327-4414 Australasian Textiles & Fashion Australasian Textiles Publishers 01/01/1996 Available Now QJL
Core Academic Journal 1470-9589 Autex Research Journal De Gruyter Open 12/01/1999 Y Available Now 847K
Core Magazine 0170-4060 AVR: Allgemeiner Vliesstoff-Report P. Keppler Verlag 500008 01/01/1972 Available Now QJN
Core Academic Journal 1006-8341 Basic Sciences Journal of Textile Universities / Fangzhi Gaoxiao Jichu Basic Sciences Journal of Textile Universities 12/01/1999 Y Available Now 846V
Kexue Xuebao
Core Magazine 0955-7717 Biomedical Materials International Newsletters 01/01/1996 12/31/2016 Available Now RPS
Core Academic Journal 1131-6756 Boletin Intexter del Instituto de Investigacion Textil y Cooperacion Industrial Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya 01/01/1971 01/31/2009 Y Available Now RPV
Core Magazine 0006-8705 Bragantia Instituto Agronomico de Campinas 01/01/1993 Available Now 1CIZ
Core Trade Publication 1614-354X BTH, Heimtex SN-Verl. Steinert 06/08/2007 Available Now 83XS
Core Academic Journal 0972-8341 BTRA Scan Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA) 01/01/1971 Y Available Now QJO
Core Magazine 1484-3684 Canadian Apparel Canadian Apparel Federation 10/08/1998 03/31/2009 Available Now RPW
Core Academic Journal 0969-0239 Cellulose Springer Science & Business Media B.V. 05/25/1998 Y Available Now OE4
Core Magazine 0340-3343 Chemical Fibers International dfv Mediengruppe 01/01/1995 Available Now QJQ
Core Magazine 1021-5824 China Textile & Apparel Adsale Publishing Ltd 02/01/2005 Available Now 6CQE
Core Academic Journal 0887-302X Clothing & Textiles Research Journal Sage Publications 01/01/1987 Y Available Now RPX
Core Academic Journal 1472-3581 Coloration Technology Wiley-Blackwell 05/20/2001 Y Available Now RPY
Core Trade Publication 0010-1826 Colourage Colour Publications Pvt, Ltd. 01/01/1971 Available Now CLR
Core Academic Journal 0263-8223 Composite Structures Elsevier B.V. 01/01/1981 Y Available Now JB9
Core Academic Journal 0266-3538 Composites Science & Technology Elsevier B.V. 01/01/1985 Y Available Now JBB
Core Trade Publication 1083-4117 Composites Technology Gardner Publications, Inc. 12/01/1999 Available Now 3LEZ
Core Academic Journal 0590-8876 Costume: Journal of the Costume Society Edinburgh University Press 01/01/1979 Y Available Now 6WF
Core Magazine 0306-610X Crafts (0306610X) Crafts Council 09/01/2010 Available Now‡ 2ZIP
Core Academic Journal 0747-9360 Design Issues MIT Press 03/01/2005 Y Available Now DIU
Core Academic Journal 1460-6925 Design Journal Routledge 11/23/2005 Y Available Now 83XU
Core Trade Publication 1742-1128 Digital Textile World Textile Information Network Ltd. 04/01/2005 Available Now 83XV
Core Trade Publication 1479-1617 Drapers Emap Fashion Ltd. 03/31/2007 Available Now 83XW
Core Academic Journal 0143-7208 Dyes & Pigments Elsevier B.V. 01/01/1980 Y Available Now JDG
Core Magazine 1477-3724 Embroidery E. G. Enterprises, Ltd. 01/26/2002 Available Now 1TZ
Core Magazine 1028-5954 Euratex Bulletin EURATEX 01/01/1996 09/03/2015 Available Now QJP
Core Trade Publication 0945-1943 Euroseil dfv Mediengruppe 10/07/1998 Available Now 83XY
Core Magazine 1387-0076 Eurostitch Magazine Eisma Businessmedia bv 05/01/2001 Available Now 6CQA
Core Academic Journal 0943-1268 Extracts from European Patent Applications, Part 1B: Primary Industry, Wila-Derwent Verlag GmbH 09/23/1998 12/31/2013 Y Available Now AZBR
Fixed Constructions, Mining
Core Trade Publication 1544-9866 Fabric Architecture Industrial Fabrics Association International 12/01/1999 Available Now 6CQC
Core Magazine 1473-0391 Fashion Business International World Textile Information Network Ltd. 04/23/2002 07/31/2008 Available Now QK2
Core Magazine 0040-5132 Fiber Organon Fiber Economics Bureau 01/01/1993 Available Now QK3
Core Magazine 0164-324X Fiberarts F + W Media 07/10/2002 07/31/2011 Available Now YNA
Core Academic Journal 1230-3666 Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe Institute of Chemical Fibres 01/01/1993 Y Available Now QK5
Core Magazine 0882-4983 Geosynthetics Industrial Fabrics Association International 02/01/2006 Available Now 2231
Core Academic Journal 1072-6349 Geosynthetics International Thomas Telford Ltd 12/01/1996 Y Available Now 6CQ6
Core Academic Journal 0266-1144 Geotextiles & Geomembranes Elsevier B.V. 01/01/1984 Y Available Now JFO
Core Magazine 0142-0798 Hali Hali Publications Ltd. 12/01/1997 Available Now‡ 2ZJ8
Core Magazine 0198-8212 Handwoven F + W Media 01/01/2003 Available Now 2EYP

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Coverage Policy Source Type ISSN Publication Name Publisher Indexing and Indexing and Peer- Availability* MID
Abstracting Start Abstracting Stop Reviewed

Core Trade Publication 1081-9223 High Performance Composites Gardner Publications, Inc. 12/01/1999 Available Now 3LF0
Core Trade Publication 0195-3184 Home Textiles Today FT Media Holdings LLC (dba Progressive Business Media) 01/16/2006 Available Now 17P

Core Trade Publication 0268-2966 ICB: International Carpet Bulletin World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/1981 06/30/2008 Available Now RQG
Core Trade Publication 1079-8250 IFAI's Marine Fabricator Industrial Fabrics Association International 09/15/2001 Available Now 846W
Core Academic Journal 0971-0426 Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research National Institute of Science Communication & Information 01/01/1990 Y Available Now QLH
Core Academic Journal 0019-5308 Indian Journal of Labour Economics Springer Science & Business Media B.V. 12/01/1996 Y Available Now 22LI
Core Academic Journal Indian Journal of Sericulture Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute 01/01/1992 Y Available Now 6CQG
Core Trade Publication 0019-6355 Indian Silk Central Silk Board 01/01/1993 Available Now 6CQF
Core Academic Journal 1222-5347 Industria Textila Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Textile si 01/01/1971 Y Available Now 6CQ4
Core Academic Journal 0926-6690 Industrial Crops & Products Elsevier Science 01/01/1994 Y Available Now 3LK
Core Magazine 0019-8307 Industrial Fabric Products Review Industrial Fabrics Association International 01/01/1983 02/29/2008 Available Now QKC
Core Trade Publication 1090-8366 InTents Industrial Fabrics Association International 08/05/2002 Available Now 846Y
Core Trade Publication 1357-5201 International Carpet Yearbook World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/1996 Available Now 846Z
Core Magazine 0020-658X International Dyer World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/1971 Available Now QKF
Core Magazine 1049-801X International Fiber Journal International Fiber Journal 05/09/2000 Available Now QKG
Core Academic Journal 0955-6222 International Journal of Clothing Science & Technology Emerald Publishing 01/01/1989 Y Available Now DID
Core Academic Journal 1832-8679 International Journal of Sheep & Wool Science Journal of Australian Colonial History 12/01/2005 12/31/2010 Y Available Now 1F4Q
Core Conference Proceedings 1727-4761 International Textile Manufacturers Federation. Annual Conference Report International Textile Manufacturers Federation 12/01/2004 Available Now RQR
Core Magazine International Textile Manufacturers Federation. Cotton Contamination International Textile Manufacturers Federation 10/01/2003 Available Now RQS
Core Magazine 0021-3497 Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Tekhnologiya Tekstil'noi Ivanovskaya Gosudarstvennaya Tekstil'naya Akademiya 11/25/1998 Available Now QR8
Core Trade Publication 1639-965X JEC Composites Magazine JEC Group 04/01/2003 Available Now 6CQH
Core Trade Publication 0293-0757 Journal du Textile Hennessen et CIE 12/01/2005 Available Now 8470
Core Trade Publication 0267-7806 Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers 04/28/2001 Available Now 2ZJO
Core Academic Journal 0021-8995 Journal of Applied Polymer Science John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 01/01/1970 Y Available Now 4BL
Core Academic Journal 1523-6919 Journal of Cotton Science Cotton Foundation 12/01/1997 Y Available Now QKJ
Core Academic Journal 1672-5220 Journal of Donghua University Donghua University 06/01/2006 Y Available Now AZBL
Core Academic Journal 1361-2026 Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management Emerald Publishing 12/01/1996 Y Available Now 6V5
Core Academic Journal 1537-7881 Journal of Industrial Hemp Taylor & Francis Ltd 12/01/2004 12/31/2009 Y Available Now 1319
Core Academic Journal 1528-0837 Journal of Industrial Textiles Sage Publications 01/01/2000 Y Available Now H5F
Core Academic Journal 1346-8073 Journal of Insect Biotechnology & Sericology Nihon Sanshi Gakkai 12/01/2001 Y Available Now 6CQI
Core Academic Journal 1544-0478 Journal of Natural Fibers Taylor & Francis Ltd 12/01/2004 Y Available Now ZYD
Core Academic Journal 1533-0915 Journal of Textile & Apparel Technology & Management (JTATM) North Carolina State University, Office of Technology 06/01/2004 Y Available Now RQX
Commercialization & New Ventures
Core Academic Journal 1346-8235 Journal of Textile Engineering Textile Machinery Society of Japan 05/29/2006 Y Available Now RQY
Core Academic Journal 1001-0564 Journal of the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology / Beijing Fuzhuang Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology 03/01/2005 Y Available Now 8471
Xueyuan Xuebao
Core Academic Journal 0037-2072 Journal of the Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses / Sen'i Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses / Sen'i 01/01/2003 Y Available Now QL7
Seihin Shohi Kagaku Seihin Shohi Kagaku
Core Academic Journal 0037-9875 Journal of the Society of Fiber Science & Technology, Japan / Sen'i Sen'i Gakkai 01/01/1970 Y Available Now QL6
Core Academic Journal 1673-047X Journal of the Suzhou University (Engineering Science) / Suzhou Daxue Suzhou University Press 05/02/2002 11/30/2012 Y Available Now 8472
Core Academic Journal 0368-4636 Journal of the Textile Association Textile Association 01/01/1972 Y Available Now QKK
Core Academic Journal 0040-5000 Journal of the Textile Institute Taylor & Francis Ltd 01/01/1967 Y Available Now YOX
Core Academic Journal 1671-024X Journal of the Tianjin Polytechnic University / Tianjin Gongye Daxue Xuebao Journal of Tianjin Polytechnic University 02/01/2005 Y Available Now 8474

Core Magazine 0170-401X Kettenwirk-Praxis (English Edition) Verlag Karl Mayer 05/01/2010 Available Now TEK
Core Magazine 0266-8394 Knitting International World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/1974 Available Now QKO
Core Academic Journal 0386-2186 Kobunshi Ronbunshu Society of Polymer Science 01/01/1974 Y Available Now QKQ
Core Magazine 0941-9179 Kunsthandwerk & Design Ritterbach Verlag GmbH 12/01/2005 11/30/2013 Available Now 2ZJX
Core Trade Publication 0019-9176 L'Industrie Textile Industrie Textile 09/01/2010 01/31/2011 Available Now RQK
Core Magazine 0308-3039 Lace Lace Guild 01/01/1989 04/30/2011 Available Now 8477
Core Magazine 0892-743X LDB Interior Textiles E.W. Williams 05/01/2004 Available Now 0VP
Core Academic Journal 1637-8962 M et T2 Editions Vauclair 12/01/2004 Y Available Now AZBM
Core Academic Journal 0377-7537 Man-Made Textiles in India Synthetic & Art Silk Mill's Research Association 01/01/1973 Y Available Now QKS
Core Academic Journal 1075-9417 Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures Taylor & Francis Ltd 12/01/1999 12/31/2001 Y Available Now BAP
Core Magazine 0266-2078 Medical Textiles (0266-2078) International Newsletters 01/01/1984 Available Now RR5
Core Academic Journal 0947-9163 Melliand International dfv Mediengruppe 01/01/1995 Y Available Now RR6
Core Trade Publication 0341-0781 Melliand Textilberichte dfv Mediengruppe 01/01/1976 Available Now CG5
Core Magazine 0163-4429 Nonwovens Industry Rodman Publishing 01/01/1977 Available Now QKW
Core Magazine 0953-1092 Nonwovens Report International World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/1974 09/03/2015 Available Now QKX
Core Magazine 0888-1979 Nonwovens World MTS Publications 01/01/1986 10/31/2007 Available Now QKY
Core Trade Publication 0771-7571 OIDFA Bulletin OIDFA 01/01/2003 Available Now 83XT
Core Magazine 0048-2757 Pakistan Textile Journal Asianet-Pakistan 01/01/1993 Available Now A3C
Core Magazine Performance Textiles Performance Textiles Association 06/01/2004 09/30/2008 Available Now AT9
Core Academic Journal 0032-3861 Polymer Elsevier B.V. 01/01/1971 Y Available Now KHC
Core Academic Journal 0959-8103 Polymer International John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 01/01/1991 Y Available Now O9C
Core Academic Journal 0360-2559 Polymer-Plastics Technology & Engineering Taylor & Francis Ltd 01/01/1974 Y Available Now GH9

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Coverage Policy Source Type ISSN Publication Name Publisher Indexing and Indexing and Peer- Availability* MID
Abstracting Start Abstracting Stop Reviewed

Core Academic Journal 1042-7147 Polymers for Advanced Technologies John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 01/01/1996 Y Available Now O9D
Core Conference Proceedings 1059-2644 Proceedings of the Beltwide Cotton Conferences National Cotton Council of America 12/01/1996 Available Now 2YYP
Core Magazine 1731-8645 Przeglad Wlokienniczy Wydawnictwo Czasopism i Ksiazek Technicznych 01/01/1971 Available Now A3I
Core Academic Journal 0034-3617 Reinforced Plastics Elsevier B.V. 01/01/1978 Y Available Now KGV
Core Magazine 0374-4353 Research Disclosure Questel 01/01/1974 09/03/2015 Available Now QL3
Core Academic Journal 0557-9325 Review of Progress in Coloration & Related Topics Society of Dyers & Colorists 01/01/1971 12/31/2005 Y Available Now RS5
Priority Trade Publication 0300-3418 Revista de Quimica Textil Revista de Quimica Textil 01/01/1981 08/31/2010 Available Now QL5
Core Magazine 0394-5413 Rivista delle Tecnologie Tessili Reed Business Information / Italy 01/01/1987 01/31/2009 Available Now RS7
Core Magazine 1125-5579 Selezione Tessile Tecniche Nuove 01/01/1981 12/31/2010 Available Now A3Q
Core Magazine 1742-254X Selvedge Selvedge Magazine 12/01/2006 Available Now 6DTN
Core Academic Journal 0149-6395 Separation Science & Technology Taylor & Francis Ltd 01/01/1996 Y Available Now KV6
Core Trade Publication 1021-0989 Sportswear International (European Edition) dfv Mediengruppe 01/01/2004 Available Now 8479
Core Trade Publication 0197-4483 Surface Design Journal Surface Design Association 05/31/2001 Available Now VSF
Core Magazine Synthetic Fibres Association of Synthetic Fibre Industry 01/01/1973 12/31/2008 Available Now QLA
Core Magazine 1019-0473 Taiwan Textile Research Journal Taiwan Textile Research Institute 01/01/2008 Y Available Now B60Z
Core Academic Journal 0323-3243 Technical Textiles / Technische Textilen dfv Mediengruppe 03/01/2003 Y Available Now RT8
Core Trade Publication 0964-5993 Technical Textiles International International Newsletters 01/01/1992 Available Now RSD
Core Magazine 0393-4888 Technofashion Techniche Nuove Spa 01/01/2011 Available Now FDEQ
Priority Magazine 0040-1900 Técnica Textil Internacional ETECNES 01/01/1972 04/30/2008 Available Now RT3
Core Magazine 1310-912X Tekstil i Obleklo Tekstil i Obleklo 11/05/1998 Available Now AZBP
Core Academic Journal 0492-5882 Tekstil: Journal of Textile & Clothing Technology Croatian Association of Textile Engineers 01/01/1971 Y Available Now A4B
Core Academic Journal 0351-3386 Tekstilec University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences & 01/01/1982 Y Available Now QLC
Engineering, Department of Textiles
Core Magazine 1125-9183 Tessili per Impieghi Tecnici Ascontex Editoriale 05/12/2001 12/31/2003 Available Now RT4
Core Trade Publication 0040-4861 Textil-Revue St. Galler Tagblatt AG 01/13/2006 Available Now 847D
Core Magazine 0049-3554 Textile Asia Business Press International, Ltd. 01/01/1971 Available Now QLD
Core Trade Publication 1431-3510 Textile Forum Textil-Forum-Service/B. Sterk 01/01/1971 12/31/2013 Available Now 6CQ5
Core Academic Journal 0040-4969 Textile History Taylor & Francis Ltd 01/01/1972 Y Available Now PKI
Core Magazine 1353-6184 Textile Horizons World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/1981 11/30/2010 Available Now RT2
Core Trade Publication 0040-2389 Textile Industry / Tekstilna Industrija Savez inzenjera i tehnicara tekstilaca SR Srbije 01/01/1991 10/31/2011 Available Now A4D
Core Trade Publication 0008-5170 Textile Journal / La Revue du Textile CTJ, Inc. 01/01/1971 Available Now Z3V
Core Magazine 0040-5078 Textile Magazine Gopali & Co. 01/01/1993 Available Now QLF
Core Magazine 0040-5116 Textile Month World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/1971 06/30/2010 Available Now QLL
Core Magazine 2040-5162 Textile Month International World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/2009 Available Now BFNS
Core Academic Journal 0083-7407 Textile Museum Journal University of Texas Press 01/01/1984 Y Available Now TMJ
Core Magazine 1612-5096 Textile Network (English Edition) Meisenbach GmbH 10/01/2003 Available Now U26
Core Academic Journal 0040-5167 Textile Progress Taylor & Francis Ltd 03/01/1969 Y Available Now RT1
Core Magazine Textile Rental Textile Rental Services Association of America 01/01/2005 12/31/2011 Available Now RT0
Core Academic Journal 0040-5175 Textile Research Journal Sage Publications 01/01/1970 Y Available Now 2ES
Core Magazine 0195-0118 Textile Services Textile Rental Services Association of America 01/01/2012 Available Now JF20
Core Magazine 1043-5239 Textile Topics Fiber & Biopolymer Research Institute 01/01/1978 12/31/2008 Available Now QLN
Core Magazine 0040-5205 Textile Trends (0040-5205) Eastland Publications 01/01/2010 Available Now A5C
Core Trade Publication 1384-5306 Textile View Magazine Metropolitan Publishing BV 12/01/2005 Available Now 6CQB
Core Trade Publication 1872-6127 Textile View2 Magazine Metropolitan Publishing BV 12/01/2006 Available Now 847A
Core Trade Publication 0040-5213 Textile World Textile Industries Media Group, LLC 01/01/1970 Available Now TXW
Core Academic Journal 1475-9756 Textile: The Journal of Cloth & Culture Taylor & Francis Ltd 03/01/2006 Y Available Now 68H
Core Magazine 1354-5981 Textiles Eastern Europe Textile Media Services Ltd. 01/01/1995 Available Now 6CQ2
Core Magazine 1367-1308 Textiles Magazine Textile Institute 01/01/1994 Available Now RSX
Core Magazine 0049-3570 Textiles Panamericanos Textile Industries Media Group, LLC 01/01/1984 Available Now L3C
Core Trade Publication 1743-3231 Textiles South East Asia Textile Media Services Ltd. 01/01/2005 Available Now 847B
Core Trade Publication 0934-3342 Textilkunst International Verlag M. und H. Schaper GmbH 03/01/2003 09/30/2015 Available Now 847C
Core Magazine 2296-1208 Textilplus Verlag Textilplus AG 01/01/2013 Available Now G987
Core Academic Journal 0040-5310 Textilveredlung Verlag Textilplus AG 01/01/1971 12/31/2012 Y Available Now RSV
Core Magazine 0040-487X Textilwirtschaft dfv Mediengruppe 03/04/2004 Available Now CH7
Core Trade Publication 2258-9538 TUT: Magazine Textile International Industrie Textile 01/01/2011 03/31/2012 Available Now GBNQ
Core Trade Publication 1161-9317 TUT: Textiles a l'Usage Technique Industrie Textile 01/01/1991 12/31/2010 Available Now QLP
Core Magazine 1759-0418 Twist World Textile Information Network Ltd. 09/01/2008 Available Now 8UVJ
Core Academic Journal 1335-0617 Vlakna a Textil Vyskumny Ustav Chemickych Vlaken 01/01/1994 Y Available Now 6CQ3
Core Magazine 0263-6131 Wool Record World Textile Information Network Ltd. 01/01/1971 08/31/2008 Available Now QLQ
Core Academic Journal 1003-1456 Wool Textile Journal National Wool Textile Science & Technology Information 01/01/2006 Y Available Now 847J
Core Magazine 1356-644X WSA: Performance & Sports Materials World Trades Publishing Ltd. 01/01/2004 Available Now 1BVK

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