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Date: 28 March 2018
Student/mentee: Mirna Bogut
Mentor: Snježana Štark
School: OŠ Josipovac

Literature (Coursebook – Title, Authors etc.) Textbook - Mardešić, Maja, Dip in 6 : udžbenik engleskog jezika za 6. razred
osnovne škole : 6. godina učenja, Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 2013.

Class: (+ level, number of learners): 6, 13-15 students

Topic of the lesson: Easter
Type of the lesson: Reading practice, presentation

The main aim of the lesson1 Ls will be able to name days of Easter and vocabulary connected to them
Learning outcomes Ls will be able recognize some of vocabulary items and connect them to Croatian
Ls will be able to read the text to find out important information.
Ls locate unknown vocabulary.
Ls will be able to extract important information while practicing scanning.
Ls will be able to use introduced vocabulary to solve the task.
Ls will be able to design a card using their pre-knowledge.
Ls will be able to present their creations to the whole class
(linguistic outcome: active vocabulary, phrases…) Ls will be able to use learned vocabulary and connect it with Croatian
Ls practice previously introduced vocabulary.
Prior knowledge required (topics and / or content): Airport language, reading skill

1 educational/academic: what learners should learn (knowledge and skills: what, what scope, what level) e.g. Students will be able use
vocabulary connected to Easter (e.g. Lent means korizma…)
– functional/communicational: what skills learners develop that they can use outside the classroom, e.g. spoken discourse: students will be
able to ask for clarification (e.g. What is lent?)
– affective: which values and attitudes learners acquire, e.g. Students will use socially appropriate expressions while speaking and writing

Lesson Aims Procedure Classroom Teaching
and Comment
stages/timing (individual tasks) (short description of steps) organization aids
Introduction Ls will be able to Step 1- Egg hunt Whole class Blackboa
(5’) find hidden Teacher tell students that their first activity will be Game rd,
vocabulary items in egg hunt. Their task is to find hidden paper eggs patafix,
form of eggs to containing vocabulary items: Good Friday, Lent, paper
motivate them for Holy Saturday, Easter bunny, Eggs, Ham. They Questions eggs
today’s lesson have 3 minutes to find the eggs and stick them to and
Ls will be able the board. Teacher then tells students to sit down answers
recognize some of and look at the words. Teacher tells them to think
vocabulary items about their meaning. Teacher goes through
and connect them vocabulary items with students and offers them
to Croatian explanation and translation. Students then write
equivalents. everything down into their notebooks.

Main part Step 2 – Easter! Silent Individual Compute

(30’) Ls will be able to Teacher tells students to open their books at page reading work r,
(10’) read the text to find 120. Students’ task is to read the text. After they Questions overhead
out important are done, teacher asks if there are any unknown and projector,
information words. Teacher then turns on ppt presentation answers ppt
Ls will be able to containing images and some words which may be Translation presentati
locate unknown unknown (such as crucifixion) and explains them on
vocabulary while students watch ppt presentation.

Step 3- 2nd reading

Teacher hands out table handouts to students. Reading Individual Textbook
Students read the text again and this time their task Scanning work Handout
(10’) Ls will be able to is to fill out the table. Students may add something
extract important they can’t find in the book (e.g. symbols section:
information while Easter bunny, basket, flowers grass etc.) After they
practicing scanning are done teacher checks their answers.
to do it
Extra Step 4- GUESS WHAT?
activity Teacher tells students that now they are going to Game of Whole class Blackboa
play a game of guessing. Teacher draws a table on association rd, chalk
Ls will be able to the board. Their task is to open fields to uncover a
use introduced word. Each word is connected to Easter. Their task
vocabulary to solve is to guess final term – Easter Sunday.
the task
Step 5 – Card Making a Group work Colored
Teacher tells students that their final task would be card paper,
to make a card. Students are divided into groups. scissors,
(10’) Teacher gives them colored paper, scissors, glue or glue,
Ls will be able to they can bring their own. Students need to decide pens
design a card using on how their card is going to look and what they
their pre- will write inside.
Conclusion knowledge Step 6 - Presentation presentatio Group work Cards
(5’) Ls will be able to Students present their cards to the rest of the class n Whole class
present their and wish everybody happy Easter holidays.
creations to the
whole class