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Senior High School Tree Planting Activity

As an advocacy and support to the

National Greening Program of the
Philippines mandated under the
Executive Order No. 26, s. 2011, the
Ungos Integrated Senior High School
headed by our Senior High School
coordinator Mrs. Remelie R. Arante,
. conducted a tree planting activity in
the vicinity of Barangay Cawayan,
Real, Quezon last October 13, 2017.
This is an activity for the purpose of
letting the senior high school students
UNHS students actively participating in the tree
realize the importance of trees for the
planting activity held at Brgy. Cawayan, Real,
human being and for the
Mr. Bryan Potestades, the Municipal Environment
and Natural Resource Officer of Real, Quezon
explained the benefits of trees on earth. According to
him, trees are the main source of oxygen which every
living thing on earth needs. They beautify our
surroundings and serve as protection from the direct
heat of sunlight. And with their roots deeply
penetrated in the soil layer stabilize and hold soil in
place which minimizes the rate of erosion caused by
Mr. Bryan Potestades, MENRO of the impact of rain and bodies of water. He also
Real demonstrating the proper way demonstrated the correct way of planting bare root
of planting bare root tree seedlings. tree seedlings.
After a short briefing, Mr.
Potestades, divided the 130
students into two groups headed by
their advisers. This is to make sure
that the activity would undertake
for about three hours only and will
be finished before the lunchtime.
Each student who brought their
own tree seedlings immediately
proceed to their respective area of
concern and begin digging holes
with enough deep and space as
Mr. Bryan Potestades while giving instruction to instructed to them by the assigned
the group of students. MENRO staff. They also cleaned
and removed grass, so the tree
seedling doesn't have to compete
for water and nutrients.
Meanwhile, the unceasing support
of the senior high school faculties
. and staff to this very important
activity cannot be discounted as
each of them planted their own tree
seedlings with high hopes that it will
grow as high as it could be just like
how they take care and nurture
their students’ mind for their bright

As a result, the Ungos Senior High Students, faculties, and staff planted the total of 250 tree
seedlings along the river bank of Barangay Cawayan, Real, Quezon.

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