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Defect Report , Tire Fender Starboard Stern corner Missing- fall to Sea

 Time 11.00 Hrs : PTAS Amanah 6 Completed transfer Lunch Pack at CPDP38 . AB/ BLO
Reported that Fender on Starboard Stern corner detachad from Mounting bracket.
 Time 11:03 Hrs : C/O Come To Checked Found that some Mounting bolt was broken due to
rusty. Decided Postpone to secure the Detached fender due tue unsafe to do. Vessel pitching,
Swell 1 to 1,5 m , Wind Speed 10-15 Knot.
 Time 11:06 Hrs : Vessel continue deliver Lunch Pack to Pltaforms at South Area Champion
 Time 13:00 Hrs : Vessel Approaching CPWJ21 for Pick Up Passangers. AB /BLO Reported that
Fender on Starboard Stern corner Missing.
 Without fender attached on Starboard stern corner do alongside starboard to platform landing
boat very dangerous. It could resulted damage both vessel and platform structure ( no single
platform on champion field attached with fender)
 as long as practicable we will not do starboard alongside on platform landing boat during
passanger/food/Hand carry transfer
 In case of any instruction from IPC 7 which required PTAS Amanah 6 to do Starboard Alongisde
on Platform landing boat , we definitely will refuse.