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cook book
contents introducing Village Bites!
Welcome to our Village Bites cookbook! What is Maren, Catherine, Melissa, Yoga and Amy travelled
Village Bites, you ask? Well, we’ll tell you. Campus to Sydney to meet with Jimmy and go head to head
Living Villages set out to find the five most en- in a cook-off for the top prize: a $1000 cheque
thusiastic and creative young cooks in our Village and a featured position in this cookbook! You can
introducing Village Bites! 03 kitchens for our #VillageBites campaign. watch all of the action from the cook-off here!

Jimmy Wong's Recipes Village Bites was created with our Village resi- We had so much fun creating this cookbook with
dents in mind, and shows current and incoming the help of Jimmy and our five talented Village
students that cooking with flavour, healthy and contestants! In here you will find featured culi-
breakfast cheese brioche 05 affordable ingredients is as easy as 1, 2, 3! With nary creations from our celebrity chef, Jimmy, our
breakfast potato hash 06 that, we opened up a national competition inviting national winner, Maren, and the other contestants.
crispy asian pork salad 09 our current residents to submit their go-to dish We hope that by reading this book you will take
that they prepare in the kitchen. These culinary away some new skills and add your own flair to
tagliatelle with speck & brussel sprout pangrattato 10
creations had to be inventive, healthy, affordable them in the kitchen!
prawn, fennel & apple salad 13 and generally easy to prepare.
Get cooking and share your creations with us!
Finalist's Recipes Using the hashtag #VillageBites, we partnered up #VillageBites
with our good friend, Jimmy Wong, from Master-
mexican omelette with avocado dressing & lime 14 chef, to find our top five Village contestants!
scotch fillet, red wine reduction & baked potato salad 17
After scouring Instagram and Facebook for the
chicken skewers with carroty couscous 18 most creative submissions, we settled on our top
one-pot chicken & potato curry 21 five contestants and flew them to Sydney from
pan fried salmon with garden salad 22 every corner of the country.

Jimmy Wong
Masterchef Contestant
breakfast cheese
Ingredients Method Specialist Equipment

Cheese brioche To make the cheese brioche, mortar and pestle

4 brioche buns heat the large pan and melt large pan
1 tbsp butter the butter in the pan. Place the
handful grated parmesan buns flat side down and toast. Serves 4
handful grated cheddar/tasty You may need to repeat this
cheese depending on the size of your
pan. Once done, place a small
Guacamole handful of the combined grated
1 avocado cheese onto the hot pan and
1 tsp lemon juice place the bun over the top. Once
1 tsp virgin olive oil melted, remove and set aside.
pinch sea salt
1/4tsp cumin (optional) To make guacamole, place the
avocado, lemon juice, virgin
Other ingredients olive oil, and salt into a mortar
300g finely shaved honey ham and pestle and grind to a coarse
4 eggs gaucamole. Cumin can be added
kewpi for a more authentic flavour.

To prepare the eggs, add a

teaspoon of virgin olive oil to
the pan and break the eggs
into the pan. Fry for 2 minutes.
You may flip the egg over if you
like to have the eggs more well
done. Careful that you do not
break the yolk!

To serve, place the guacamole

onto the cheese brioche,
place the shaved ham on the
guacamole, then your egg and
a squeeze of kewpi. Place the
top of the bun on and serve

Jimmy Wong
breakfast potato Masterchef Contestant

Ingredients Method

Potatoes To make the potato hash, peel To serve, dish out the potato
1kg russet potatoes and grate the potatoes. Place the hash, then place the slices of
50g butter grated potatoes into a cloth and prosciutto to the side. Place 1
virgin olive oil squeeze all the water out of the tbsp of Crème fraîche and place
pinch of salt potato. Make sure you use a little the asparagus over the centre.
force. Place dry potatoes into a Carefully lift the poached egg
Asparagus bowl and season with salt. In a onto the plate and serve.
1 bunch asparagus (8 pieces) hot pan, place the butter and a
1 tsp virgin olive oil healthy amount of virgin olive oil Specialist Equipment
1 lemon into a hot pan and spread an even
Pinch of salt layer. Do not move the potato large piece of muslin cloth or
until it is golden brown, then flip to chux
Other ingredients cook the other side. Repeat until box grater
8 slices prosciutto all the potatoes are cooked. To slotted spoon
Crème fraîche prepare the asparagus, chop the
4 eggs ends off and place into a pot of Serves 4
1 tbsp white vinegar salted boiling water for 1 minute.
Once done, quickly place them into
a large bowl with water and ice.
When asparagus is cooled, remove
and dress with virgin olive oil,
lemon juice and salt.

To poach the eggs, have a deep pot

of boiling water ready, place the
vinegar into the water. Place an
egg into a small bowl one at a time.
Using the slotted spoon, swirl the
water to create a cortex in the
centre, then carefully drop the
egg into the centre at a low height.
Allow to cook for 2 minutes and
then remove. Repeat the process
with the rest of the eggs.

crispy asian pork
Ingredients Method

Asian pork chops To make the Asian pork, first Now toast the almond slivers in
4x pork chops on the bone prepare and dry the pork chops. a pan until golden brown. Cut up
2 tbsp light soy sauce In a food blender, add all other the avocado into small pieces. In
1 tbsp Xiao Xin wine ingredients and blend. Coat a large glass salad bowl, add the
1/2 tsp sesame oil pork chops evenly and cover. Let salad mix, broccolini, almonds,
1 tsp fish sauce rest for 1 hour in the fridge. Prior avocado and dressing. Gently
1x coriander powder to cooking, place the remainder mix.
1 tsp lemongrass powder of the corn starch in a flat dish.
1/2 tsp coriander powder Place 1 and a 1/2 cups of canola To serve, place the salad in
1 star anise oil in a deep pan for shallow the centre of the plate, finally
2 cloves of garlic frying. Oil should be around adding your crispy Asian pork
1 tbsp ginger 180°C. and serve immediately.
1 tbsp canola oil
pinch of white pepper Roll the pork in the corn starch Serves 4
1 tsp corn starch + extra for and coat evenly, shake off the
frying excess and place in pan for
frying. Ensure that the pork is
Broccolini + Asian green salad thoroughly cooked (approx 8
4 stalks of broccolini mins), repeat for remainder of
1 bag of Asian salad greens the pork chops.
1 avocado
50g almond slivers To make broccolini, blanch the
broccolini in boiling water (1
minute) and then into a cold
water bath. Dry and coat in olive
oil and season with salt. You can
sear the broccolini on a bbq or
pan to give it a deeper flavour.

Jimmy Wong
To make the salad, firstly
prepare the salad dressing. In
a small bowl, add 2 tbsp canola
oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 3 drops of
sesame oil and mix thoroughly.
Masterchef Contestant Salt and pepper to taste.

tagliatelle with Jimmy Wong
speck & brussel
Masterchef Contestant

sprout pangrattato
Ingredients Method

Tagliatelle To prepare the tagliatelle, fill Finally, adding the panko

2 cloves of garlic 3/4 of a large pot with water crumb and herbs and toast for
1 slice of anchovy and bring to boil. Once boiling another minute, ensuring that
1 tsp lemon juice add a generous amount of salt. you continuously stir to avoid
1 tbsp virgin olive oil When pangrattato mix is ready, burning and to make sure the
1 tsp unsalted butter place the tagliatelle into water mix is well combined and well
reserved pasta water and move around to avoid toasted. Remove from heat.
salt & pepper to taste clumping of the pasta. Check
the pasta is al dente at around 5 To serve, twirl the pasta with
Speck & Brussel Sprout minutes by tasting it - it should large thin tongs/tweezers or
Pangrattato have a firm texture. Do not chopsticks and place in the
3 rashers of speck throw away the pasta water as centre of a warm plate. Scatter
120gm brussel sprouts (fine this will be used to loosen the the pangrattato on top. Sprinkle
slice) pasta. a generous amount of shaved
2 shallots (finely chopped) parmesan. Garnish with finely
2 cloves of garlic (finely Heat pan up with some virgin chopped flat leaf parsley. Serve
chopped) olive oil. Put finely chopped immediately.
1/2 tsp chilli flakes garlic, anchovy and chilli flakes
1 tbsp drained capers (chopped) and stir for 1 minute. Add butter, Specialist Equipment
1/2 cup panko crumbs melt and quickly place the
2 tbsp chopped parsley & thyme tagliatelle into the pan. Salt and fine microplane
pepper to taste. Adding 1/4 cup large tweezers/chopsticks
Shaved parmesan to finish of the reserved pasta water.
Serves 2
To make speck & brussel sprout
pangrattato, Place virgin olive
oil in a large pan. Once heated
add the finely chopped shallots
i l l a g e B i tes
and chopped speck. Once it
V i on
starts to get golden add the
garlic, brussel sprouts, lemon c o m p e t i t
zest, chilli flakes and capers and
stir for 1 minute.

Jimmy Wong prawn, fennel &
apple salad
Masterchef Contestant

Ingredients Method

Prawns To make the prawns, To serve, place the salad onto

400g large prawns prepare and butterfly them, the centre of the plate. Place
1 tsp Yuzukoshō paste remembering to remove the the seared prawns over the
1 tbsp olive oil poo shoots. In a bowl combine salad, dress with a little more
1/2 tsp lemon juice/yuzu the Yuzukoshō, olive oil, lemon olive oil and garnish with
pinch of sea salt juice and sea salt. Marinate the nasturtiums and flowers. Serve
prawns for 15 minutes. Sear immediately.
Avocado (for prawns) the prawns quickly on a hot
1 ripe avocado pan for no more than 2 minutes Specialist Equipment
1/2 tsp lemon juice (the prawns should be done).
1/2 tsp wasabi Leave to cool on a plate. Prior blow torch
pinch of sea salt to serving, pipe on the avocado japanese mandolin
paste (see below for recipe)
Fennel and apple salad and kewpi, before searing with
1 green apple a blowtorch on a metal plate
1 large fennel bulb (optional).
50g walnuts
1 tbsp virgin olive oil To make the avocado paste,
1 tsp lemon juice put the avocado, lemon juice,
continental parsley chopped wasabi and sea salt in a mortar
chopped dill and pestle. Grind to a fine paste,
pass through a sieve and then
Garnish (optional) into a piping bag (you can use a
12 nasturtium leaves sandwich bag if a piping bag is
edible flowers (ie. snap dragons, not available).
kewpi (Japanese mayonnaise) For the salad, using a Japanese
mandolin on fine setting (or
simply cut finely with a sharp
knife), slice the fennel and
apple into a bowl. Chop approx
1 tablespoon of parsley and dill
and place into the bowl. Drizzle
the lemon juice, virgin olive oil
and salt and mix. Finally, add the
whole walnuts.

mexican omelette Vil l a g e B i t e s

with avocado national

dressing & lime
Ingredients Method Serves 4

1 ripe avocado Squeeze flesh of avocado into

3 limes a blender and discard the stone
1 handful fresh coriander and skin. Squeeze 2 limes and
3 tbsp natural yoghurt add juice, yoghurt, coriander
1 red onion stalks and a dash of oil. Spin
1 carrot until smooth, season.
1/2 white or green cabbage
1 fresh red chilli Peel your carrot and onion then
8 large eggs grate. Finely slice the cabbage
60g cheddar cheese and chilli, then add everything
salt & pepper into a large bowl. Add most
of your coriander leaves then
pour avocado dressing over the
top. Toss well. Season to your
preferences. Whisk eggs with a
splash of water and pinch of salt
and pepper.

Heat a drizzle of oil in a pan over

medium-low heat. Once hot add
a quarter of your egg mixture,
then grate over a quarter of
cheese and allow to melt. Cook
omelette gently until soft and
smooth. This should take just
under 2 minutes.

Slide omelette onto a plate and

maren lyse
add a quarter of the avocado
slaw. Gently fold the sides and
roll over. Serve with a wedge of
lime and garnish with coriander
leaves. Repeat until all of the
slaw mixture is gone! Griffith University Village

scotch fillet with
balsamic glaze &
baked potato
Ingredients Method Serves 1

beef scotch fillet Preheat oven to 200°C. Wash

5 tbsp balsamic vinegar potato and pat dry. Season with
1-2 tbsp brown sugar olive oil, salt, pepper and Italian
1 tbsp finely chopped parsley herbs. Bake for 50-60 minutes
jacket potato until tender.
italian herbs
olive oil Heat up a pan on medium heat
salt with olive oil. Season both sides
black pepper of the scotch fillet with salt and
black pepper. Sear steak for 3.5
mins on each side until medium-
rare. Remove from pan and let
rest for at least 5 mins.

Add balsamic vinegar, parsley

and brown sugar into the same

melissa tee
pan and let it reduce until
thickened. Reserved steak juice
can be added to enhance flavour
of the glaze. Pour glaze over
steak. Serve with baked potato
Sydney University Village and salad for a balanced meal!

chicken skewers amy day
with carroty RMIT Village

Ingredients Method Serves 2

Chicken skewers Heat olive oil in a pan and add

2 tbsp olive oil carrots. Season with a pinch of
1 tsp sumac salt and pepper and cook for 3
1/2 lemon (juiced) minutes until tender. Dissolve
2 crushed garlic cloves vegetable stock cube in 400ml
3 thyme sprigs of hot water.
1 tsp chilli flakes
4 chicken breasts Set aside in bowl and pour in
1 onion (thin wedges) couscous along with 400ml of
1 capsicum (diced) hot vegetable stock water. Add
chilli flakes and cover with cling
Couscous wrap for 10 minutes, or until all
3 carrots (grated) the water has been absorbed
200g couscous and the couscous is tender.
1 cube of vegetable stock
1 tsp chilli flakes Slice chicken into chunks and
handful of mint leaves place in freezer bag. Place olive
oil, sumac, juice of ½ lemon,
Yoghurt garlic, lime and chilli flakes into
2 tbsp tahini paste bag and season. Marinate for 10
2 tbsp natural yoghurt minutes. (Tip: marinate as ahead
1 garlic clove (crushed) of time as you like, the flavours
1/2 lemon juice will come through more!).

Options Thread the onions, capsicum,

- switch the chicken for prawns and chicken onto skewers and
- can add cherry tomatoes to place under grill until chicken is
the chicken skewers cooked through properly.
- garnish with spring onions
Mix the tahini, yoghurt, garlic
and lemon juice to make sauce.
Fold mint leaves through
couscous, transfer to a plate
and place skewers on top.
Drizzle over any leftover juice
from the grill, and serve with a
dollop of yoghurt sauce.
one-pot chicken
& potato curry
Ingredients Method

2 tbsp olive oil Heat the olive oil in a large pot Serve with rice and your choice
2 large onions (diced) over medium-high heat. Cook of vanilla yogurt on the side.
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste onions, stirring occasionally, for
2 large tomatoes (diced) 5 minutes or unti translucent. Serves 4
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, or
more to taste Add the ginger-garlic paste,
2 tbsp curry powder green chillies and curry leaves
1 tspgaram masala cook for 5 minutes.
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp ground cumin Reduce heat to medium; sstir
2 skinless chicken breast (diced) in tomatoes and cook for 5-10
2 chicken thighs bone on (optional) minutes, or until tomatoes are
2 large potatoes (diced) pulpy.
1 cup chicken stock
1 pinch of salt , or more to taste Season with the cayenne
2 green chillies - optional pepper, curry powder, garam
4 curry leaves - optional masala, turmeric, and cumin;
cook and stir for another 5

Add the chicken and potatoes

to the pot; let simmer and stir
occasionally until chicken is

yoga kalimuthu
cooked through.

Add the chicken stock and salt

according to your taste. Lower
to medium-heat and close the
lid. Let simmer for another 20
ECU Village Mt Lawley minutes.

pan fried
salmon with
garden salad
Ingredients Method Serves 1-2

1 salmon fillet Season salmon fillet with a

1 tbsp olive oil pinch of salt and pepper
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp orange juice Heat large-non stick frying pan
1 tsp lemon juice over medium-high heat and add
handful baby spinach olive oil.
cherry tomatoes
½ cucumber Add salmon, and cook for 4-5
salt and pepper minutes on one side.

Turn, cook and cover for 4-5

minutes or until the salmon is

To prepare salad, slice

cucumber and cherry tomatoes
and place into small bowl, then
add spinach.

Mix mustard seeds, lemon and

orange juice in a small bowl to
make a dressing.

Drizzle dressing over salad and

toss. Place on plate, then place
salmon fillet(s) on top. Serve.
catherine yap
University of Canberra Village


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