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ABNA AL AMIR Contracting LLC

Date : 10 October 2017




Reference : Residential Building ( B+G+7+R)

On Plot: IC3-E-16 Community: Warsan Fourth - 624
Owner: Hassan Hamad Ali Hassan Al Amir

Subject : Comments Reply for CED and EHS Building Completion Certificate

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above mentioned project we hereby Reply for the comments given
during inspection for CED AND EHS Building Completion for your kind review.


1 DCD Completion to be provided DCD Completion is attached

2 Structural summary log sheet to be completed Structural Sheet Completed

3 Revised drawings to be provided Revised drawings provided
EHS Permit & Construction Safety COMMENTS REPLY
1 All substandard support given to service lines of the roof top Proper supports provided
to be replaced with proper supports
2 Adequate lightning to be to roof area Lighting provided on roof

3 All MEP works include SA/C ducting works,chiller waterline All mentioned works completed
connections,other piping works & LPG works to be
4 Standard type wheel stoppers provided on the parking area Wheel stopper provided
on front side of Building mentioned area
5 Handrails/balustrade to be provided around swimming pool Handrails provided around
ramp area swimming pool
6 Depth marking to be provided on pool edges Depth marking provided

7 Atleast one ladder to be provided on 30 perimitter of the Ladders and railings provided
po,ol and ralinings to be provided on swimming pool steps
8 Gate with alarm to be provided on swimming pool in order Provided
to restrict children entering the pool without adult
9 Lovers to be installed on the opening from basement to Provided
ground floor (Basement exhaust opening)

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