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Teacher Name: Hillary Scully

Date: April 20, 2017 School: Tumbler Ridge Elementary

Grades and Subjects taught: grade 4, all courses except physical education

Appointment: 1.0 Certificate: L211520

Number of years of service: 1.5 years In present school: 1 year

Elsewhere in BC: 0

Outside BC: 1.5


The Setting

Tumbler Ridge Elementary is a school with a population of 200 students from K-6.
Tumbler Ridge is a town with a population of approximately two thousand people in
Northeastern British Columbia. Its economy is based on mining, natural gas, and
other service industries. This is Miss Scully’s first year at Tumbler Ridge
Elementary. She taught all subjects except physical education to her grade 4 class.

Satisfactory ☒ Unsatisfactory ☐

Miss Scully’s lessons were well planned. Her knowledge consistently informed her
planning and instruction. Her planning documents were aligned with intended
learning outcomes and considered student needs. She utilized “Universal Design for
Learning” in her planning. Objectives were usually stated in terms of what students
were able to demonstrate and had students reflect on their learning to inform
further teaching. Her planning and preparation showed her awareness and
commitment to the needs of all of her students.


Satisfactory ☒ Unsatisfactory ☐

Miss Scully’s lesson plans were well planned and included all the elements of a
lesson. During lessons observed, Miss Scully provided review from the previous
lesson to link to the new lesson that was taught. She introduced the objective of the
lesson and provided guided instruction before assigning independent practice
although at times she acknowledged that maybe there needed to be more guided
instruction considering the group dynamic. Throughout the lessons, Miss Scully
asked a variety of questions checking for understanding as the lesson progressed.
She paid attention to individual needs and differentiated where need be. She
implemented a change in her questioning by having the students answer to a buddy,
which showed improved engagement of the students. She monitored the students'
understanding and progress throughout the lessons, providing clarification when
needed. Her interactions throughout her lessons were positive and respectful.

Satisfactory ☒ Unsatisfactory ☐

Miss Scully has supplied documentation, which indicate adherence to criterion

referenced assessment, alignment of assessments with major learning outcome and
appropriate use of formative/summative assessments. Her written formal reports
improved from one term to another as it was a substantial change from Alberta. She
was willing to accept feedback to show improvement and ensure they were clear,
accurate and complete.

Miss Scully effectively held student-led conferences and communicated well with
the parents. Evaluation methods were often shared with the class and discussed
throughout the assignments. Periodic phone calls or emails home provided
constant communication with regard to student progress and behaviours. She
would often meet with parents to further discuss ways to meet the child’s need and
gain support of the parents.

Satisfactory ☒ Unsatisfactory ☐

Miss Scully consistently demonstrated excellence in her ability to maintain a

positive learning environment. During my observations, I witnessed her using
appropriate verbal and non-verbal cues, monitoring student activity and behaviour,
responding to incidents and building rapport with the students. Students were
engaged in meaningful and productive learning activities and there were effective
transitions between activities. Miss Scully maintained a positive outlook and her
quiet demeanour is a definite asset in promoting a conducive learning environment.

Satisfactory ☒ Unsatisfactory ☐
Miss Scully demonstrated very positive interpersonal relationships with colleagues,
administration and support staff. She participated in the District’s Mentorship
program and worked collaboratively with the intermediate teachers in the “Guided
Math” program. During post-conference evaluations, the teacher was reflective and
focused on strategies for improving future lessons. She often was seen discussing
ideas with others after school in an informal manner. Miss Scully is a reflective
teacher, interested in developing her teaching potential.

Comments: In conclusion, Miss Scully has demonstrated competence in all teacher

evaluation domains and her contributions to effective student learning and positive
school culture have been satisfactory.

In accordance with School District 59 – Peace River South teacher evaluation criteria, the
following summary statement indicates that the learning/teaching situation is considered to
be either Satisfactory or Less than Satisfactory:

Satisfactory ☒ Less than Satisfactory ☐

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Date Issued Principal

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Date Issued Teacher