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Math 2 – Extra Credit – 10 points Name ___________________________

Conics Period _____ Date ________________

Write the equation of a parabola with the given focus and directrix.
1. and 2. and 3. and

Identify the vertex, focus, and directrix of the graph of each equation. Then graph.
4. 5.

y y

x x

Write an equation of a conic section with the given characteristics.

6. circle with (-1, 2), diameter 12 7. parabola with vertex (1, -2), x-intercept 3, and
opens to the right

8. ellipse with center (-4, -5), and endpoints 9. hyperbola with foci (-1, 2) and (5, 2), and the
(-4, -7), (-4, -3), (-1, -5), (-7, -5) difference of the focal radii is 4

10. hyperbola with foci and asymptotes 11. ellipse with foci (2, 0) and (2, -10), and the sum
and . of the focal radii is 14.

12. The cross section of a parabolic sound reflector at the Olympics has a diameter of 20 inches and is 25
inches deep. Write an equation that represents the cross section of the reflector with its vertex at (0, 0)
and its focus to the left of the vertex.
13. Blinn College is building a new track for cycling teams. The track is to be ellipse. The available land is 200
yd long and 100 yd wide. Find the equation of the ellipse.

Identify the conic section represented by each equation by writing the equation in vertex form. Identify the
following if applicable: vertex, focus (foci), center, directrix, AOS, asymptotes, or radius.
14. 15.

16. 17.

18. 19.

Graph each inequality or system of inequalities.

20. 21.

y y

x x
Solve each system using any method.
22. 23.

24. 25.

26. A satellite dish is shaped like a paraboloid of revolution. The signals that emanate from a satellite strike the
surface of the dish and are reflected to a single point, where the receiver is located. If the dish is 10 feet
across at its opening and 4 feet deep at its center, at what position should the receiver be placed?

27. A bridge is to be built in the shape of a parabolic arch and is to have a span of 100 feet. The height of the
arch a distance of 40 feet from the center is to be 10 feet. Find the height of the arch at its center.

28. Consult the figure. A racetrack is in the shape of an ellipse, 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. What is the
width 10 feet from a vertex?
29. The difference of two numbers is 2, and the sum of their squares is 10. Find the numbers.

30. The product of two numbers is 4, and the sum of their squares is 8. Find the numbers.

31. The altitude of an isosceles triangle drawn to its base is 3 cm, and its perimeter is 18 cm. Find the length of
its base.