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This; Guestion paper contains § printed pages] 237150) ie Stochastic Processes aid Queuin Theory . B.Sc. (Hons.) STATISTICS : : Auli fy, Maximum Marks : 75 te Your BolLNoan the 1op immediately on eBecipt of his question paper) afttempt five’ questions in all Section:I is: compulsory, Meme four-more: questions, selecting nve\ questions trom each Of the Sections 1 and In) Lesion alculator is allowed. Bpali 53= 15 Neslessical-tuin’ problein, what will be “of Fedcing. the’ hit GF stake from one to ha Drobabitity of ruin of thé gambler » the effect fon the isson process, then show the t Between NU) and (r+ 9) PTO, © d), © 2) @ (2) oni6 Define convolution of two sequences {a,) and’ (4), Where ay = POX =H) and 6 = POY = /) with X and Y being two fon-negative, integral valued: random * variables. Find the probability generating function. of the sum. of two independent random: variables, Ao HA AR, Where-Ay 190, 1,2 et X(), fare uncorrelated random: variables’ y ith. mean 0. and. variance 1. Is {X(), 1 © T) covariance stationary ? Define the following :: oO Ww Closed set Ergodic state Let {X,.m 2 0} be a Markov chain having’ state-space S = (1, 2) with transition matrix 1 3 va Gee Find the stationary distribution of given tp.m, Let Xj. for n-even, takes values +1 aiid -1 each with > ie 4 Probabity 3 and for m odd take values Va, 1 with probabilities. ——, 4 a Tea" d+ respectively (a° is ‘real number > -1 and, # 0, 1). Further tet X,’s: be independent. Is {X,, m2 I} strictly stationary 7 ‘Section If Let-a fair coin be tossed indefinitely. Find the probability that two or more consecutive heads will not occur in fn tosses. Also find the generating function of this event ©, © 4 @. @) one Let Sy = X, +X; +... + Xp where N has: Poisson distribution with mean a. If X/'s have isc Bemoulli distribution with P(X, = 1) = p and P(X, = ='L= p= q then show that (© Sy-has Poisson. distribution with mean ap (The joint distribution of Sy and N has the probability mass function ecatprg') PAN wm, Sy 2) = SEE tor WU Bred YON Bet UD Cov (N, Sy) = ap. : 18 Obtain probability generating function of the random variable, X_having_the mass. faneion Pam Dt MW a k= a 3 2, 2, 3, - where 0< q <1. Six boys Dev (D), Hemant (H), Jeet (J), Mohan (M), Sunil (S) and Tejas’ (T) play the game of catching a ball. If D has the ball, he is equally likely to throw it to H, M, S and T. If H gets the ball, he is equally likely to throw it to D, J, S, T. If S has the ball, he is. equally likely to throw i¢ to D, H, M and T- If either Jor T. gets the ball, they keep throwing it to each other. If M gets the ball, he runs away with it, Obtain the transition probability matrix and classify the states. 18 Define a persistent state and a transient state, Show that the ‘state J is persistent iff Ly fr] PTO, (4). (by “Considét a Markoy chain tg “ lné)p sna Kyo *- ila o—py, dope, POX, = 0): Sho Mp sig Sab Section Ub (9) one 2. © WRONG are wo independent Poisson °° processes: with parameters A, and 2, respectively, then obtain the distribution of £29 N@ NUD — NAO. _-(®)Desoribe. the classical ruin problem. Derive an “expression for, the expected duration of the game, which sok ig Bh He ns eapreion oe o > f e. om : 18 ‘Expected number of customers in the queue | i). Expected waiting time in the system outs; customers arrive at a rate of 20 cusioniers per hour. The average number of customers that ean be prodessed by the cashier 18 24 per hour. Calculate “the probability that the cashier is idle Go. We eC Sioiners in le Gatue (ii). the average ‘time @ customer spends in the ie > system. 18 : 500 his question paper contains & printed pages} Roll No. = 4 . No. of Question Paper : 6717 nique Paper Code :-32371502 ue lame of the Paper : Statistical Computing using C/C++ Programming ‘Name of the Course : BSe (H) Statisties Semester :v Duration : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 7S (rive your Roll No. on the top immediately on receipt of this ucstion pve) All questions are compulsory. Attempt any fen parts : <3 (9 State whether the following statements are tue or false (@ The do-while siatement first exceutes body and then evaluates the lyoy expression, (8) The default case is required in th statement. (Q The return type of a fimetion (@ Parentheses can be used to of evaluating expr (3) amy @) ony 7 F ee double x=20.5, y=10:5, 25 © The underscore canbe used anywhere in an identifier. double *px, "py; }, 33, 333}}; ® An integer can be added to a pointer int uBIB] = (€1, 11, 111), (2, 22, 222}, 8, (i) Fill in the blanks = ‘int *v; ©@ A program start execution fot u.fneton px Bex ©) Thestatement when executed in a switch a by statement Causes immediate exit from the sacar, y =eullI0k ©The. .nam run spetification is used to reed or waite 2 = (tv + AMER — y)?2i short tategar, (@) “What is the value of *px and z ? © TMhesneonQperator returns the number of bytes : the value of *(¥-1)* *(v-4) ? the operand occupies. @ Neri te third integer, 9 Bre korwnntin be wade crea ‘ (oi) Write a loop that will generat sey ted. epee Spoeeies vi T= Zea sree ol nn are less than 100. Calculate the sum of those integ The escape sequence character.. uses are divisible by 5. the cursor to move to the next line on the that are divisible by sa sereen, (viii) Write a conditional expression for the following : (i) float x = 4.2, amin = 4.7; Ite varie vio soot zo, ve the varie in variable if (abs(x) 6 (9 Consider the program segment to answer the following In this case, assume that the memory addresses of x S > Hilus wurpose ? Ilustr 0 Z What are function prototypes in C ? What is their © with example 00 and u starting from (4) on (9 Define a self-feferential structure contacting. the following three members = (@) 4-40 element character array called name (6) An integer quantity called lost (©) A floating point quantity called. percent Include the tag team within the structure’ definition, (sii) Find error(s) in the following. program. : #includesstdio.h> main); { int 9x seant%d",y), putchar(\n); printf(‘Yoe’, A"); return(0); 2 Write the ouput of any nro parts from the following 25-10 ide a oy ony int a5, bz, x = 15, y 2 = 32765, 1 =100; float r, '; seats bia; ab baba Printf(“r = 96fn S96", 5, 5) Prin“a = %6d Wn B=td, a, by, Prinths6an", 10 + +49: Fewm (0); @) — Fincludecstdion> int func! (inta); int Fune2¢nea, rain) { inta-0,b=1, count; Fortcount = 1; count finel(a) + func2(ay (6) ont | a @ i x 1 | k= *pl * * p2 - 6 : | y 24° = 42/1 +10; i | printi(“a =9%d, b =%din”, a, b); intfunc I(inta) ie Pinrti{“x = %d, y= din", x. y); ( 4am tpo + 53 ints spl = spo — 5 b=fune2(a); a= hl ¥ ei return (b); Printf("a = %d, b = %din", a, b); ii . primth(“z = ain", 2); ‘int fune2(int a) return (0); ( ee static int b; 3 3. Attempt any pvo parts (25210 bist: ; 3 (© What is a pointer ? How-can it be initialized ? Also, iscuss how initial values can’ be assigned two. return (b+a); dimensional arrays with the help of examples, } (@) Describe different forms of loop available in C. How (Wi) Hinelude would you decide the use of one of the three loops in C for a given problem 2 rain() (i) Distinguish. between the following with the help of { examples inta, b, *pl, *p2, x, y, 25 (@) Global and tocal variables a= 1% (®) Actual and formal arguments b= 4 1 Attempt any vo parts pl = &a: (@ Write a C-program to calculate nd B of order m mand n » p respectively 2 = &b; w (i) (8) ont Write a C-program to fit Poisson distribution to the following data o>. i. peer Ales fe 1. ere 7 2a Write a C program to compute the roots of quadratic equation ax? + bx + ¢ = 0 Attempt any Avo parts 28-16 0 ) (i) In an experiment on immunization of cattlé from tuberculosis, the following results were obtained ‘Aifecied Unatocied Thosulated 2 ay Not inoculated B iz Write’ a C-program to test whether vaccine is effective in controlling the incidence of the disease. Develop a function to draw.a random: sample of size ‘n from gamma: distribution with parameters & and 2. Also find its mean and variance. Hence write a C- program to perform the above mentioned tasks using, files, Develop a function to calculate correlation coefficient for the data given on'rvs X and Y. Hence, using the funetion, develop a program to compute multiple correlation coefficient of X on rvs Y and Z,