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Origin Stories For ET MYTHOS

Origin story one:multiverse

Before the expansion of space time and matter into the larger fabric consisting of several distinct
universes; sentient entities had reached the apex level of advancement, through recent work on
higgs field and unbound Telesis they were successful in expanding several condensed spaces the
size of button into a universe spanning 46 billion light years. Life was scant amongst several of
them and where it was present it would not pass the bacterial level. On universe 11-A the
Tuvans, another sentient group of organisms had just successfully created a universe with life
past the bacterial level. Periodically checking into their creation, they were disheartened that life
had only one focal point located in the milky way, upon further inspection they noticed a group
of primates had rapidly increased their intellectual capacities. Not surprisingly the quals who had
failed to produce life past the bacterial level had taken interest in the humans and would from
time to time visit them. Leading to rivalry amongst the Tuvans and quals over how humanity
should progress which was the starting cause to the century long tribulation for the 1st galactic
quadrant of the milky way. Settling their disputes as they entered the universal council, a
council formed by several extra-terrestrial species dedicated in the preservation of intelligent
organisms. Arriving now to show us what we one day might become.