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Lynda Edwards
Mary Stephens

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First for Schools


Lynda Edwards
Mary Stephens

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Unit Reading Vocabulary Grammar Use of English Listening Speaking Writing Video
01 Friends across the world Hanging out Present tenses Vocabulary Friends for life Meeting people An email Who is it?
Soul mates Multiple matching Character adjectives present simple, present Collocations Multiple-choice Exchanging personal Writing for an
page 6 Order of adjectives continuous, present perfect Multiple-choice cloze questions information audience
Idioms State verbs Grammar Formal and informal
Present perfect or past language
simple? Planning
Word formation Topic sentences
02 Sharks: friends or foes? Wildlife Past tenses Vocabulary Weather conditions Helping the A story A passion
Wild Gapped text Endangered animals past simple, past continuous, Affixes Multiple matching environment Using adjectives for sharks
page 18 The environment past perfect Word formation Collaborative task
Phrasal verbs used to and would Grammar
used to and would
Open cloze

03 Science of the future Science and technology The future Vocabulary Developing new Talking about An essay Secrets of
Awesome Multiple-choice questions Jobs in science will, future continuous, future Dependent prepositions medicines science Writing an space
science Equipment perfect, present tenses for Multiple-choice cloze Sentence completion Discussion questions introduction
page 30 Choosing the right word future, future in the past, about Grammar
to, due to, likely to The future
Open cloze

04 The coolest job in the Work -ing forms and infinitives Vocabulary Job interviews Part-time jobs An article Is that what
Dream jobs world? Choosing the right word Suffixes Multiple-choice Individual long turn Using a variety of you call
page 42 Multiple matching Preposition + noun Word formation questions vocabulary work?
collocations Grammar Linking sentences
Verb patterns
Key word transformations

05 Don’t mess with me! Keeping fit Conditionals Vocabulary Food, health and Health and An essay A knockout
Body talk Gapped text Sports and equipment zero, first, second and third Phrasal verbs sport happiness Conclusions sport
page 54 Collocations with do, make conditionals Multiple-choice cloze Multiple-choice Collaborative task Balancing an
and take Grammar questions argument
Mixed conditionals
Key word transformations

06 When Romeo met Juliet The arts Comparative structures Vocabulary Attending events Live music A film review Boy meets
Showtime Multiple-choice questions Theatre and TV words too, enough, much, a lot, far, Suffixes Multiple matching Individual long turn Adjective and adverb girl
page 66 Idioms the … , the … Word formation combinations
Phrasal verbs (separable and Grammar Describing plays and
inseparable) Articles films
Open cloze


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Unit Reading Vocabulary Grammar Use of English Listening Speaking Writing Video
07 A cool school! Education The passive Vocabulary School exchange Learning a language An article Is school
School matters Multiple matching Choosing the right word be + past participle Words with similar Sentence completion Collaborative task Features of a good too easy?
page 78 make and do get + past participle meanings article
have/get something done Multiple-choice cloze Writing a title
need Grammar
More passive forms
Key word transformations
08 Is technology ruining your Technology Reported speech Vocabulary Problems with The latest gadget A letter Multitasking –
Technology life? Computer vocabulary Reported statements and Abstract nouns technology Individual long turn Formal language okay?
rules! Gapped text Differentiating between questions Word formation Multiple-choice Format for a letter
page 90 similar words Reporting verbs, it is said that … Grammar questions Linking words
Reporting verbs
Open cloze

09 The world’s strictest parents Personality and behaviour Modal verbs Vocabulary Cyber-bullying Under pressure An email I’ve been
Tearaways Multiple-choice questions Personality adjectives Multiple-choice cloze Multiple-choice Collaborative task Giving advice grounded!
page 102 Forming nouns from verbs Grammar questions Giving sympathy and
Idioms and expressions Modal verbs reassurance
Adjective combinations Open cloze

10 The king in the car park History Relative clauses Vocabulary Famous outlaws Learning about An article Dining with
Looking back Multiple matching Word formation, including Defining and non-defining Nouns from verbs and Sentence completion history Adverb and adjective the past
page 114 making internal changes to relative clauses prepositions Individual long turn combinations
a word Reduced clauses Word formation
Choosing the correct word Participle clauses Grammar
Cleft sentences
Wh- clauses as objects
Key word transformations
11 The tricks of the trade Fashion and shopping wish, if only, regret + -ing Vocabulary Using the Internet A new magazine An essay Who needs
The Multiple-choice questions Shopping words It’s time … Intensifying adverbs Multiple matching Collaborative task Formal and informal advertising?
persuaders Word formation: making two I’d rather … Multiple-choice cloze language
page 126 changes to a word Grammar
It’s time and would rather
Open cloze

12 Teenage heroes? Holidays and adventure Modal verbs for degrees of Vocabulary Forms of transport Theme parks A story Living the
Escape! Gapped text Adventure holidays and certainty Adjectives ending in -ful Multiple-choice Individual long turn Writing an dream
page 138 activities may, might, could, must and -y questions introduction to a
Collocations Compound adjectives story
Set phrases Word formation Punctuation
Phrasal verbs Grammar
Indefinite pronouns
Open cloze

Speaking file page 150

Writing file page 158
Grammar file page 164


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09 Tearaways

09 Tearaways Exam
Need more help with multiple-choice
tasks? Make sure you read the question
Reading stem really carefully before you choose
Power up an option. That’s because the options
may all be true, but only one will
1 Look at the teenage boy and girl in the middle complete the stem correctly.
of this family photo. How do you think they are
connected to the family?
4 Find words and phrases in the
article that mean the following.
1 hateful (para 1)
2 refusal to obey (para 2)
3 jobs around the house (para 3)
4 a situation of complete confusion
(para 5)
5 very shocking or bad (para 5)
6 a quarrel or argument (para 5)
Read on 7 a situation where opponents are
2 Read the article quickly and see if you guessed
correctly in Exercise 1.
S eventeen-year-old Chezdan Mills used to be, in his
own words, ‘every parent’s worst nightmare. I was rude,
obnoxious, difficult. I treated my mum like a slave. I’d stay
Chezdan, seventeen, and Bex, sixteen, were sent to Atlanta, Georgia.
They found their experience traumatic. Their host parents, David
and Wanda, insisted on being called ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’. ‘They were
equally balanced (para 5)
deadlock; a situation in which
neither opponent is winning
out all night and if she objected, I’d just ignore her or give ridiculously strict,’ recalls Chezdan. ‘We had a meeting about household (para 5)
3 Read the article again and choose the correct
9 admitted he was wrong (para 5)
answer, A, B, C or D. 5 her a hard time. School was a nightmare. I had to leave and 35 rules and it went on for hours. There was a contract which pretty much
go to a special school for a while. I just didn’t care.’ said we couldn’t breathe without permission.’ They certainly weren’t 10 felt angry and upset (para 6)
1 Before Chezdan went on the TV show,
allowed to smoke.
A he gave his parents nightmares. Luckily for his mum, Chezdan has changed. These days
B his mum mistreated him. he may not be a model son, but the improvement in his Chaos followed. The two teenagers clashed horribly with their host
Sum up
C he was bullied at school. behaviour is just amazing. He’s at college and is second to parents. They ignored a smoking ban, ran away when they should be 5 Write three things that happened to
D he was hard to discipline. 10 top in his class. At home his bedroom is neat – well, 40 in church and constantly defied their host parents’ rules. If they’d Chezdan as a result of taking part in
2 Chezdan signed up for The World’s Strictest neat-ish! – and his mum hasn’t been in tears at his continued with this outrageous behaviour, it would have made The World’s Strictest Parents.
Parents because he defiance for a long time. What changed was that Chezdan, extraordinary TV. But what actually happened during filming was just He realised his host parents
A thought he’d have a good time. who always claimed he was a ‘lost cause’, signed up for a as fascinating. Chezdan ran out of the house during a row with his really cared about him.
B fancied doing some acting.
TV programme about parenting strategies. He really applied host father, David. David went and found him and there was a stand-
C thought he could make people laugh.
15 to The World’s Strictest Parents just ‘to get on the telly and 45 off, with the two standing eyeball to eyeball, centimetres apart. David Speak up
D wanted to get away from his mum.
3 In this TV show, when all the teenagers first arrive have a giggle’, but the programme makers and his mum said Chezdan must apologise. Chezdan said ‘no’. David said ‘yes’. The
in their host parents’ houses, they seem to have had the last laugh. He is a reformed character. impasse seemed to go on forever. Eventually, and for perhaps the first 6 Work with a partner and discuss.
A are treated rudely. And nobody could be more surprised than him. time in his life, Chezdan backed down. 1 How strict are your parents? What
B have their hands washed. The UK programme makers look for host parents with very To their amazement, viewers witnessed Chezdan apologise. Realising rules do they insist you follow?
C get a terrible shock. 2 What do you and your parents
20 strict ideas of how young people should behave, in places 50 that his host parents really cared about him, he opened up to his new
D change for the better. disagree about most?
as far away from the UK as India and Jamaica. Then two family about the problems that had caused his misbehaviour. It became
4 What does traumatic mean in line 32? 3 Will you be very strict with your
A exciting C interesting rebellious teenagers are sent to live with them for about ten clear that his rebellion was a symptom of a troubled past. His mother, children when and if you have
B shocking D disappointing days. On arrival, the teenagers get a very rude awakening! who raised him alone, had become very ill some years before and he’d some? Why/Why not?
5 The final result of Chezdan’s outburst was that he They may have to start school at 5 a.m., they usually need to been her chief carer ever since. He’d resented every minute of it. Talking
A attacked his host father. 25 do daily chores and they must follow the highest standards 55 to his new family about his problems helped Chezdan a lot. He learnt
B ran away from home. of obedience on everything from iPod listening habits to that discussing things rather than shouting was by far the best way
C lost his temper. mealtime etiquette. In Botswana, two UK teenagers were of dealing with problems. And since returning to the UK, Chezdan’s
D admitted he was wrong. horrified to discover that they had to cook dinner every relationship with his mother is much better. ‘All the anger has gone,’ he
6 The word it in line 54 refers to Chezdan’s evening. They even had to wash their host parents’ hands says. ‘Mostly, I realised somewhere along the way that I was lucky to
A past situation. C mother’s illness. 30 before dinner, as a traditional mark of respect! 60 have a mum at all and that I should look after her. So now I do.’
B rebellion. D bad upbringing.

102 GOLD EXPERIENCE Switch on I’ve been grounded! page 112 103

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09 Tearaways

VOCABULARY Matthew’s parents won’t let him go out on 5) . GRAMMAR 3 Complete the letters with modal verbs in the
correct form. Sometimes more than one answer
Personality and They think he should stay home and 6) . When
is possible.
he does go out, he must be home by 7) . He Gr mm r XP p. 172
thinks his parents should 8) him to make the
1 Make nouns from the verbs. The nouns are all
in the article on pages 102–103.
right decisions about things. Modal verbs
can/can’t/be able to for general ability in the present
Got problems? We can help!
1 arrive arrival 4 behave Carla’s fed up because she has to 9) with her or future
2 defy 5 rebel sister, who is very 10) and won’t share things. could/couldn’t/be able to for ability in the past
3 improve It’s impossible to keep anything 11) from her should/ought to for advice
because she goes through texts and letters. Her sister also need to/have (got) to/must/mustn’t for rules or
2 Choose the odd word out. Explain why. necessary/important actions in the present
gets her into trouble by 12) .
don’t have to/needn’t/don’t need to for things that
1 defiant well-behaved rebellious are not compulsory/important in the present
2 polite respectful rude had to for positive rules in the past
3 obnoxious spiteful charming Word XP They had to wash their parents’ hands.
4 generous nasty unselfish couldn’t/weren’t allowed to for negative rules in
5 stubborn flexible tolerant Idioms the past
6 thoughtful moody disrespectful It’s good to use idioms, but don’t overuse them or your They couldn’t breathe without permission.
English will not sound natural. They certainly weren’t allowed to smoke.
3 Talk about people you know using personality
adjectives. Give an example of their behaviour.
Steven says:
My brother is really moody. One minute he’s fine 6 Match the idioms and expressions (1–5) with their 1 Complete the sentences with modal verbs. I’ve got a new friend, but my mum hates him. She says
and the next minute he’s being really horrible. meanings (a–e). Sometimes more than one answer is possible. I 1) stop hanging out with him or she’ll
1 be a nightmare 4 get a rude awakening 1 Do you think I text Lara and tell her stop my weekly allowance. But I don’t see why I
4 Complete the sentences with these words.
2 do something for a giggle 5 open up to someone about the problem? Is that a good idea? 2) . There’s nothing wrong with him – he’s
3 have the last laugh 2 Paul had a doctor’s appointment, so he a really good mate. I’ve tried to change her mind, but I
leave school early yesterday. 3) get her to listen. I never bring friends home,
adopted divorced engaged a finally win a dispute or argument
3 The student counselling sessions are optional, so so she 4) be afraid we’ll mess the house up or
separated widowed b reveal your hidden thoughts or feelings to someone anything. What can I do?
we stay for them if we don’t want to.
c be very difficult to deal with
4 The school rules say you bully other
d do something just for fun Caroline says:
1 My cousin’s parents last year and students! You’ll be expelled if you do.
e get a shock when something you expect will be good
her dad has now remarried. 5 I play football yesterday because I’ve I caught my best friend shoplifting yesterday! When I stopped
is not good at all
2 After going out together for two years, my broken a toe. her, she said I 5) tell anybody or she’ll never
brother and his girlfriend have finally got 6 Pamela’s boyfriend gets really hurt when she speak to me again. I don’t want to get her into trouble, but I
. The wedding is in three months.
7 Choose the correct words. Then ask and answer with
ignores him. In my opinion, she treat think I 6) probably tell someone. What can I do?
a partner.
3 My grandad’s been for a year and him like that.
he’s still grieving for my grandmother. 1 When was the last time you had a ban/row with your Chris says:
4 Although she’s and not related by parents? 2 Choose the correct answers. I saw a young kid from my school, Peter, getting bullied by
blood, Clare couldn’t love her mum more. 2 At home, do you have to help with chores/errands a gang of lads yesterday. I tried to stop them, but I
1 Remember: you must/should get your parents to
5 Their parents for a while, but like doing the washing-up? 7) because there were too many of them.
sign the form – it’s obligatory. No signature, no trip!
they’ve got back together now. 3 If somebody wrote something bad about you on I told Peter he absolutely 8) get help, but he
2 I’ve apologised, so Mum says I don’t have to/
Facebook, would you neglect/ignore it or demand says he’s too scared. What can I do?
mustn’t miss the party after all.
that they remove it?
5 9.1 Listen to three teenagers describing
4 Have you ever been tempted to defy/argue your dad?
3 You’ve just got to/You just need to watch The
problems and complete the summaries. World’s Strictest Parents. It’s great!
5 If your parents made you stay in on weekday
evenings, would you resent/object it?
4 How long must you/did you have to spend in 4 Imagine you work for the magazine that the
Diana’s got two friends who both have a crush on detention yesterday? letters in Exercise 3 came from. What advice
the 1) . Diana believes he’s not serious 5 How could/should you ever think I’d hurt your would you give each of the readers?
and that he’s only 2) with them. At the Write on feelings? I never would!
6 Please tell Mariana that she mustn’t/doesn’t have to
moment her friends are 3) each other 8 Write sentences describing your friends and family.
text her friends during a maths lesson. She’ll be in
Speak up
and she feels she’s 4) in the middle. Use three adjectives in each sentence.
big trouble if she does it again! 5 Talk about a problem situation you’ve
My best friend is kind, funny and brainy. encountered in the past.


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09 Tearaways

USE OF ENGLISH 4 Read the article and choose the correct answer, A, B, C Grammar 2 Read the extract from a soap script and choose the
or D. correct answers.
1 Do you read the TV guide to find out what’s
Gr mm r XP p. 172 Amy: Did you see the graffiti on the school walls this morning?

Frinley High ?
going to happen in a soap opera before you More modal verbs Grant: Yeah. It’s the Beat gang’s sign. But it wasn’t there when I
watch? Or do you prefer the story line to be Are you a fan of left school yesterday evening.
a surprise? Why? could/might + perfect infinitive for a possible
Amy: I 1) didn’t need to stay/could have stayed for music
past action that didn’t happen
practice yesterday because Miss Dukes was ill. So I left
2 Read the soap updates and choose the Jack could have got top marks in maths, but
early and didn’t see anything. They 2) should /could have
correct answers. he didn’t.
could/may/might + perfect infinitive for a past done it late last night, I suppose.

Last week at Frinley High event that possibly happened Grant: Dan Myers was looking pleased with himself this morning.
Jim might have vandalised the car, but I’m not I bet it was him. The head 3) should have suspended/had to
r favourite soap,
If you missed an episode of you sure. It could have been Dave and Tom. suspend him after the fight last week, but he didn’t.
Frinley High, then here’s a catc should/ought to + perfect infinitive to criticise Amy: He’s had a lot of problems, you know.
/get his own way, so past actions
Monday: Harry couldn’t 1) go Grant: Yeah, but he 4) shouldn’t have joined/didn’t have to join a
s. Jon should have reported the vandals to the
he 2) made/did trouble in clas gang, did he? He had a choice!
orted the vandals to head, but he didn’t.
Tuesday: Jon should have rep didn’t have to + infinitive for something in the Amy: True. He 5) could have said/might say no when they asked
ed by Nick, so he
the head, but he was threaten past that wasn’t important or necessary him to join. But it’s hard to say no to the Beat gang leader.
3) backed/stood down. Luckily, Tim’s uncle didn’t have to stay overnight Grant: I tried to give Dan some advice when he joined the gang.
got top marks in the
Wednesday: Jack could have in a cell because he was released without charge But I 6) needn’t have bothered/didn’t need to bother! He’s
he was scared of getting Frinley High is a soap set in a high school. It goes
maths exam. However, that evening. just not listening to anybody.
e he was so brainy, so he 1) five times a week and it’s a must for
4) left/kicked out becaus didn’t need to + infinitive for actions that were
got a low mark on purpos e. teenagers! 2) , many of the story lines are
not necessary
Thursday: Jim 5) walked/fell
out with the gang and about relationships and the breaking up and 3) I didn’t need to go to the police station to report 3 9.2 Listen and check your answers.
he’s worried that up that happens all the time in school. However, the soap
reported them to the police. Now the theft of my bag. I reported it on the phone.
they’ll 6) make/get their own bac
k. also addresses important issues. The programme is needn’t + perfect infinitive for actions in the 4 Complete the blog with one word in each space.
making/having fun of 4) dealing with a story about gang past that happened although they were not
Friday: The students were 7)
took/felt sorry for him membership. Should the school deal with the problem by necessary
the new boy, Pete, but Tom 8)
after school. 5) known gang members or trying to persuade Pam thought that it was Gary who had set fire I’m Amelia Grey and you might 1) heard
and 9) made/did friends with him
students not to join gangs? In the past this soap has dealt to the school, but she needn’t have worried of me because I’ve been playing the character of Amy
with crimes like shoplifting, joy-riding and even arson. It has because he had an alibi. Masters in the soap Frinley High for two years now. I
3 Choose the odd word out. Explain your
joined the cast 2) I was fourteen and my
answers. followed kids who have been charged with 6)
and we watch their story from their arrest to their day in first story line was 3) falling for a teacher!
1 arrest report 7) and sentencing. The soap also follows the 1 Write sentences about the situations. Begin The show is great. I think it’s a good representation of
charge interview lives of the school staff. One teacher is overweight and the with the words in brackets and use modal 4) life is really like in a secondary school
2 mug rob verbs from the Grammar XP box. Sometimes today, with the relationships and the conflicts. It also
students constantly make (8) of him. The soap
burgle vandalise more than one answer is possible. shows the sort of pressures kids are under today, whether
shows us high school life at its best – and worst!
3 suspend exclude it’s to get good grades, to look 5) fashion
1 It was a mistake. I watched a late film last
sack put in detention models or to join gangs. When the soap first went out,
night and I’ve been tired all day. (I)
4 police officer probation officer 1 A up B at C for D out the bosses thought that it might be too serious because
2 I rushed to finish my essay last night, but
judge victim 2 A Fortunately B Scarily C Predictably D Possibly 6) is some violence and quite a bit about
today I found out it isn’t due in until next
5 vandalise go joy-riding 3 A getting B making C doing D taking broken families. But 7) was an immediate
week! (I)
stalk cheat 4 A currently B immediately C temporarily D often success. I think people are really interested in school life
3 Peter was invited to Tom’s party, but he
5 A sacking B suspending C leaving D shooting
decided not to go. (Peter) today because it’s changed a lot 8) many
6 A sentences B offences C criminals D rules
4 I’m not sure why Gina and Vicky aren’t of them went to school.
G me on 7 A court B prison C detention D judgement
talking – perhaps they’ve had an argument.
8 A joke B laugh C fun D mock
(Gina and Vicky)
Work with a partner. Take turns to
choose a word from Exercise 3 and give a
5 It was really hot on our trip to London, so it Speak up
definition or an example. Can your partner
Speak up wasn’t necessary to take our coats. (we)
5 Work with a partner and discuss. Has anything
guess the word? 5 How do you think schools that have a problem with gang happened recently at your school that could be
membership should deal with it? included in the soap’s story lines?


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09 Tearaways

LISTENING 4 9.4 Listen again and choose the correct answer, SPEAKING 3 How do you think the people in the photos
A, B or C. are feeling? Why?
Power up Power up
1 Rachel believes that many people today
A are well informed about cyber-bullying.
1 Do you think you’re under a lot of pressure these days? 4 Work with a partner. Read the task and
B have experienced bullying at school.
C do not report being bullied.
2 Look at the photos and read the blog extract. Which
photo do you think it relates to?
2 Cyber-bullying is particularly damaging because Here are some things that teenagers
A it is difficult to escape from. today are under a lot of pressure to do.
B it is hard to explain to people. A
C it can destroy relationships. How
3 The comments of cyber-bullies sometimes focus on do
difficult is it
people’s what their join
for teenagers
A lack of money. parents gangs
to cope with
B appearance. expect
pressure to do
C level of intelligence. these things?
4 People become cyber-bullies because they
A enjoy seeing the effect on their victims. support have
B want to be famous. one family the latest
C are not restricted in what they can say. member gadgets and
5 What does Rachel say about cyber-bullies? B against be clothes
A They don’t always know their victims. another popular and
B They get information from school records. have a good
C They have their own websites. social life
6 What does Rachel advise victims of cyber-bullying to do?
A try to identify the bullies
1 Look at the title of a documentary. What
B report incidences of cyber-bullying to the authorities 5 9.5 Listen to two students doing the
do you think it means?
C reply to the posts in an unemotional way task. Do they talk about the same things as
7 How does Rachel think cyber-bullying might be prevented you did?
in the future?
Cyber-bullying: A by increased control over what happens online 6 9.6 Listen again. Do you think the
the faceless haters B by waiting until the bullies get fed up
C by advising people to look after their computer codes
students do the task well? Why/Why not?

and passwords C 7 9.7 Listen again. Tick (✓) the phrases

the boy uses to interrupt the girl.
2 Which of these things do you think the
5 Match the adjectives from the recording (1–6) with their
people in the documentary will talk about? 1 Excuse me, …
meanings (a–f).
2 Before you go on, I’d just like to say …
1 the experiences of someone who has
1 informative a unsigned 3 Sorry to interrupt, but I must say that …
been bullied
2 ignorant b very severe 4 Can I jump in here?
2 the reasons people use this form of
3 insulting c that teaches you a lot 5 I don’t like to interrupt, but could I say that … ?
4 anonymous d not knowing something 6 Sorry to butt in, but …
3 an explanation of what this type of
5 humiliating e very nasty and offensive
bullying involves
4 how to avoid this type of bullying
6 disastrous f extremely hurtful and embarrassing 8 Work with a partner. Read the question and
discuss. Then summarise your discussion
5 how to stop this type of bullying
and tell the class what you decided and why.
Speak up
3 9.3 Listen and see if your ideas
6 Work with a partner and discuss.
were correct.
Which type of pressure do you think is
1 Would you like to watch the documentary? Why/Why not?
most difficult to deal with?
2 What would you advise a friend who is suffering from
Exam cyber-bullying to do? Why? Sometimes it’s really hard. I mean, it’s something
I’m very good at and I love it, but when it comes
Remember that the correct answer will come
to races, especially when I’m representing the
from the recording, whatever your own 9 Work with a partner. Turn to page 151.
opinion might be! school, I get really stressed out because I don’t Follow the instructions.
want to let anyone down.


GoldXPB2Blad.indd 14-15
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09 Tearaways

WRITING Plan on 5 Read the reply Tomas received. Do you 7 Read part of an email you have received from an
agree with Karen’s advice and the way she English-speaking friend. Then work with a partner and
Power up 2 Do the quiz. Then work with a partner and discuss your answers.
gives it? discuss what advice you would give her.

How shy are you? To: Tomas To: Me

From: Karen From: Amanda
1 When I meet new people for the first time, I usually feel
A very shy. Hi Tomas, As you know, we moved to a different part of the country
B a bit wary. C quite confident. when my dad changed jobs and I’ve started a new school.
It sounds like you’re having a tough time, but don’t
2 When I’m in a large discussion group, I usually feel
worry, you’re not alone. Loads of people are shy,
The problem is, I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to make
A quite relaxed. B a bit self-conscious. C very nervous. any friends. At my last school I had a great group of mates
though some of us hide it more easily than others.
and I really miss them. But here I’m on my own all the time.
3 When I am talking to people in authority, I usually feel There are lots of reasons for shyness. Some No one invites me to any parties or even just to hang out
A self-confident. B scared. C a bit timid. people are born shy; others are taught to be together. My parents think I’m exaggerating and my brother
quiet as kids. If you’ve been laughed at in public, and sister have had no trouble making friends here. I’m
that bad experience may have affected your really lonely. What should I do? I’d really like your advice!
confidence, too.
3 Read the letter to a teen advice website. Tomas describes feeling Love,
shy in a variety of situations. How many does he mention? If being shy is a problem for you, there are
1 Read what four teenagers said Amanda
ways to tackle it. Don’t panic! It’s not difficult
about how they deal with problems. to become more confident – it just takes lots of
Who is most like you? Do you think practice. First, talk to your friends and family 8 You decide to write back to Amanda and to cover the
any of the teenagers is going about more. Instead of just listening, make sure points below. Put the points in the notes in the order
things the wrong way? you give your opinions, too! Next, move on to you will write about them in your email. How many
speaking in larger groups or in small groups of paragraphs will you need as a minimum to do this?
1 Amy Tomas strangers. If you get nervous, it’s a good idea to
‘If I’ve got a problem, I talk things stop and take deep breaths – that will help you
sons for it.
over with my friends. They calm me 7 June, 10.31 a.m. relax. Finally, try putting your hand up in class
to volunteer your opinion. If you mess up one
• Discuss the problem in detail and possible reaand
down and help me look at things
from another angle.’
My problem is that I’m really shy. I get nervous in all kinds of situations, especially
when I’m with people I don’t know very well. I just clam up and don’t speak. I can’t
day, don’t give up; it gets easier with time. Just
remember: your voice counts just as much as
• Give advicece.on how to deal with the problem more
look them in the eye either – I just look down at my feet. I hate talking to strangers, reassuran
anyone else’s!
• Greet Amanda and briefly sympathise about the problem.
2 Ben
too – I just tend to ignore them, which is pretty rude, I suppose. It’s really difficult
‘I prefer to work problems out Good luck, Tomas, and let us know how you get on!
at parties because you meet people for the first time then, and I end up giving the
for myself. Other people don’t impression I don’t want to make friends or that I think I’m so wonderful I can’t be Best wishes,
understand me that well – and in bothered talking to anyone else. It’s not true, of course, but that’s what people Karen
the end, you’ve got to decide for think, I know. L nguage XP
yourself. So why bother asking
anyone else for advice?’
I just can’t act naturally, no matter how hard I try. And talking to people in authority, 6 Read Karen’s email again and answer the
including teachers, is just impossible. That means my schoolwork suffers because Sympathising
questions. I’m sorry to hear that …
3 Clarissa I’m too scared to ask for help in lessons. And I don’t put my hand up to answer
questions, so the teacher probably thinks I’m completely thick! It’s horrible when 1 Does she cover all the points you chose in It sounds like you’re having a tough time.
My mum and dad are really good
we do group work, too, because my mind goes blank and I can’t think of anything Exercise 4? Giving advice
at helping when I’ve got a problem.
to say. I never give my opinion or disagree with people because I’d just end up 2 How does she start and end the email? It’s a good idea to … Why don’t you … ?
They never say that I must do
stammering and blushing. Help! Why am I like this and what can I do about it? What closing remarks does she use? Try …-ing. Don’t …
something – they just listen and
Click here to email a reply. 3 What verb form does she use most often to Don’t try to … Remember to …
then give their opinion. I don’t
give advice? Maybe you could … Instead of … , make sure you …
always take their advice, though!’
4 Does she use very formal or quite informal If I were you, I’d …
4 David language? Give examples.
5 How many paragraphs does she use? What Giving reassurance
‘If you’ve got a really bad problem, Don’t worry!/Don’t panic!
is the topic of each one?
I think it’s easier to talk to someone 4 Which of these things should you do to help Tomas? Give reasons.
6 Highlight three phrases she uses to: Just remember that …
you don’t know – you don’t get so Don’t give up – it will get easier with time.
1 show him some sympathy a give reassurance or show sympathy.
embarrassed about it that way. I
2 make some helpful suggestions b give advice.
often go online for advice – you can
3 give him a detailed description of your own personality 7 Find words or phrases she uses to link
find some good websites that help
4 offer him plenty of reassurance ideas and sentences, or to list/sequence 9 Write your email in 140–190 words. Use the Language
with problems.’
5 tell him to pull himself together her suggestions. XP box to help you.


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Switch on Word list Revision Unit 9
I’VE BEEN GROUNDED! Personality adjectives 1 Rewrite the sentences using the words given. 3 Choose the correct answers.
charming moody spiteful Use between two and five words, including the
1 Danny was a nightmare/daydream in class today.
cruel nasty stubborn word given.
He simply refused to answer any questions.
disobedient obnoxious thoughtful 1 It wasn’t a good idea to refuse to help your mum. 2 I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to offend you. We were
disrespectful rebellious tolerant HAVE just making/having a giggle.
easy-going respectful unselfish You to help your mum. 3 Jenny finds all the work really easy at the moment,
flexible rude well-behaved 2 I ran after the thief, but he was too fast for me. but she’ll get a rude/impolite awakening when she
fussy selfish well-mannered CATCH starts university next term.
I ran after the thief, but I him. 4 I got taken/put in detention yesterday because I
Relationship 3 They allowed Andy to make one telephone call at was rude to the teacher.
adjectives the police station. 5 I think Martin’s been having a bad time recently.
TO He really offered/opened up to me while we were
adopted engaged widowed Andy one telephone call at the chatting in the café.
divorced separated police station. 6 It’s so important for kids to learn not to say/tell
4 Why was it necessary for us to see the head tales on their mates, don’t you think?
Crime teacher?
arrest (v) judge (n) sentence (n/v) WE 4 Complete the sentences with one or two words in
arson (n) mug (v) shoplifting (n) Why to see the head teacher? each space.
1 Kyle describes three ways his parents often
burgle (v) police station (n) stalk (v) 5 You can leave now if you want to.
punish him. Guess the answer. Then watch 1 The person who is in charge of a courtroom is the
cell (n) probation suspend (v) STAY
and check. .
charge (v) officer (n) vandalise (v) You if you don’t want to.
2 Something boring that you have to do at home,
Which things does Kyle mention? court (n) report (v) victim (n) 6 It was a waste of time reporting the theft because
like washing-up, is a(n) .
A His parents lock him in his room. go joy-riding rob (v) Dave had already told the police about it.
3 When the police a suspect at the
B They threaten to take away his stuff. HAVE
police station, they ask lots of questions.
C They ground him for an indefinite time. Phrases I the theft because Dave had already
4 The person that someone who leaves prison has
D They refuse to give him pocket money. told the police about it.
back down get your own make friends to report to is called a(n) .
E They give him ‘the silent treatment’ and just 5 The crime of stealing from shops is called
be a nightmare back with 2 Choose the correct answer, A, B or C.
look at him. .
fall out with get your own way make fun of
F They tell him they’re disappointed in him. 1 The fire at the school was a really 6 When you come to a point where you can’t go any
feel sorry for go out (TV) make trouble
get a rude have a giggle open up to event for all the students who were in the class. further, it’s a(n) .
2 Answer the questions.
awakening have the last someone A obnoxious B outrageous C traumatic
1 Why does Kyle need to be very quiet while get kicked out laugh tell tales 2 My parents have told my younger brother not to 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of
making this video? stay out too late after school, but he’s always been these verbs.
2 How long must Kyle stay where he is? What is Other words and he takes no notice.
he not allowed to do? A rude B disobedient C flexible
anonymous (adj) ignorant (adj) rebellion (n) burgle charge rob sack suspend vandalise
3 What effect does Kyle say his parents’ 3 Do all teenagers go through a(n)
chaos (n) ignore (v) resent (v) phase or is it just my sister? She never does what
treatment has on him? Complete the sentence
cheat (v) impasse (n) sack (v) she is told! 1 Two students were arrested for the
he uses: ‘It sends down my
chore (n) informative (adj) stand-off (n) A rebellious B easy-going C insulting head teacher’s car.
defiance (n) insulting (adj) traumatic (adj) 4 One girl at my tennis club is very and 2 The man was from his job for
disastrous (adj) outrageous (adj) trust (v)
3 What punishments do your parents give you?
humiliating (adj)
when she lost a match last week, she broke her stealing money and now he can’t get another one.
Which do you think are the most effective? opponent’s racket. 3 The head teacher Frank for bullying
A fussy B spiteful C anonymous some younger students.
5 Some parents are really and let their 4 The police took Mark to the police station, but,
Project kids have a lot of freedom, but mine don’t! luckily, they him.
4 Work in groups. Act out a typical scene A well-mannered B informative C tolerant 5 The gang waited until everyone had gone to work
between you and one or both of your parents 6 You seem very today. Is there and then the big house.
which leads to some kind of punishment. Make something on your mind? 6 The thieves our local bank and got
a video of the scene if you like. A thoughtful B respectful C ignorant away with a million pounds.
How many times do I need to tell you that you’re
forbidden to … ?
It’s not fair! I don’t see why I should have to …


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Gold Experience is a fast-paced course that engages and motivates
teenagers with its wide variety of contemporary topics. Contexts such
as the internet, social media and television are relevant to students’ lives
and content-rich CLIL subjects help students learn about the world.

B2 Students’ Book
SWITCH ON to watch authentic TV clips and video podcasts.

POWER UP what teenagers know and get them sharing their ideas and
knowledge of the world.

WORD XP, GRAMMAR XP, LANGUAGE XP tips and guidance take language OTHER AVAILABLE
skills to the next level. COMPONENTS:
SPEAK UP, LISTEN UP, WRITE ON sections teach new language in a MyEnglishLab for Gold Experience:
personalised context, helping students to engage, create and share. additional online practice of
grammar, vocabulary and skills,
EXAM TIPS give useful advice on how to develop and practise all skills for
as well as tests, video and audio;
Cambridge English for Schools exams.
instant feedback and automatic
grading to help monitor progress
Vocabulary and Grammar Workbook:
print-based grammar and
GOLD EXPERIENCE IS vocabulary practice

Edwards | Stephens
AVAILABLE AT FIVE LEVELS: Teacher’s online resource materials:
teaching notes, additional classroom
A1 Pre-Cambridge English: Key for Schools ideas, tests, answer keys, audio
A2 Cambridge English: Key for Schools scripts and photocopiable worksheets
B1 Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools Teacher’s eText software:
B1+ Pre-Cambridge English: First for Schools everything the teacher needs on
B2 Cambridge English: First for Schools one disk




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