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State of California

Bureau of Real Estate

Real Estate MATTERS!

Exam/License Application Checklist

RE 216B (Rev. 7/13)

General Information
This checklist may be used for either the salesperson or broker  Titles of forms referenced by number. Note: Asterisk
exam/license applications. denotes forms available on BRE’s Web site at
 Read appropriate license instructions carefully (RE 435A * RE 435 Salesperson Exam/License Application
or RE 436A). * RE 435A Salesperson Exam/License Instructions
* RE 436 Broker Exam/License Application
 Application must list your legal name. * RE 436A Broker Exam/License Instructions
*RE 423 Examination Qualification Requirements
 Items to be included in your packet are listed below. Check * RE 205 State Public Benefits Statement
off each item as you assemble your packet. * RE 205A State Public Benefits Information
* RE 205B State Public Benefits (Comprehensive List)
 Mail completed application package and fee to: * RE 206 Exam & Licensing Fees
Bureau of Real Estate * RE 237 Live Scan Service Request (Applicant)
P.O. Box 137001 * RE 237B Fingerprint Information
Sacramento, CA 95813-7001 * RE 909 Credit Card Payment

Salesperson Applicants Broker Applicants

Required documents… Required documents …
 RE 435 — Completed and signed by applicant.  RE 436 — Completed and signed by applicant.
 Official transcript for Real Estate Principles, Real Estate  Documentation to establish examination qualification
Practice and/or one other required course — not needed, requirements have been met. Refer to RE 423 for current
if previously submitted. requirements.
 RE 205 — Completed and signed by applicant.  RE 205 — Completed and signed by applicant. Note:
Not needed if permanent proof of legal presence has been
 Documentation to establish U.S. citizenship or alien
previously submitted.
status — Refer to RE 205, 205A, and 205B for further
information.  Documentation to establish U.S. citizenship or alien
status — Refer to RE 205, 205A, and 205B for further
 RE 237 (See  below.) — Completed by applicant and
information. Note: Not needed if permanent proof of legal
live scan service operator.
presence has been previously submitted.
 License fee — Refer to RE 206 for current fees.
 RE 237 (See  below.) — Completed by applicant and
 Cashiers’ check, check, or money order made payable live scan service operator.
to: Bureau of Real Estate
 License fee — Refer to RE 206 for current fees.
 RE 909 — If paying by credit card.
 Cashiers’ check, check, or money order made payable
to: Bureau of Real Estate
 RE 909 — If paying by credit card.

 Make two photocopies of the copy provided. After fingerprints are completed the live scan service operator will retain
the original. You should return the second copy to BRE and keep the third copy for your records.
State of California

CalBRE Use Only

CalBRE Use Only

Bureau of Real Estate

Salesperson Exam/License Application

RE 435 (Rev. 5/15) CalBRE received Date

General Information

Exam Id

Lic. ID
 Apply for the real estate salesperson examination and the real estate salesperson license
at the same time.

CalBRE Use Only

 Do not submit photocopies of this form or fax this form.
Read enclosed instructions (RE 435A) before completing and submitting this application Effective Date Expiration date
to ensure that you understand the requirements and that the proper qualifying documentation
and exam/license fee are submitted. Note: Fees submitted with this application are not
refundable or transferable. If you fail to qualify for or pass the examination within two Date Exam Passed
years of the date this application is filed, the fees will not be applied to any future applications.

Application is for: (Must check one box) Exam............................$ 60

C  Real estate examination and license – Complete Items 1-42. Fees License.........................$245

L  Real estate license only (If already scheduled for examination) – Complete Items 1-13 and 18-42.
required Total due to CalBRE
with this application.....$305

applicant information
1. Social Security Number (required – Refer to Privacy Notice on RE 435A.) 2. Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

3. Have you ever applied for a California real estate exam?....................................................................................  yes  no
If YES, list examination ID#. (If known).................................................................................................................. ____________________________________

4. Applicant’s Name (must be your legal name) - Last First Middle suffix

5a. Mailing Address – Street Address or Post Office Box

5b. City 5c. State 5d. Zip Code

6. Do you reside in California?..................................................................................................................................  yes  no

If NO, an “RE 234” is required (Refer to RE 435A).
7. CURRENT phonE numbEr (required) 8. BUSINESS TELEPhonE numbEr

( ) ( )
9. Cell phone numbEr 10. CURRENT email addss (required)

( )
11. are you currently serving in the UNITED STATES military? 12. have you prEviously served in the UNITED STATES military?

 yes  no  yes  no
13. Do you now hold or have you ever held a California real estate license?............................................................  yes  no
If YES, complete 13A, B, C, and D below.
13A. Type of License 13B. Identification Number 13C. Expiration Date 13D. Name on license

Examination Information
14. When you are qualified for the examination would you prefer to use  YES – Please notify me by mail when I am qualified for the examination.
eLicensing to schedule your own examination date?  NO – Proceed to item 15.
15. Exam area preference

 Sacramento  Fresno  Los Angeles vicinity  Oakland  San Diego  Other:_____________________

16. Earliest date you can take exam 17. request for reasonable accommodation

(mm) (dd) (yyyy)

 I am requesting reasonable accommodation; RE 413 & supporting documents are attached.
CalBRE use only
Form Letter / Notes Exam Processor Date Processed
 Restricted  Violations

Sender/Date Sent License Processor Date Processed

RE 435 Page 2 of 3

 
Name of Applicant

License information
18. Have you used any other names (i.e., maiden name, former married names, AKA’s, etc.)?

 Yes — If YES, list all names used: _________________________________________________________________  No

19. Height 20. Weight 21. Color of Eyes 22. Color of Hair 23. Gender

 male  female
24. initial Working Status (Must check one)
 Yes. please issue my license in a working status with the employing  No. I do not have an employing broker/corporation at this time.
Please issue my license in a non-working status. do not complete
broker or corporation indicated on ITEMS 25-31. when marked "yes",
items 25-31. leave items 25-31 blank.
items 25-31 must be completed in full and signed by sponsoring broker/

25. Broker or Corporation ID # CalBRE USE ONLY 26. Broker/Corp. Expiration Date 27. Business Telephone Number

( )
28. Sponsoring Broker or Corporation (Print name as it appears on license – Do not list DBA’s)

29. Main Office Address of Sponsoring Broker or Corporation

Broker Certification
I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that I am a licensed real estate broker, and that I have read the applicant’s answers to all questions in the
application, and that upon the applicant being issued the license there will be a written agreement on file in my office covering the material aspects
of employment relationship including supervision, duties, and compensation of the applicant named on this form under the employment provisions
of Section 2726 of the Regulations of the Real Estate Commissioner.
I am aware of the provisions of Section 3700 of the Labor Code which requires every employer to be insured against liability for workers’
30. Signature (Sponsoring Broker / Licensed Officer) DATE 31. Printed namE of Lnsed officEr (If corporation on line 8.)

background information
Carefully read and provide detailed answers to questions 32-37. You must provide a "yes" or "no" response to all questions, and completely and accurately
provide the detailed information required. Attach additional sheets if you need more space. Each additional sheet must be signed by the applicant and
employing broker, if any. Failure to disclose pertinent information may result in denial of your license application and/or delays.

"Convicted" as used in question 32 below includes:

• All state, commonwealth, possession, or federal misdemeanor and felony convictions, and all military and foreign convictions.
• A verdict of guilty by judge or jury, a plea of guilty, a plea of nolo contendere (or "no contest"), or a forfeiture of bail in the courts.
• Convictions expunged under Penal Code section 1203.4 or equivalent non-California statute must still be disclosed.
• Convictions must be disclosed no matter how long ago they occurred and whether the convicted person was a minor (under 18
years of age, if tried as an adult).

Exceptions to "Convicted": DO NOT DISCLOSE

• Any Juvenile Court adjudication.
• Any conviction sealed under Penal Code section 1203.45 or Welfare and Institutions Code section 781.
• Any conviction under Health and Safety Code section 11357(b), (c), (d), or (e), or Health and Safety Code section 11360(b)
AFTER at least two years have passed since the date of the conviction.

EACH CONVICTION........................................................................................................................................  Yes  no
33. are there criminal charges pending against you at this time, OR ARE YOU
VERDICT? If YES, complete Item 38.......................................................................................................  Yes  no

iF YES, COMPLETE ITEM 39..........................................................................................................................  Yes  no
35. are there any license disciplinary actions PENDING against A BUSINESS OR
PROFESSIONAL LICENSE you HOLD at this time? If YES, COMPLETE item 39...............................  Yes  no
ANY STATE OR GOVERNMENTAL UNIT? IF YES, COMPLETE ITEM 40.....................................................  Yes  no
IF YES, COMPLETE ITEMS 39-40...................................................................................................................  Yes  no
RE 435 Page 3 of 3

 
Name of Applicant

conviction details
Complete one line for each violation and provide explanation below. If you are unable to provide this information, provide all
the requested information you can obtain, with an explanation for the missing information. If the conviction status has been
subsequently changed or reduced, note that fact in the area provided for additional information. Attachments for additional
Information should Specify which lines you are referring to. Each additional sheet must be signed by applicant and employing
broker, if any.
* Code Section Violated (i.e., 1014, 484, etc.) ** Code Violated (i.e., vehicle Code, Penal Code, etc.) *** Disposition (i.e., Probation, parole, fine, pending, etc.)

Date of * Code
Court Of Conviction Arresting Agency Type of ** Code Case
Convic- Section *** Disposition
(Name and Address) (Name and Address) Conviction Violated Number
tion Violated
Example: Sacramento Sacramento City Police  Felony 6 months probation
2/20/87 484 Penal Code 1234
Cnty. 456 Main St., Sac 123 Main St., Sac  Misdemeanor and $200 fine
38a.  Felony
 Misdemeanor
38b.  Felony
 Misdemeanor
38c.  Felony
 Misdemeanor
39. DETAILED EXPLANATION OF ITEM 34 AND/OR 35. If needed, explanation may be provided below.
39a. Type of License 39b. License ID No. 39c. License Expiration Date 39d. State

39e. Action (revoked, etc.) 39f. Date of Action 39g. Date Action Terminated 39h. Code Section Violated

40. Additional Information: Specify which lines you are referring to. Attach extra sheets if more room is needed. Each additional
sheet must be signed by applicant and employing broker, if any.

Salesperson Exam & License Certification

Exam — I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that I am aware of and meet all examination requirements as set forth in RE
435A. I also understand that the fees submitted will not be refunded or transferred under any circumstances (Section 10207 of the B&P
Code). I understand that subverting the examination will subject me to the penalties of Section 123 of the B&P Code.
License — I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing answers and statements
given in this application are true and correct, that at the time of license issuance I will be 18 years of age or older, that if licensed I will
not violate any provisions of the Real Estate Law nor abuse the privileges of a real estate license. I understand that the Bureau of Real
Estate cannot refund or transfer the fees submitted with this application, if I fail to qualify for the license for any reason or withdraw
this application.
I understand that it is my obligation to notify the Bureau upon licensure within 30 days in writing or by filing form RE 238 of any
conviction, indictment, or information charging a felony, or disciplinary action taken by another licensing entity or authority of this
state or an agency of the federal government pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 10186.2. I also understand that the
Bureau may delay my renewal and toll the expiration date of my license pursuant to B&P Section 10177.

41. Signature of Applicant (must be original signature) 42. Date

State of California
Bureau of Real Estate

Salesperson Exam/License Instructions

RE 435A (Rev. 9/14)
GENERAL INFORMATION delivery. If you are not a resident of California, submit a
 This combination application may be used for the following notarized Consent to Service (RE 234). You may change
purpose: your mailing address online using eLicensing at www.calbre. or by submitting a Salesperson Examination Change
• Applying for the real estate salesperson examination Application (RE 415A). *Note: Changing your exam address
and the real estate salesperson license at the same time. online will not change the mailing address on your license
 The application must be mailed. You cannot apply using application.
eLicensing. • Business and license mailing addresses are public information
 The following fees must be included with your application and as such are posted on the Internet and made available
(fees are subject to change): from CalBRE via telephone and written requests. Please
consider this when identifying such addresses.
• The current examination fee is $60 and the current license
fee is $245. Total due to CalBRE with this application: • The examination is qualifying in nature. If you pass the
$305. examination, an actual score will not be released.

• The fees for the examination and license are not Examination Scheduling Information
refundable or transferable to another application
• Schedules and examination locations are subject to change.
pursuant to B&P Code section 10207.
• You must have an active exam application on file before you
• Fee valid for two years — A new application, fee, and
can schedule yourself on eLicensing.
current qualifications will be required if you fail to
qualify for and pass the examination during that two • Salesperson examinations are usually given: Weekdays as
year period. needed, in Fresno, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, and
San Diego. At you can view a calendar
 The following must be submitted before your license can be of examination dates and locations currently being scheduled.
issued: Since CalBRE allows reschedule requests online, by phone,
• Proof of legal presence document (i.e., birth certificate, and through the mail, examination dates fill quickly and a
passport, resident alien card, etc.) and a State Public particular date may not be available; therefore, requests
Benefits Statement (RE 205). Please refer to that form cannot be guaranteed.
for further instructions. • Once you are qualified, you can either schedule yourself for
• Transcripts for Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice the examination or CalBRE will schedule you. If you indicate
and/or one other required course, if not previously on the application (item #14) that you want to schedule the
submitted. (Refer to Education Requirements.) examination, a letter will be sent to you advising you that
you are qualified and that you may go on eLicensing to
• A copy of the completed Live Scan Service Request schedule your examination.
(RE 237). (Refer to Fingerprint Information.)
• If you want the earliest possible date, indicate multiple
Please read all examination and license information/ locations in item #15 and attach a separate page stating
instructions before completing and submitting this application; specific dates. If you do not provide a date in item #16,
type or print in ink. and do not request self-scheduling (item #14), you will be
scheduled by CalBRE for the earliest available date in the
GENERAL applicant INFORMATION area chosen.
• You may be scheduled for only one salesperson examination • Exam date notification — Processing timeframes are listed
date at a time. at These timeframes estimate when the
• Name — To avoid delays the name you use on your processing of your application should be completed.
examination application must be your legal name. Provide
• If you have not received an examination confirmation notice
documentation (i.e., copy of your drivers license, marriage
within the timeframes listed on our Web site, you can obtain
certificate, etc.) for any name change or discrepancy between
your scheduled date through eLicensing at www.calbre.
your legal name and the name you used in applying for the
examination or the name on your transcripts or certificates.
• If you have not yet been assigned an exam date or received
• Mailing address — Use of a real estate school/business a deficiency letter and your application was submitted prior
mailing address (item #5A-D) may cause a delay in mail to the processing timeframes, check with your bank or credit
RE 435A — Page 2 of 3
card company to assure that CalBRE has processed your fee. Current processing timeframes for properly completed
• Applicants with limitations requiring reasonable applications are posted on the Web site.
accommodations must submit a Reasonable Forms referenced in these instructions can be obtained from the
Accommodation Request for Examination (RE 413), as CalBRE Web site.
well as the required documentation as noted on RE 413,
with this exam application. Do not attempt to schedule Once you pass the exam and are issued the license, you may use
a reasonable accommodation via our Web site, as eLicensing to retrieve a copy of your license certificate. CalBRE
eLicensing does not provide such a service. Compliance no longer mails out license certificates.
with reasonable accommodation requests may be limited Items 24 through 31
by scheduling constraints.
• Must be completed by the sponsoring broker or licensed
• Use eLicensing for expedited processing to reschedule an
officer if you will be performing work in real estate for which
examination, review your examination results and records,
a real estate license is required. Note: Only the sponsoring
request a duplicate schedule or result notice, and change
broker’s or licensed officer’s signature is acceptable.
your examination mailing address.
Signatures of office managers, other salespersons, secretaries
All exam scheduling transactions done by the examinee in or non-licensed officers are not acceptable, and will delay
eLicensing are final. the issuance of the license.

Education Requirements • If a corporation is entered on item #25, the licensed officer

should enter his/her printed name on item #31 and sign on
In addition to this application and fee, salesperson applicants
item #30 on behalf of the corporation.
must submit official transcripts only (unofficial transcripts are
not accepted) or credit certificate showing proof of completion Items 32 through 42
of a three semester or four quarter unit college-level course or an
• All background information questions (items 32-37) must
equivalent CalBRE approved course in Real Estate Principles,
be answered and a full explanation must be provided if
Real Estate Practice and one additional course which should be
any of the questions are answered “yes.” Insufficient or no
chosen from the following list of courses: Accounting, Business
explanations will delay the processing of your license.
Law, Common Interest Developments, Computer Applications
in Real Estate, Escrows, Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Mortgage • Read the Salesperson Certification and sign and date items
Loan Brokering & Lending, Property Management, Real Estate #41 and #42.
Appraisal, Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Finance, and Real
Estate Office Administration. FINGERPRINT INFORMATION
The three semester-unit or four quarter-unit courses must be Completion & Submission of RE 237
completed through a regionally accredited college or university
or an approved CalBRE private course sponsor. Course(s) One set of classifiable electronic fingerprints is required from
completed through a foreign institution of higher learning must be every real estate license applicant. Fingerprints must be submitted
evaluated by a foreign credentials evaluation service approved by through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) Live Scan
CalBRE. Refer to the Examination Applicant Foreign Education Program. A Live Scan Service Request (RE 237) may be obtained
Information (RE 223) for foreign education. online at
Refer to Instructions To License Applicants handbook for further After you have your fingerprints taken by the live scan service
information and examination rules. The handbook is available provider, either submit a completed copy of RE 237 with this
on the CalBRE Web site or from any CalBRE office. application or, if you choose to get your fingerprints taken at a
later date, submit a completed copy of RE 237 to the Bureau of
Currently or Previously Licensed? Real Estate, P.O. Box 137002, Sacramento, CA 95813, Attn:
• If you currently have a real estate salesperson license in Fingerprint Desk. Your license will not be issued until a report
California, or if your license expired less than two years from the Department of Justice is received stating that there is no
ago, you are not eligible to take a salesperson examination. criminal history, or disclosing the existence of criminal history
You may obtain a new license through the renewal process. information. If prior criminal information is disclosed in the
report, further background inquiry may be required before your
General License Information license is issued.
Application deficiencies such as failure to submit the proper
fee, legal presence information, educational requirements, or Fingerprint Services (Contact the facility for fees/hours)
completed Live Scan Service Request (RE 237) will delay Many California law enforcement agencies and other private
processing. providers provide electronic fingerprint services. You may obtain
You may check to verify that your license has been issued a complete list of fingerprint service providers by visiting the
by referencing the license status look up at www.calbre. Department of Justice's Web site at Please note
RE 435A — Page 3 of 3

that the hours of operation for each provider may vary and an of an applicant or licensee who subverts or attempts to subvert
appointment may be required. a licensing examination.
Out-of-state applicants In addition to any other penalties, a person found guilty of violating
Out-of-state residents either need to make arrangements to get Section 123 of the B&P Code shall be liable for the actual damages
their fingerprints taken at a live scan service provider in California sustained by the agency administering the examination not to
or get fingerprinted out of state using the FBI Applicant Fingerprint exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and the costs of litigation.
Card (FD-258 Rev. 5/99). A fingerprint card can be obtained
by contacting the Licensing Section at 877-373-4542. It should Fees, Payment & Mailing Information
be taken to a local law enforcement agency for completion and Fees are subject to change.
submitted directly to CalBRE with the completed exam/license
application, exam/license application fee, and $49 fingerprint Fees – Salesperson
processing fee. Exam..................................$ 60
Notice about the SAFE act
Total due to CalBRE
All CalBRE licensees who conduct residential mortgage loan
with this application ......... $305
activities, as outlined in the federal SAFE Act, must obtain a
mortgage loan originator (MLO) license endorsement in order Fingerprint Fee...................$ 49
to perform these types of activities (SB 36, Calderon, Chapter
160, Statutes of 2009). MLO license endorsement applications Fingerprint fee — Applicants who reside in California
must be submitted through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing will pay a $49 fingerprint processing fee directly to the live
System & Registry (NMLS) and applicants must successfully scan fingerprint service provider. Applicants who reside out
complete the National and California State specific examinations, of state should submit the $49 fingerprint processing fee
submit a MLO license endorsement filing through NMLS and with their exam/license application, fingerprint card, and
pay required license endorsement fees, submit fingerprints to exam/license fee.
NMLS, satisfy the 20 hour pre-license education requirement, Missing requirements may be submitted anytime within the
and submit authorization for NMLS to obtain a credit report. All two year period after CalBRE receipt of your application/fee. A
MLO license endorsements expire on December 31st and must be new application, fee, and current qualifications will be required
renewed annually by submitting a renewal filing through NMLS if you fail to qualify and pass the examination during that two
along with the appropriate fees, and evidence of completion of 8 year period.
hours of continuing education, as specified. Detailed information
The fees for the examination and license are not refundable
regarding obtaining a MLO license endorsement can be found
or transferable to another application pursuant to B&P Code
on our Web site.
section 10207.
RE 866 Filing Requirements Acceptable payment methods — Cashiers’ check, money order,
All CalBRE licensees must report to the Bureau of Real Estate check or credit card.
if they make, arrange, or service loans secured by residential
property, 1 to 4 units, under the authority of the Real Estate • Make check or money order payable to:
Law. The report must be made within 30 days of commencing Bureau of Real Estate
such activity and must be completed online using Form RE 866 • If paying by credit card, use a Credit Card Payment
– Mortgage Loan Activity Notification. Penalty fees can apply (RE 909).
for failure to submit this required notification.
Mail To — Bureau of Real Estate, P.O. Box 137001, Sacramento,
CA 95813-7001.
CalBRE is affected by Sections 123, 123.5 and 496 of the Business CalBRE Licensing can be contacted toll free at 877-373-4542.
and Professions Code which relate to test security and provide
that CalBRE may deny, suspend, restrict or revoke the license
PRIVACY INFORMATION: sections also require that each application for a new license or renewal license, or in the case of a license applicant, may deny the issuance for
Section 1798.17 of the Civil Code requires this notice be provided when provides notification on the application, that the Board of Equalization misstatements of facts (including a failure to disclose a material fact) in
collecting personal or confidential information from individuals. Each and the Franchise Tax Board will share taxpayer information with an application for a license.
individual has the right to review personal information maintained by this the Bureau of Real Estate, and that failure to pay tax obligations may The information requested in this form is primarily used to furnish license
Agency, unless access is exempted by law. result in a suspension or denial of a license. The Board of Equalization status information to the Bureau’s Enforcement Section, and to answer
Bureau of Real Estate Managing Deputy Comm. IV and Franchise Tax Board require the Bureau to collect social security inquiries and give information to the public on license status, mailing and
1651 Exposition Blvd. Licensing, Examinations, & Education numbers and federal taxpayer identification numbers for the purposes business addresses and actions taken to deny, revoke, restrict or suspend
Sacramento, CA 95815 Telephone: 877-373-4542 of matching the names of the 500 largest tax delinquencies pursuant licenses for cause.
General powers of the Commissioner, Sections 10050, 10071, and 10075 to Section 7063 or 19195 of the Revenue and Taxation Code. Your This information may be transferred to real estate licensing agencies
of the Business and Professions Code authorizes the maintenance of this social security numbers and federal taxpayer identification number shall in other states, law enforcement agencies (City Police, Sheriff’s
information. not be deemed public records and shall not be open to the public for Departments, District Attorneys, Attorney General, F.B.I.), and any
Business and Professions Code Sections 30, 31(e) and 494.5(d) require inspection. other regulatory agencies (i.e., Department of Business Oversight,
each real estate licensee to initially provide to the Bureau of Real The Real Estate Law and the Regulations of the Commissioner require Department of Insurance, Department of Consumer Affairs, California
Estate his or her social security number which will be furnished to the applicants to provide the Bureau with specific information. If all or Bar Association).
Franchise Tax Board. The Franchise Tax Board will use your number any part of the required information is not provided, processing may
to establish identification exclusively for tax purposes. These code be delayed. In addition, the Commissioner may suspend or revoke a