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Sherbrooke footbridge – Canada

World's first application of Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)

in a post-tensioned concrete structure

▲ The Pedestrian / bikeway bridge is part of a bikeway network linking Quebec with the USA.

The Sherbrooke footbridge is the providing a dense mixture, minimising The deck, which acts as the top
world’s first post-tensioned structure void spaces in the concrete and chord of the truss is 3.3m wide
to use RPC – a revolutionary concrete greatly enhancing durability. and 30mm thick.
developed by the Bouygues Research Its properties are further enhanced
Department. Besides remarkable by heat treatment at high temperature The inclined members/diagonals
ductility properties, RPC provides (90°). are made from a thin-walled
outstanding compression ranging stainless steel tube filled with RPC.
from 200 to 800 Mpa. The characteristics of the RPC used The bottom chord is a 320mm by
in the Sherbrooke footbridge are: 380mm RPC section.
RPC is made from a special mix
of small particles (less than 0.5mm) •200 MPa compression strength i.e.
two to four times greater than High
Key figures Performance Concrete (HPC),
• 7 MPa directe tensile resistance,
• Deck area: 202m²
• 40 MPa flexural tensile strength (up
to eight times that of HPC),
• Volume of RPC: 42m²
• 50 GPa modules of elasticity.
Fracture energy is 250 times greater
• Prestressing: 20kg/m²
than that of HPC. ▲ Monostrand ▲ The custom
used in designed
• Slab thickness: 3cm conventional miniaturized VSL
For the Sherbrooke footbridge, a concrete monostrand
ID 2464

• Span weight: 105 tons three-dimensional space truss has anchorage without
been utilised for the superstructure. bearing plate
The truss-type superstructrue
spans 60m and is 3.5m deep. OWNER
Town of Sherbrooke
The primary prestressing uses
VSL’s external tendons between
Bouygues Construction
the truss members. The deck slab
is prestressed transversally. CONSULTANT
The diagonals are connected with Teknimka
prestressing tendons to the top
and bottom chord. PROJECT COORDINATOR
Sherbrooke University
Both these types use greased and
sheathed monostrand, anchored in
Béton Bolduc
custom-designed miniaturised VSL
monostrand anchorages. ▲ View of the bridge from the deck DATE
These tendons are fully ▼ The deck from below
encapsulated for optimum
corrosion protection.
A few tendons have been equipped
with load cells and strain gauges to
monitor tendon forces over time.

The first application of a post-

tensioned RPC bridge was
completed in September 1997,
after only two months for
precasting the segments and two
weeks for their erection.

This footbridge located in the city

of Sherbrooke, Quebec, is a
testimony of the significant
opportunities for new designs of
light and durable structures
provided by VSL post-tensioned
RPC system.

▲ Compressive strength of RPC

▲ Very versatile and adaptable

Edited 2012

ID 2464