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Clean Out Your Closets! Ba
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GDRHS' Class of 2020

Fu n dr aisin g Yar d Sale!

Sat urday Prescot t

June 9t h 145 Main St reet ,
Grot on
8am - 2pm
it ems t o
Prescot t Friday
June 8t h, 6-8 pm
What we'l l t ake:
or GDRHS Room
Gently used clothing , shoes, accessories,
124 June housewares, books & media, kitchenware, small
4t h-8t h furniture , electrical appliances and other items

For a full list see: donate/ what-we-take

Mrs. Erickson if you Things we can not accept incl ude:
have any questions! mattresses, weapons, auto parts, food, large appliances