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Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen


Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

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Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

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Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

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Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

Table of Contents

What is the Law of Attraction? 6

How Does It Work? 8

How Do I Use It? 11

Exercises 16

Visualization 16

Manifestation Scrapbooking 17

Manifestation Poster 18

Manifestation Journal 19

Priority List 19

Gratitude Journal 20

Final Tips 21

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

What Is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the primary Law of the Universe,

stating that on an energetic level, like attracts like. By harnessing

the Law of Attraction, you can learn to attract into your life the

things that you desire. Just like magic, they will begin to appear.

The beauty of the Law of Attraction is that you are already

using it all the time. You have been since the moment you were

born. The physical universe was created on the shoulders of this

great Law, and this single Law governs the entirety of your reality.

For better or for worse, you have attracted and created

everything in your life. You have attracted the good, and you have

attracted the bad. While that may seem depressing at first glance,

it is actually an incredibly liberating fact. Once you accept

responsibility for your own reality and all of the good and bad

things within it, you take the power to recreate your reality in any

way you desire firmly in your grasp.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

The Law of Attraction is working for all of us, at all times,

and in every moment. There is nothing that happens or appears

in our lives that we have not attracted. By learning to make this

ongoing attraction process a conscious, deliberate process, you

can learn to create the life that you desire.

First, let’s take a look at how the Law of Attraction actually

works. Next, we’ll take a look at how you can use this powerful

Law to begin attracting your desires into your life. Finally, we will

discuss some powerful exercises for successful manifestation.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

How Does It Work?

Believe it or not, modern science firmly backs the Law of

Attraction in both theory and proof. The branch of science that

deals most soundly with this Law is called Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics is the study of how the universe operates on an

atomic level.

What quantum physicists found is that light and matter

operate as both waves and as particles. The wave aspect is

actually the probability of where a particle will be, and the particle

is the actual solid, physical manifestation of that probability. In

our daily life, we only experience matter as solid particles. On the

quantum level, however, matter shows a completely different


When electrons are fired at a barrier with two slits in it, the

pattern produced on the wall behind is that of an interference

pattern, produced by a wave. When observed at the moment of

choice between slits, the electrons produce a pattern on the wall

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

behind of two slits. The fundamental building blocks of our

physical universe act like a wave until observed, at which point the

wave of possibilities is collapsed into a singular, solid occurrence.

What’s more, different scientists looking for electrons in

different places always found the solid state of the electron to be

where they expected. Across multiple scientists, this effect

produced an inconsistency that led to the realization that the pure

expectations of the observer dictate the outcome of the wave

function’s collapse.

To put that in easier terms to understand, the act of

observing creates reality out of the fabric of infinite possibility,

collapsing this possibility into exactly the world that the observer

expects to see. We are all creating our reality in every moment,

whether we realize it or not.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

Our conscious minds are only a piece of this puzzle. Our

subconscious mind is every bit as powerful. What we believe,

what we have “learned”, and what we have experienced before all

play into the reality we create for ourselves in this moment.

By learning to attune our thoughts, emotions, and words to

the reality we would like to experience, we can attract that reality

to us. Whether this means attracting a dollar, a new car, or an

entirely different reality, the means to experience our desires is

entirely within us.

Learning to use the Law of Attraction is an incremental

process. This process builds faith within that the Law is real and

easy to use. This faith allows for faster and faster manifestation.

This faith, however, is not blind. It is built by experience, and

reinforced with success. You don’t build true faith by claiming to

have faith. You build faith by gaining faith in something that is

proving itself to you time and again. It is a natural process.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can use the

Law of Attraction to attract your desires into your life.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

How Do I Use It?

The trick to using the Law of Attraction is to align your

thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations with the reality that

you want to experience. One of the most common (and powerful)

ways to do this is through visualization.

Visualization is nothing more than deliberate daydreaming.

Normally, a daydream is completely spontaneous. It is not

consciously directed. A visualization session is merely directing a

daydream consciously to achieve a particular result. For the Law

of Attraction, this means visualizing your desire as though it has

already manifested in your life.

This is perhaps the most important factor to remember when

visualizing your desires. Always visualize yourself as already

having what you desire, and always make sure that you are in the

daydream. If you are not there, you may not attract your desire to

you. If you visualize having something in the future, you will have

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

it in the future. (Remember, the future never comes – now is

always now.)

By visualizing what you desire as though you already have it,

you vibrate to the universe that you have this thing. Your energy

resonates with your desire’s existence, and your desire is

magnetized to you. While performing visualizations, you will

become excited. You will feel happiness, joy, bliss, excitement,

and other positive emotions. This is the most important part of

the exercise.

Your emotions are the actual fuel that drive attraction. Your

thoughts create your emotions, for good or for bad. Your

emotions are actually what attract experience. So when learning

to use the Law of Attraction, you never have to go to the trouble of

monitoring your thoughts to weed out the negative ones. All you

have to do is to take note when you feel negative, examine the

thoughts you are having that are causing you to feel negative, and

then choose new thoughts that bring you back into a positive


Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

By feeling good, you are naturally attracting more things and

experiences into your life that will make you feel good. When you

feel bad, that is an indication that your thoughts are not in

alignment with attracting your desires, and in fact are attracting

things that you do not desire.

At first it may seem that you are having to stop and redirect

your thoughts a lot. This is normal. Don’t beat yourself up! The

good news is that a positive thought is far stronger than a negative

thought, and it is far easier to wipe out negative energy than

positive. With any sincere effort whatsoever, you can drastically

improve your life within days.

The speed with which your desires manifest depend

primarily on the amount of energy you give to their manifestation

and your own beliefs and expectations about how long it will take

for them to manifest. At first, you will find it difficult to believe

you can attract your desires very quickly. This will change rapidly

as you have more and more success attracting your desires.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

The truth of the matter is that manifestation can occur

instantly, once our beliefs have sufficiently changed. This goes

hand in hand with the faith we discussed earlier. As your faith in

the process grows stronger, the amount of time the process takes

reduces. The universe is a powerful, organic entity. There is no

job too big, too small, or too difficult. Physical reality is a buffet

line of experience, and we are here as conscious, sentient beings

to choose the experiences that we would like.

As you begin succeeding in manifesting your desires, your

entire life will begin to change. Your emotions will become

lighter. Your daily life will become less hectic and stressful. The

little things that used to always go wrong will never go wrong

anymore. In fact, things will begin going your way all the time.

This is not coincidence. This is the resonance of your energy

within the universe, attracting better experiences to you as you

vibrate cleaner, more positive energy. This is a healing, cleansing

process that takes time, but is well worth the journey. In a way,

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

the Law of Attraction is not just a means of creating reality or

attracting desires.

The Law of Attraction is the spiritual journey itself.

Now let’s look at some exercises you can use to begin

attracting your desires. There are many different things you can

do to utilize the Law of Attraction. Pick only those that feel good

to you, and ignore any that are dull. With the Law of Attraction,

what is fun, enjoyable, and feels good is what works. Anything

else is a complete waste of time.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen



We briefly touched on the process of visualization in the

last section. Here let’s discuss it a little more. What you want to

do is to set aside a little time every day (or every two or three

days) to daydream about having the things that you want. That’s

not too difficult is it?

As children, we daydreamed about the things that we wanted

all the time. And often, we got what we wanted! But as adults, we

see this as a silly waste of time. Not so!

Find a relaxing spot where you will not be bothered. This

can be a favorite couch, chair, bed, tub, or anywhere you want.

You can do this inside or outside. Just be sure that you will not be


Now, imagine having what it is you desire. If it’s an object,

imagine having the object. Visualize it in as much detail as you

can. Include color, shape, texture, smell, taste, and what you can

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

do with it. If it’s an experience you’re working on (finding a job,

meeting a mate, getting a raise) immerse yourself in a daydream

about that experience coming true. Always visualize in the

present tense. That is, always imagine it is happening right now.

Allow all feelings that arise to be experienced. The feelings

of excitement, happiness, peace, joy, etc are powerful attractors.

The energy of these emotions will cause your desire to manifest.

When you begin to feel tired and disinterested in continuing,

bring your daydream to an end and go about your day.

Manifestation Scrapbooking

Make a list of many of the items that you would like to have

in your life. For the purpose of your scrapbook, these will be

primarily physical items, such as a house, a car, a piece of

artwork, a pet, a computer, a new guitar, or anything else that

tickles your fancy.

Now, using either magazines and newspapers or the internet

(or any combination thereof), locate pictures of the items you

desire. Cut or print them out and paste them into your scrapbook.
Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

As your scrapbook develops, you will find that when you

take the time to look through it, you will feel excited. You will feel

happy. You will feel anticipatory. Each time you look at your

scrapbook, the positive emotions you generate will attract the

items to you. This is a very simple exercise, and is a lot of fun,


Manifestation Poster

The Manifestation Poster is basically the same as your

scrapbook. You will create a poster (or posters) using pictures of

your desires. Then you will hang the poster in your home where

you can see it on a regular basis. Each time you see it, your

positive feelings will help to manifest your desires. An added

bonus is that your subconscious will note the items on the poster

as existing in your life, which will cause them to manifest even


Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

Manifestation Journal

Keeping a journal of your exercises, desires, and

manifestation successes is a powerful way to keep track of how far

you’ve come as you’ve continued exercising the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes, just looking back to how many things you’ve

successfully manifested over time will help you to build more

confidence and faith in the process.

Priority List

You can create a priority list to help you in organizing your

desires. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into four quadrants.

Label the top left quadrant “Needs, Now”, the top right quadrant

“Wants, Now”, the bottom left quadrant “Needs, Soon” and the

bottom right quadrant “Wants, Soon”.

Now list your desires under the appropriate quadrants. This

will help you to keep track of what you need to spend the most

time working on, while allowing you to remember to work on your

auxiliary goals as well. Don’t let this become burdensome though.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

Remember, what is enjoyable and feels good will work. Anything

that is not fun and does not feel good is a waste of your time.

Gratitude Journal

This is similar to the Manifestation journal, only you list in it

each day the things in your life that you are grateful for. By

appreciating those things in your life that you have already

attracted, you are lending more positive energy to your current

manifestations. Nothing stirs up positive energy like dwelling on

the things and people in our lives that we love. Use that to your


There are many other ways that you can use the Law of

Attraction. Anything that keeps your desires at the front of your

awareness and keeps you vibrating positive emotion is a powerful

exercise in utilizing the Law. The more often throughout your day

that you immerse yourself in positive feelings and beliefs about

your reality, the more quickly your reality will shift to

accommodate those beliefs and expectations.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

Final Tips

Before we close, there are a few more items that should be

mentioned. First, it is important to begin changing the way that

you habitually think. As mentioned earlier, this is not a process of

monitoring your thoughts so much as a process of noticing when

you aren’t feeling good. Bad feelings indicate bad thoughts, and

are a strong signal letting you know that you are actively

attracting things that are not in line with your desires.

By changing your thoughts in these moments, you can avoid

manifesting things into your experience that you do not wish.

This process of creating more positive thought patterns is not as

difficult as it may sound.

Secondly, it is important to note that the things that you say

have immense power in creating your reality. The words that you

speak are powerful, physical-world manifestations of your

thoughts. Whereas thoughts reside on a higher plane of vibration

than the physical world that we experience with our senses,

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

speech turns thoughts into physical sound energy, which means

that your spoken word can create positive or negative things in

your reality extraordinarily quickly.

By becoming mindful of your words, you can change your

reality almost overnight.

Finally, please remember that the Law of Attraction is

bringing you what you are feeling, all the time. If you feel good,

you are attracting more things that will make you feel good. If you

feel bad or neutral, you are attracting similar things. So make a

sincere effort to feel good whenever you can. Appreciate the

things in life that you love and enjoy, and take extra time to spoil


When trying out different methods to use the Law of

Attraction, don’t stick with anything that is not enjoyable to you.

If it’s not fun, don’t do it. You can visualize until the cows come

home and if you’re not generating emotional energy, you’re not

attracting anything.

Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

Just by feeling good, you are sending out powerful energy

into the universe, pulling back to you more that will make you feel

good. No stuffy exercises can ever replace natural fun, so attempt

to find things in life that you enjoy and indulge yourself. Stop

putting off the things you want to do in hopes of later having the

time or means with which to do them. This sends a message of

lack to the universe. Instead, find a way and do them! This sends

a message of abundance, which will in turn attract more


You now have all the tools you need to begin attracting your

desires into your life. Best wishes, and may you attract the life

you desire and deserve!

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Crack The Secret Code – Ian del Carmen

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