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Mr. Kuldip Singh1, Mr.A.Mohan3 , Mrs. Madhusmita Shial3, Mr. V. Karthik 4

Member of IEEE, 2GNITC,3GNITC,4Member of IEEE,

Hyderabad, India

Abstract: The water is the life line for nature and human. measurement of PH and chlorine is done. Third and very
The water wastage is main Concern across the country . important section is water distribution section through
The main region behind the water wastage is poor water which water is distributed in all the areas of city. These
supply system and bad management. The paper is sections are working independently. The major problems in
innovative step to digitalize the water supply system water supply system is leakage or wastage of water. [3]
throughout the city as well as villages. A step to improve
The present system is manually control for that the person
the water supply system, which sets a platform to make
must visit the location of each area water control valve and
everyone “Save Water”.
open & close the valve manually for that particular area in
The real time water supply system will control the water city. According to Municipal water supply rules each area
flow at each area according to time scheduling. The supply have some time span for water supply. Due to the
system is communicating with control room by RF to ignorance some areas water supply is continued more than
update the information for water supply. Each area have the specified time and in few area the water is not
different communication code. supplying in particular time. This causes the wastage of
water and bad water supply management. To improve the
Keywords: water wastage, water supply, digitalize, real
present water supply system we are introducing a real time
time, communicating, control
automatic water supply system, which will help to improve
the present water supply scenario. It also deals with the
equal and sufficient distribution of water w.r.t time all over
I. INTRODUCTION : the city. In Fig. 1 the main water reservoir runs for 24 hours
and substation which control the water supply for given set
Water is a resource that is fundamental to human life,
of lanes or houses outlets works in a particular time slots.
which makes taking action to protect the resource on the
The time of each substation is distributed accordingly to all
forefront of research[1].The resent high speed electronics
the houses that they get equal amount of water. As soon as
development and rapid growth of cities there need to
the time limit is reached the device turns off the valve for
introduce real time water supply system. Purpose of this
that particular area. The same time information is update on
paper is to develop a system, which will be helpful for
water supply Control Room with RF communication.
water management system in city.

In traditional water supply system is facing many problems

related to pumping water and distribution of water.
Conventional water supply department comprises three
different sections for water supply. First is pumping station,
which does the sucking of water from water source. The
second section is a filtration department in which

978-1-4799-1095-3/13/$31.00 ©2013 IEEE 48

valve opening and closing time will be set and reset. The
valve communicates with the sub-control unit with RF
device. The block diagram for water real time water supply
system shown in Fig:2.

Fig 1: Water supply System for City

Every city has one main water control room and sub-
control based on the area. The control room system is
communicate with area control room to get the water
supply details and sub-control rooms are getting data from
street valves on time interval, when the supply opened or
closed in a particular street or houses the data will save in
the server based on street ID or consumer ID. If in a
particular area water supply requirement is more, the sub-
control room operator can reset the valve time and the same
way if in any area any damage in water supply the operator
can change the supply time by reset the time. The valve
device is communicated with sub-control room with RF Fig-2 Block diagram of Water supply Control


The real time water supply management system is based on

microcontroller and timers which are used to open and III. VALVE CONTROL UNIT FOR WATER
close the water supply valve at particular time in particular SUPPLY SYSTEM
area. Which will more help-full to save and mange the
The automatic water supply system is based on the Real
water supply and save the water wastage. Same time device
time controlling system. The main components of the
is communicating with sub-control room, and sending the
system are controlling device and communication device.
data at what time which area water supply is going on. If
The controlling device is help full to control the supply
some particular area required more water supplies for a
based on time and with communication device we are
particular day the control room operator can reset the
sending the information to control room. The controlling
closing time for particular valve. Each valve has particular
device is install on valve side and when the valve will be
ID in the sub-control server system. Based on the ID the
open or close the information is update in Sub-Control

room through communication device, if operator want to Stepper Motor: The stepper is communicating with
reschedule the supply for more time he can reset the timer. microcontroller and attached to the supply valve. Based on
instruction of controller the motor rotate clockwise to open
the valve for water supply and anticlockwise to close the
valve for stop the water supply.


Every city have the main control room for water

distribution in whole city and sub-control unit based on
areawise for smooth water supply. Main control unit will
communicate with area control unit for any information and
it will provide the resources of water to sub-control unit.
The sub-control unit will plan the water distribution based
Fig:-3 Block Diagrams of Control unit
on time schedule in each and every Lane of that area. In
real time control unit the we are installing the valve control
From Fig -3 the main components in real time water supply
unit for each Line to open and close the supply valve based
system is Microcontroller, motor, RF transmitter and
on the time schedule give by Municipal corporation of city.
receiver, power supply unit, PC with database.

Sub-control unit have one sever unit with Lane database

Microcontroller: The microntroller is pre-programmed
and consumer data base based on Lane ID and consumer
based on the supply unit ID and time schedule for water
ID. Same time the sub-control unit server is communicating
supply in that area. It will give the instruction to ON/OFF
the main control unit or city server unit to update the water
the supply Valve control unit, and same time send the
supply details as shown in block diagram Fig:-2.
information to sub-control room through communication
Timer circuit: The timer circuit is integrated with
microcontroller to set the ON/OFF time schedule for water
Suppose area AX have the three Lanes L1,L2 and L3. The
supply unit.
sub-control unit is SAX for that particular area. Each water
supply unit is installed on for every Lane. Fig: 4
RF device: The RF transmitter & receiver is a
communication device to send the status of supply unit to
1. Suppose Lane L1 water supply time schedule is
the sub-control room server.
from 9AM to 10AM and L2 is 10:30AM to
11:30AM and L3 is 1:00 PM to 2:PM.
Power unit: The power supply unit supply the power to
valve control unit. Which taking the power from battery
2. when timer of L1 unit give time to
storage. The battery is charged by solar cell. The power
Microcontroller 9 AM . The microcontroller give
unit give the 5V supply to microcontroller and same time
the instruction to stepper motor rotate clockwise
supply to stepper motor.
for open the water supply valve for L1

3. When the valve will open same time data will REFERENCE
update in the sub-control server that Lane L1
[1] Lauren M. Cagle, “Municipal Wastewater Disinfection
water supply is started at 9AM and data saved in
with Electromagnetic Waves using Escherichia coli
Concentration as Measurement of Quantification”,
4. When again timer will show the time 10AM, the University of New Orleans
microcontroller gives instruction to Motor rotate
[2] Odgerel Ayurzana, YongMan Park, Jongwon Kwon,
anticlockwise for close the supply valve and
Heisik Kim, “Development of Telemetering System of
same time the data will update in saver room the
Water Supply using the RF module and TCP/IP Socket
L1 water supply is stoped.
Program”, SICE-ICASE International Joint Conference
5. If Lane L1 is required more time water from 2006, Oct.18-21, 2006 in Bexco, Busan, Korea
schedule, the operator reset the time from control
[3] Mr. Prasshant palkar, Prof shrinivas patil., Mrs.Pooja
unit for reschedule the supply in L1.
Belagali, Mr.Ashish Chougule, “ Automation in drinking
The L2 and L3 also follow the same procedure to water supply distributed system and testing of water”,
supply the water. IOSR-JECE,ISSN: 2278-2834, ISBN: 2278-8735,PP:36-

The authors would like to thank supported by the
Guru Nanak Institutions(GNI) to encourage for research


Mr. Kuldip Singh, has 6 years of Industry

experience in the field of R&D, Engineering services and 2

Fig: -4 Block of valve Control unit. years of teaching experience. He completed his B.tech and
M.Tech (Electrical Power Engineering) from JNTU
Hyderabad. He has done certification course in Embedded
system and Data base. His areas of research are Power
System, Power Electronics and Embedded System. He
The Real time based water management system in water worked as Senior Research Analyst with different firms in
distribution system ensures to overcome the water wastage India and Abroad. He is a Member of IEEE.
problem. It is the effective and efficient way to improve the
water distribution system over the existing system. It will
improve the supply of water based on time schedule in
every area of the city.

Mr. A, Mohan, Professor in ECE
Department. He is having total experience of 14 years(3
years VLSI industry experience and 11 years Teaching
experience). He obtained his B.Tech. (Electronics and
Communication Engineering) from V. R. Siddartha
Engineering College, Vijayawada and M.Tech from JNTU
CE, Kakinada and Ph.D. pursuing from RU, Kurnool. His
research work includes ATM Technology, Buffy-X for
PCI-X Bus interface. His research interests include Signal
Processing, Embedded Systems & VLSI. He is working as
Professor in GNITC.

Mrs. Madhusmita Shial, has 6 years of

Industry experience in the field of Embedde system and 3
years of teaching experience. She completed her AMIE and
M.Tech (VLSI) from JNTU Hyderabad. She has done
certification course in Embedded system . Her areas of
research are Embedded System and VLSI. She is working
as Asst.Prof in GNITC .She is a Member of IEEE.